Wednesday, November 22, 2023

BLINK - 17 years gone!

I have to just give a moment & do a slow clap for this blog of mine.  

I love reading the blog Stephany Writes & she did a blog about doing her 2,000th post.  She asked how long others have been a blogger. Hm.. good question, let me go check. 

My jaw nearly hit the ground.  THIS - this right here is my first post.

I wasn't very chatty when I started off, was I?  

Look at that date - October 18, 2006. 2006!!!!!!!!! What in the world. 

& I started this blog to talk about knitting - hence the name & I think none of the rest of the posts in October were about knitting. My chattiness has changed - my scattered brain has not.

That I mention my friend Stephanie in this first post makes me a little choked up... she passed away in 2007. - & that's it right there. ALL the memories.  Life has so many memories, good & bad, funny & heartbreak.  I love having a place I can look back & see some thoughts & times & pictures. & love that I get to share with people as well.  

I hope even if you dont have a blog, that you have some sort of memory keeping method. Whether it be photos, or journals or scrapbooks - however you do it.  Life goes by in a blink & its just special to relive those moments.

Even better - I am still friends with some of the people that started reading my blog from the beginning - that's the coolest of it all! People that have supported me in life in all those moments of good & bad I just mentioned.  That's the best reward of blogging. Truly.  

... & all this is just lighting the blog spark in my heart to get more in gear at it.  I slacked in 2023 -& that's OK. It just wasn't the year for me to take time to click click clickety clack on the keyboard, but I'm excited to be back more & more.

17 years... I'm still shocked.... & I still dont look a day over 25

Doing more math... I was 34 when I started this blog.  Still a baby. Wow

.... OK - not a day over 34.

Here's to ANOTHER 17 years of blogging...

OMG - that will make me 68... & still not looking... OK, I'll stop

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