Monday, December 31, 2007

Best Birthday Ever!

I'm not one who celebrates birthdays very well. After I hit 30, I felt like it was all downhill from there - why? I dont know - just always dreaded 30! When I turned 25, I was depressed that 30 was getting close! Well, I would LOVE to be 30 again! But, that doesnt happen & another birthday came rolling around yesterday. I usually dread the day, don't look forward to anything happening on that day & want to stay in bed with covers over my head. But I am proud to say - my birthday was probably the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! I'm still smiling over it, even on a Monday morning - a Monday morning that found me pulling Ricky's truck out of a ditch (darn black ice) - another story!

I woke up with my husband standing next to me with a cupcake with a candle in it singing "Happy Birthday" - how cute is that? He even went down to the store around 7:00 am to get candles. (I didnt have the heart to tell him we already had some - the thought that he went out of his way for a cupcake & candles - aahh - that's a good way to start the day!) He gets mad when I keep telling everyone he did this so I add that then, he took the cupcake & shoved it in my face - he didn't, but it keeps his "manly" persona going!

My birthday fell on a Sunday which meant I got to spent it with all my great church family! I wasn't in the door 5 minutes & already had hugs & well wishes for a great birthday. That's a great start! Then, when it came time to go with the youth - they all surprised me with a card & a gift certificate to my local yarn store that I could live in if Julie would let me! How sweet was that? These kids know me so well! Knitting - yarn .... ahh, heaven! But just the thought that they went out of their way & did this for me touched me more than any gift they could have ever presented me. I had tears instantly in my eyes - my heart was even more affected - it was just swelling with joy! I know I've said it before - I'll say it again - I love these kids! They are just the best blessing in the world to me!

Then Lindsay met up with us & Ricky let me pick out somewhere to eat. Ever since we've been back from Texas, we've been craving good Chinese - we had some AWESOME Chinese when we visted Julie but nothing compared up here. So I decided on PF Chang's. OH MY GOODNESS! We finally found a good Chinese place - if you get the chance to go - you'll love it! Between mine, Lindsay, & Ricky's plate - we were swapping, eating off each other's plates & enjoying every minute of it.
Then a trip to Target & I found a movie I have always LOVED - "The Last Unicorn" - anyone ever hear of it? Apparently no one around me the whole day did either - but I LOVED this! I can't wait to watch it - maybe I'll make others fans of it too. But I get home, & my family came over. My mom & dad came with a birthday cake & my dad had made me the coolest, most awesome desk unit for my Beauty & The Beast room! It even has roses painted down the sides of it along with rose knobs on the cabinet. Oh - more room for collectibles!!! It is beautiful! If anyone has been to my house & seen my book shelves in my reading room - he made those as well! His last name isn't "Wood" for nothing!
My nieces with my brother & his wife came over too & a little bit later, Ryan stopped over as well. Then, my neighbor who just turned 16 & is driving (still can't believe that) came over - & the house was full of friends & family - it was just the best day ever! I ended the night laughing & spending it with Lindsay & Ryan until 11:30 when I finally realized I have to get up at 5:30 for work! But the whole day was worth it - I guess I just didn't want it to end. Now, if every birthday could be that wonderful - maybe I wouldnt dread them so much! I'm already looking forward to the next one - not the age, but the time with my loved ones!


  1. I LOVE the Last Unicorn!! Steve bought me the DVD a couple years ago. I watched many times as a little girl - lots of good memories. I soooo wish I could have shared your special day with you. You were in my thoughts all day though. Glad it was so wonderful. Love you.

  2. My daughter and my neice both have that movie. They love it so I have seen it several times.

    I am glad to hear that you had a great birthday.

    Good effort on keeping the hubby manly :)

  3. My sister and I watched The Last Unicorn all the time as kids - have you read the novel?

    I'm glad you had such a wonderful birthday (and I hope you were able to stay awake at work on Monday)!


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