Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas spirit

Snow? That's what the weather man was telling us last week - that the weekend has potential for some great snowfall. AHHH - that's what I needed to get into the Christmas Spirit - because I've been too busy, too sick to get in the mood for Christmas. The snow, of course, didn't come as they predicted. Do they ever get it right when it comes to snow? Slush isn't my idea of Christmas weather either. That was horrible! We had to take Bruno to get groomed Saturday morning & we decided we better do SOME (ANY) shopping while we waited to pick him up. The snow that was predicted was nothing but slush - & slush it was - turning into inches of rain. You couldnt get out of the car without stepping into a puddle that was ankle deep. That was fun walking around with wet socks. My cold still had the best of me, so most of the time, I sat in the middle of the mall & told Ricky what to go get. Still not feeling that Christmas spirit.....

Snow was expected to come Saturday night - YIPEE - I'll wake up to a winter wonderland & feel like Christmas is here. Nope! It did snow a little, but the grass was still poking through & the roads where clear. Not the snowy atmosphere I wanted. With runny noses & stopped up ears, I go through the day. After a great day at church with my friends, the youth girls & a nice lunch with friends, I ended up just going home since Ricky & Lindsay had already ventured out. Not in the mood to fight the crowds - even though I have 95% of my Christmas shopping still to do. This just isn't turning into the Christmas season I normally experience.

My niece Trinity was supposed to be in the kids Christmas pagaent at church - she wasn't able to make it but I thought, I'll go see it anyways. Always love to see the kids after all the hard work they put into it. The play was wonderful. I dont care if they got up there & flubbed every line (which they didn't) or sang every song off key (which they didn't) - its just so cute to see their enthusiasm & their enjoyment of being up there. Its so cute to see parents, grandparents, brothers & sisters cheering them on out in the audience. Towards the end, I look up & Lindsay had come in to see the end of it with me. You know what, I actually felt that Christmas spirit right there in my church - my home away from home. There it was - seeing the kids sing & talk about Jesus - talking about the "Christmas star" - seeing church family & spending another few moments with them - having Lindsay take the time to come find me & enjoy the kids herself. There is something so special about seeing kids on a stage performing - and I'm always waiting for the one kid who is always forgetting where they're at in the play - the one who is just busy looking out at everyone - the one who does their own thing - I LOVE that kid! It always makes me laugh! It rounded out my pretty sickly weekend nicely.

Now, if only this feeling would get the rest of my shopping done....

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