Monday, November 06, 2023

Currently - November

 Well hey friends!!!! How - HOW - has it been since June since I blogged last? I literally did a jaw drop moment when I saw that. I never intended to be away that long - but man, life does that, doesnt it?

So I'm going to try & ease back into the blogging game just because 1. I miss my memories being stored & 2. I MISS YOU ALL!!!! 

& to ease into this again - I'm joining up with my beautiful blog friend Jennifer ... so let's do this!


LOVING: We have been so enjoying watching the show on Disney+ during Spooky season but its still going on for a few more weeks - Goosebumps! It gives a Stranger Things feel & its just been so fun to watch.  Its hard to find a series that both Ricky & I want to sit down together & watch - & this, we've so enjoyed. Its family friendly enough - but still has scary moments that will have you sort of gasp & jump.  Check it out if you do like Stranger Things!

BUYING:  I bought this new light weight puffer coat - I'm anxious to see how it looks. & yes, I did buy this yellow. (Hello Belle!) ... I need something on the cold mornings - but with these hot flashes - GURLLLL - no heavy coat for me - not now anyways - maybe when it gets to the teens or below zero. For now, give me something that is just right. Call me Goldilocks I guess.

Click pic for link

It comes in so many colors too & under $50.00 - I'll give it a shot!

I've also been buying PENS! All the stationary things! I have a new planner for 2024 & the paper is very thin -but has great ratings ??? How does that make sense -I dont know - but I'm giving it a try.  & in all this, I'm trying out the best pens for it. Like I need more pens - but its a good excuse to buy more & try.

Click Pic for link

PREPARING:  I mean, who isn't preparing for the Holidays & year end excitement & busyness? The rest of 2023 is going to go by in a blink. Hold on to your hats!

EXCITED FOR: Iron Flame!!! ... the follow up to Fourth Wing comes out tomorrow & to say I am giddy excited would be an understatement. I've been re-reading the 700 page book of Fourth Wing to get refreshed & ready.  I never thought I would enjoy fantasty books until I read Fourth Wing. It's opened up a whole new world for me - a Sarah J. Maas world to be really clear - but to know this is going to be a 5 book series, gives me lots of excitement in my future too!

Click on Pic for Link

PLANNING:  You know I just mentioned about my new Planners for 2024 & if you have been around this blog over the years, you know I am a PLANNER GIRL.  So of course, I'm currently planning on my planners!  This year - the planner I am going with is.... drumroll.... a Hobonichi Cousin! YAHOO

Click Pic for Link

I know she's not a pretty planner - but I've got a gorgeous leather cover that she will be in - I'll share more towards the end of the year about this planner... ya know - since I'm blogging again LOL

& also a Hobonichi Weekly - which I'm not exactly sure how I'll use it - I just wanted it!

Click on pic for link

But I'm super excited about my new planners & counting down 2023 so I can get started in a few new year of clean pages to fill up with memories.

What are you currently doing?

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