Thursday, November 23, 2023

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! ... This or That!


That sweet blogging friend Jennifer had this on her blog this week & I thought Thanksgiving is the perfect day to join in as well!  Let's do a This or That!

Watching Football / Watching Macy's Parade

I look so forward to the Macy's Parade. I love the part BEFORE the parade actually - the part that they have Broadway portions of singing & dancing.  But I just love sitting on the couch with a book & coffee,  by the tree watching it -& then the Dog show after! Of course! (GO AUSSIES!)

Truth be told - I'm not sure I've ever sat & watched a football game on TV - not even the Superbowl. Yeah, I'll see portions of it - but watch a full game? Nah - I'll pass

Pumpkin Pie / Apple Pie

This is a Sophie's choice question for me. I LOVE pie.  
MMMM.... I dont know I can pick one of these.
OK... if I HAD to choose... 
OMG - I can't - I love both.
Decisions decisions.... for Thanksgiving - I'm going with Pumpkin pie - I actually make a WONDERFUL pumpkin pie

The rest of the year - apple.

... with whip cream

Turkey / Ham or Other

yeahhhhh - we're going to go with OTHER over here.

Last year, I even made a tofu turkey & honestly, I actually liked it! It had some sort of stuffing in it.
Can you believe it - I had leftovers too!
LOL - Ricky wasn't about to eat any of that.

Online Shopping / Brave the Stores

Black Friday aint like the good ole days of Black Friday.
& I'm OK with that.

We used to be out like at 2am in lines for things - especially when the girls were little.
Now - no thanks - I'll sleep in & log on my lap top when I get up.
I love me some online shopping.

Thanks UPS, FEDX & Amazon for bringing Christmas to me!

Plus - the crowds - UGH! Any more - I just feel safer at home than in crowds in the store.

Last year, we went Black Friday shopping & Ricky went over a "safety plan" if we hear gun shots & what to do to get out safely. Sounds crazy right? Or sounds about right for today's world. Yep.

Dressing / Stuffing

OK... is there a difference?
Seriously - I didnt really think about it!

OK - just googled it. DUH - the names pretty much say it - one is made stuffed IN a bird, the other served OUTSIDE the bird as a dressing -  but its like Coke & Pop & Soda - I think people say both in turn of one another.

Like Stove top STUFFING isn't inside a bird... but the name is STUFFING!

OBVI - I dont want it if its in a bird so I go with dressing.  But I have probably called it stuffing half of my life - probably in the same sentence as dressing. 

....The more you know

Sweet Potato Casserole / Green Bean Casserole

Give me anything sweet potato. Any potato actually.

& Green Bean Casserole grosses me out just looking at it. Doesnt it just look gross? - no thank you.

But the REAL winner - my brother's broccoli casserole - now, hands down- that's a true winner.
Broccoli smothered in cheese & ritz crackers... keep yo turkey - just give me a the whole pan of this!

Sunday Best / Comfy Clothes

The comfier the better!
Give me some pants that stretch & then clothes I can plop down on the couch & take a nap in

That's the perfect Thanksgiving wardrobe

Normally Host / Normally Attend

No want wants the vegetarian to cook Thanksgiving dinner.

or the gal who hates for their food to touch.

I'm the person who shows up at your door with a pie in hand.

Hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving - however you celebrate!
So much to be Thankful for.  Let's lift a glass in toast of all the many blessings we have daily.

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