Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sharing the Knitting Love!

Tuesday night was the best night! It was our KNIT NIGHT at our church. Let me explain. I've had tons of people come up to me & say they wanted to learn to knit. (Who wouldn't - right?) So a thought came to me. A fellow knitter friend from my church, Jenny, came immediately to mind. See, me & Stephanie would always meet with a knitting group at the local coffee shop, The Hobknob on Tuesday's. It was wonderful meeting on winter nights, snuggled around tables pulled together, knitting up warm, snuggly projects that were for us or for gifts. It was always fun to sit & talk to other people you just met, or talking with old friends about the latest going-ons. We looked forward to our Tuesday knitting group so much. Fast forward & with Steph being gone - I just haven't gone anymore. Jenny said she hasn't made the trip up there either in quite awhile. So, there's the lightbulb moment!

I asked Jenny if she wanted to see about starting a knit-night at church - a time to get together, share the skill, & have a great time working on projects & having some great fellowship. She was all for it!

Last night was our first night! I know it was short notice so alot of people who wanted to come wasnt able to make it, but we had 3 new comers, me & Jenny & her 2 knitting daughters. We were able to meet at Sacred Grounds - the youth house next to our church. It was perfect settings - we had Christmas music playing on the radio, we all gathered on the couches & we were off! The newcomers thought they wouldnt be able to do this - but they soon learned it wasn't as hard as they thought! They were truly naturals to this! By the end of the night, they each had seen results of their new skill - with that gleam on their face when you first make something. I got excited for them just because I can remember my first project - there's nothing like that! We finally thought to look at the clock & noticed we had sat there for over 3 hours knitting & talking - oopsie! Some people have to work the next day - so we had to close up the night! The knitting bug has now been passed on to others!

I can tell one particular new-knitter has TRULY got the bug! She is a home school mom & she said to me as we walked out - "You know - if I stay up all night knitting & can't do my lessons with the kids tomorrow, it'll all be your fault!" - YEP - there's the bug right there - when you can't put it down! I suspect, this lady will be making socks & sweaters in no time!

So - the plan is to hopefully get new knitters & keep everyone coming together every other week - for time to talk, knit & just enjoy each other & what we can accomplish! I have a feeling there will be a "show & tell" craft show coming up one day at church showing all the accomplishments!

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  1. I so wish I had the time to get my church knitting group going again. We didn't meet enough for me to really help some of the girls get off their feet, and I'm afraid they have given up - how sad. Good for you!! It was so hard for me being the only one who knew how to knit. I couldn't help everyone at once. I just need more hands!


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