Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Clash of the Choirs

I was so excited about this show - or as excited as I could be drugged up on cold medicine! But I had been anxiously waiting to see this show since I saw previews for it weeks ago! I absolutely LOVE choirs & the sound of blending voices & was not disappointed last night. If you haven't seen it, there are 5 stars that went to their home town, found people of all ages & backgrounds & formed their own choir. The cool thing - these people aren't even doing it for their own reward. The choir that wins will get money donated to their home city & to a charity that the star has chosen - all the charities touch so many people. There are women abuse centers, cancer centers, homeless shelters, childrens hospital & a military center. It would be great for any of them to win - & how awesome is it that people are willing to give so much of their time for a reward that doesn't personally affect them? Loving this!

I'll admit, when Nick Lachey came on, I just knew he'd be my favorite. He's from the boy-band era & I was all about the boy bands (I've even got my N'Sync Christmas CD playing right now) & plus, he's from Cincinnati - which is just up the road. This would have to be the choir I support! They sounded awesome! I've included a video of their practice which showcases their voice. I even liked the song that was picked. Oh yeah - this is my team.

Then next came Kelly Rolands from Destiny's Child - she has a group from Houston. I should support that team - afterall, that's where Julie & our grandbaby is at. Maybe that'll be my team.

Then here comes Michael Bolton. I don't know anyone from Connetticut - but who doesn't love Michael Bolton? Even without the 80's hair? I can't look at the man & not want to sing "How am I suppose to live without you" - oh, now I'm just getting confused on what choir to support!

Next is Blake Shelton, Sheldon? I'm not a country music fan (I know - my dad is shaking his head just reading that statement!) but this guy was funny! Plus he had 2 military people on his team that had GE come & donate $250,000 to the Disable Veterans Fund - & then, their choir was GREAT. This group was from Oklahoma & I'm a big musical lover - there was a whole movie dedicated to this state - how do you not vote for this team?

Finally, Miss Patti LaBelle. A legend. This woman was determined to get her group together. I loved that she had them practicing in a church & finally, their song was "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" - OH MY GOODNESS! This choir ripped the roof off with their singing! I was feeling a revival in my house - even with the cold medicine. It was the best performance of the night!

After all the decision making of the night - I'm ready to go change the world with my 10 votes! In all the excitement - that, or either my eyes were blurred from sneezing & blowing my nose so much - I didnt get the numbers to vote.......

It's on every night this week with the Finale being Thursday. If you didnt get the chance to catch it - tune in - see which group you like. I'm sure I'll be changing my mind tonight again with each group! Fun entertainment!

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  1. Carly and I watched last night as well. I gotta say... I am a Team LaBelle fan, they just blew everyone else out of the water! Talk about your Gospel Choir!!!! I wanted to stand up and cheer when they were finished. Can't wait to see what tonight brings!


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