Friday, November 17, 2023

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Wrapping Help
OH WOW... this is something I think I have to have.
You put this on the edge of a table/counter & it holds your wrapping paper! Just like the wrapping station in stores! AND it has a tape dispenser on it. What a genius idea!

Favorite Daily Organizer
If you want to be a planner but just dont want to deal with carrying or keeping up with a Planner - then this may be for you. Even as a planner person, I still enjoy these daily sheets for events or busy days - or even where I can write on it & leave it on the kitchen counter & the family can see what the day holds.  I always say you can fill it out & toss at the end of the day - or even better, hole punch it & put in a binder or put it in a folder & you just made your own planner to look back on.

Favorite Small Heater
OK... y'all know me & heaters dont get along - not with the Hot Flashes in my world.
But because I'm constantly  NOT wanting the heat on, poor Hubby is shaking with chills in the corner of the house. (kidding - kinda) - but he does stay a lot colder than me & we got a little heater like this for him. Its PERFECT! He's able to move it around the house easily - put it near him & keeps him warm & toasty.  It's the perfect size for a desk too if you're cold in the office.  Puts out some great heat for a nice size area.  Those cold days are coming too!

Favorite Coffee Mug
OK - this may be a new weekly thing because I do love coffee mugs

BUT THIS!!!! OMG - this is too funny! I LOVE IT SO MUCH
& yes - its a mug - not a real carafe

Favorite Cuticle Relief
As soon as the air gets a little nip in the air, all hydration seems to just get sucked out of my body.
Lips, skin & nails - I am in love with this cuticle oil. So easy to just swipe on my cuticles & let it soak in or massage in. Makes my nails look so healthy

Favorite Ice Cubes
I'm not a fancy kinda gal - but this! This feels fancy & Fabulous & so Princess like
Giving me all the Belle vibes in my drink please
& under $6.00? What a fun little gift for someone who has everything.

Favorite Bowls
I dont know why I've become obsessed with plates/bowls like these - maybe seeing them on cooking shows? But I love the idea of these shallow bowls that you basically can use as a plate - but have that little edging on the side.  I want to get me a set so badly.  Helps from chasing your food off your plate too! LOL

Favorite Bath Robe
I think this would be my Mr. Rogers sweater - I'm putting this one the minute I come in my door at the end of the day & basically living in it.

Favorite Pens
I've been really into Fountain pens lately & there's the whole ink & refilling thing - but I'm wanting to try these! I actually just added them to my Subscribe & Save.  Disposable fountain pens with ink in them & then you toss when they're used up. I want to see how the nib is on them!  Such a cool idea.

Favorite Funnies

Goes for spouses too - stop asking!

This isnt even funny - I legit want this

Have a great weekend Y'all!!!!

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