Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Winter Jam - NOOOO!

I look so forward to the Winter Jam each year when it comes. It is just the BEST concert & for the tickets to be $10.00 - AMAZING. I opened up my email the other day & saw the headlines, "The Winter Jam 2008 Tour Spectacular is coming soon" - OH yeah baby! Here it comes! I couldnt wait to open up the email to see who was coming around this year.

The first thing I see - Steven Curtis Chapman's face! OH - forget anything else - you know that's all I need. But there's more. Barlow Girl! I LOVE these girls - even got to meet them at a concert with Steph. They were great girls & we even got to talking about knitting (how cute is that!) It was so fun standing in line with Steph alone with hundreds of girls around the age of 11-15 - we fit right in, believe me!

Skillet is also coming - Ricky will love that! Its hosted by NewSong again - LOVE them! Every song they put out is wonderful - & even Mandisa from American Idol is with them. Its going to be great.

.....then the bad news.....I notice it says at the top, coming to Evansville. HUH? Maybe they think I'm closer to Evansville since I have an Indiana address. So I clicked on the link & noticed that Steven Curtis Chapman is only preforming at the Evansville show filling in for Mercy Me who performs at the other shows. And THEY'RE NOT COMING TO LOUISVILLE!!! Lexington & Evansville are the closest! I'm so sad! I have been the past 3 years to this & have enjoyed it each time! I can't believe its not coming back!

Tell me I dont have the sweetest husband - I told him about my sadness & he said, "We'll just go to Evansville. You know you have that love-thing with Steven Curtis Chapman anyways!" - let's hear it for my husband - aaahhhh! So there may be a road trip in my future.

.......with every bit of bad news comes good news.....I also got an email this morning & was able to get preorder tickets to CASTING CROWNS who is coming to LOUISVILLE in March! See - all the good concerts are in Louisville - why not Winter Jam? Oh well - I now have another great concert to look forward to! Even though my SCC wont be there (sniff)


  1. Okay... first it's Phantom tickets, then a possible trip to Evansville to see SCC???? All Right Ricky! What an awesome guy!!!!!

  2. Ok --- there's GOT to be more Rickys out there...

  3. I can GUARANTEE you - there's not many red, long-haired hippies out there :-) He's an original - in every good sense of the word!


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