Monday, November 13, 2023

Weekend Highlights

 Happy Monday everyone! ... can you believe Thanksgiving is next week? I really cant wrap my mind around it.  Hope you had a good weekend - mine was so super relaxed & wonderful.  Lets jump into some highlights

I usually work from home on Friday's but we had a coworker that was off so its never a problem for me to go in the office if I need to - but I guess with it being Veteran's Day & the court house closed - Downtown seemed like a ghost town when I was leaving.  Worked for me - made getting home a faster than usual commute.

The street when I pulled out of the parking garage

Dinner Out - well, to pick up
It was such beautiful weather on Friday.  Sunny - till 5:30 (I'll complain all winter long) but it was nice & warm with the sun up, & just the right sort of cool when the sun set.  I never feel like cooking on Friday so we ran up to pick up some dinner.  I guess everyone was feeling the beautiful temps because every place was so crowded!  We ended up going to our local Chillburger - which I usually order with the app - but the app wasn't working & they turned off their phones. I could see why - when we got there, the line was out the door.  We had nothing better to do, so we weathered the crowd & picked up food & enjoyed a nice night of dinner with the latest Goosebumps episode. One more to go.

I got up pretty early on Saturday.  Weekends are weird for me. I want to sleep in, but then it messes up my nights for Monday when its time to go back to work.  I get up around 5:10am on the week days so I guess getting up at 6am was still sleeping in? But honestly, mornings are my favorite.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting up & watching the sun rise.  There's something about watching the sky lighten up that just brings me joy.  A good cup of coffee in my hands greeting the day ... nothing better.

All the Reading
I am fully immersed into Iron Flame now - the follow up to Fourth Wing.   & yes, you'll see the pic below is a Kindle & that's because when its a book or author I want to support - I FULLY SUPPORT. I did buy the hardback book - I also bought the Audible - AND I bought the Kindle version.  Take all my money when its a good story.  It just makes it easier for me to carry my Kindle around - plus, the hard cover book, the font seems to be smaller to me & my old eyes cant handle it.  Also, I dont want to mess up the sprayed edges of my beautiful hard copy - so the Kindle is worth it to me.  I'm moving slowly on this because I want to take in all the small details - & with this being over 600 pages - its going to take me a bit to get through.  I'm hoping to finish by next weekend. 

& I'm having to stay off Bookstagram I think because so many are posting about it now & I want to spoil anything on this. 

Series Watching
I am absolutely loving Lessons in Chemistry on Apple TV - anyone else watching it. I always get nervous when they make a book into something, but Thumbs up so far on this.  I think Brie Larson is doing a great job as Elizabeth Zott & the little girl playing Mad - she's EXACTLY like I pictured when reading the book.  I do wish they had spent a little more time on Elizabeth & Calvin's relationship - I thought the book gave us so much more on that - but I am just looking forward to every new episode on this.  I even like the Six Thirty episode... though, yeah, sad. Horribly Sad.

Still no tree
I am amazed at all the Christmas trees I'm seeing up in people's homes when I drive by. & I'm jealous. Our rule always was to put it up on Thanksgiving day.  We'd eat a big breakfast & then I would put it up while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. But the past few years, I've convinced Ricky to put it up the week before so I can sort of dabble in putting it up - grab a box here or there & it not be a one day thing.  .... but now, seeing everyone actually putting their tree up Nov 1st - I may have to find a new excuse on why we need our tree up earlier. .... Granted, we're the people who leave our tree up till February or March - so we get the use out of our tree.

So... what show are you binging?

Do you cook on Friday?

Do you have your Christmas tree up?

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