Friday, December 14, 2007

Sydney's turn!

Oh, Yipee - I'm off work today - so what do I get to do with my day? Spend it again at the vet. This time, its Sydney's turn! Poor thing - she has such weird skin - she always gets oil glands that get very big & turn into infections all the time. Summer isn't so bad because we'll get her shaved down & then her skin can breath. Once the hair comes back in for fall, the problems start again. Ricky is really good at taking care of these spots, but one just got HUGE & we cant do anything with it. Syd is biting at it & it seems to bother her - hence, the trip to the vet. Poor thing - she was shaking & a nervous wreck. While we were waiting, the ladies behind the desk were amazed at how beautiful she is (I was the proud mama!) & they could see Sydney shaking from nerves. They tried to bring her treats to calm her down - she was having none of it! You know its bad when she wont take a treat. We get back & they look at the spot & have to cut back the hair & try to drain it more. The vet takes her away from me in the back to do this. When they brought it back, the vet couldn't get over how good she was. She said they poked, pinched, snipped & she never one time flinched. (Again - proud mama!)

They said its a cyst that has rupurted UNDER the skin! OUCH! They told us not to squeeze it anymore because that could make it spread under the skin & we want it to drain out. So we now have antibiotics, & an order to apply epson salt with heat packs twice a day - trying to draw out the infection. If she contines to bite at it - she has to get the dreaded "CONE" around the head. I have to admit - I always have fun putting those on the dogs - their reactions are hilarious - though I'm sure they dont find any humor in it! Right now, Syd is just happy to be home & is busy cleaning Zoe. Zoe must have gotten dirty the 2 hours we were gone & Syd can't fall behind on keeping her clean. I'd rather her lick Zoe than this spot on her back. My poor baby!
(In the picture - look at my hand on the side - that gives you an idea on how HUGE it is!)

Plus, I woke up today - again, my day off - with a cold - Ricky must have spread the love to me! Isn't your day off work suppose to be relaxing, fun, full of rainbows & unicorns? Apparently not! When I stopped in for Sydney's epson salt & a special bone for her - I picked up the new Ziacam which is supposed to stop cold symptoms & make you get over it quicker. Let's see how it works. With the holiday's - who has time to be sick?

I had big plans for my day off. Instead, I'm watching Syd & her back - sniffling, sucking on Halls Cough Drops & just looking at my Christmas list & seeing how far behind I am. What a day off!


  1. Thanks Beck !
    I thought I had seen everything but you took it to a new level. I really makes my day looking at a big infectious dog sore.

    Love ya anyway



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