Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Music for your day...

I am a person who does not enjoy silence. Sitting in silence bugs me to no end - its like pulling out my fingernails with pliers - its that torturous to me!
Ricky can drive in a car & never turn on a radio & I can't figure it out. Granted, he gets distracted very easily & has missed many an exit due to the face he's 'rocking out' to his radio.....maybe music isn't for everyone!
Me - I've got my music going before I even turn on the heat or air conditioning! And in my office at work - there is always music coming out of it. Half the time, I'm sure my coworkers even appreciate my singing along (I'm sure you'd hear sarcasm in that comment from them!) but I do enjoy tapping my toes and doing a little dance at my desk. Its great when I get to work in the morning - I'm the first one in the office for at least an hour - let me tell you - Whitney Houston has NOTHING on me! I sing to the top of my lungs!
Just last week, I didn't realize it - the owner of the company was in his office - his car was in the shop & he got here early. I was singing Praises to God to the top of my lungs - then I hear the men's bathroom door shut. I wish I had a picture of my eyes - I know they were as big as saucers! First of all - no one is ever here - so I'm thinking someone has snuck in the building & I'm ready to die. Second - I do think I'm ready to die of just embarrassment of letting my voice rip! So I heard the men's room door open - I creep around the corner to see who it is (all the while holding my cell phone for a 911 call if needed .... 911, what's your emergency? I've just been busted for embarrassing singing in front of my boss!). My boss just turned & smiled at me. I told him, "Sorry, I didn't know anyone was here" - he said he didn't mind at all. Yeah - I still felt a little stupid! You know how you sing when you are alone (or think you are alone!) It was that kind of singing.....

Anyway - the point I want to get to - I love my Christian Music - it lifts me up, it encourages, it inspires me! I am so happy that there are even variety of choices on the radio for different styles of Christian Music. Well - on cloudy days, its hard to get some of the stations in that I prefer so I went on the Internet to see what sort of music is available to listen to on line.

That's when I found LIVE365!!! This page gives you EVERYTHING you want to listen to. You have so many options. You can listen to every sort of Christian Music you want - Gospel, Contemporary, Rock - its got it all. But on some days, I will switch it around every hour & its so much fun! Especially when I found the 80's channels - takes me back to the good ole days! And they even have a Showtune Channel - it calls my inner Broadway soul! There is even a TV Show channel that just plays the music from the beginning of different TV shows. "You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both & there you have, the Facts of Life...." - aahh, memories.... but one of my all time favorite - there is even a channel that has music just for Disney fans! It plays the music that you even find in Disney World - even the music from the Haunted Mansion or music you find in Epcot Center! Its fantastic!

So if you want to switch things up - want to hear something different - give it a try. They do have subscriptions you can by for uninterrupted service - but I don't mind a few 30 second commercials to listen for free. Its not that bothersome. And about every hour, it just clicks up to ask if you are still listening - you just click yes & it continues. I can click if it means free. (Dave Ramsey would be so proud of me)

Find what station you enjoy - you'll have to let me know what your favorite is!

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