Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday!  We made it!!!

Christmas decorating .... 98% finished
Waiting for Ricky to get in the depths of our storage area
& dig out our Pluto Christmas statue
& I've got to go find 2 little Christmas trees for our entertainment center
Almost there
...probably will be finished December 23rd...
Its going to be in the high 60's this weekend!!!!!
I know people want a White Christmas
but I'd be perfectly happy if it stayed in the 60's ALL of December
... & January... & February...
....& March....
25 days until LES MISERABLES!!!!
Speaking of Les Miz
Watching Scandal last night, I was like, "I know that guy"
The dude that plays Olivia Pope's new boyfriend?
He was Javert in the 25th Anniversary of Les Miserables

So if you watch Scandal & see him ... know the dude can SING!
...& I actually mean SAAANNNGG...
(with attitude)
Anyone else love Scandal like I do?
Did you watch last night?
Did you FREAK OUT like I did?
I honestly think my husband is the HARDEST person to buy for...
Anything he wants for himself - he goes & buys
I told him, he's going to end up with a bunch of random stuff
like popcorn, or towels, or office supplies
.... just because...
I am now registered for 6 races
how did that happen?
my back best be getting better
The first race is December 22!!!
How does that work?
I'm pretty good at math but whenever we had to do word problems?
Forget it!
This is exactly how I felt on those math days in school....


So Ricky threw a pillow on the floor the other day for Buffy
... she hurt her leg & was limping...
its not like we have 10 dog beds around the house
... who needs carpet when you have dog beds to walk across...

But now?
We'll never be able to pick the pillow up

Every dog is laying on it!!!!!

(I know - awful picture, but it was taken at 6AM & Sydney was freaking out thinking I was going to pick up the pillow)

Most of the time, they use it just like a human
lay on the ground & prop their head on it.

So if you see pillows laying around my floor
I'm not lazy & not picking them up
I'm giving my dogs a happy life


Hope everyone has a FANTABULOUS Friday!!! 


  1. Now since the dogs love the pillow you tossed on the floor you have a GREAT excuse to go get a new one for the chair or couch!

  2. I want snow for 1 week a year: Christmas week. After that, it can all melt and we can stay in the 50's for all I care.

    I hear you about math problems--and I used to teach college algebra (when my friends find out about this, they laugh. A lot.)

  3. Of course once the pillow hits the floor it is the dogs. Same goes for blankets.

  4. Love that picture of your dog. Too sweet!

  5. That 25th anniversary of Les Mis was awesome. Thanks for reminding me of it.

  6. Math is hard! Claire's about to "out-learn" me any day now. I'm still smarter than our Springer Spaniel though.

  7. My husband is really tough to buy for, too! Asking him doesn't work, because he always says that I don't have to give him anything. Yeah, that's a big help lol

  8. I can't wait for Les Mis!!!! Ahhh!!!

    I'd also be perfectly ok if December stayed in the high 60s!

  9. It's going to be in the 60's here too. It was just snowing on Tuesday too!
    I haven't watched Scandal yet. We have the same taste in TV shows, so I will look for it OnDemand.

  10. I think I could write a blog post of my own each week, "In Response to Rebecca's Fragments," but instead, I will say this (and only this), Brad and I do not buy each other Christmas gifts because though we are trying to be careful with our money, when we need something we shop for it. Boring, eh?

  11. It's going to get into the 70's here this weekend. 70's! That's just wrong, wrong, wrong. There should be SNOW in December!!! ;-)

  12. We will be in the mid 70's this weekend .....that often happens in Florida so we don't have to put our summer clothes away, we just mix them in with our winter wardrobe!

    My husband does exactly the same thing! We stopped buying gifts for each other several years ago, but as I was putting ornaments on the tree, I noticed a little package from him to me! I told him that was not playing fair! I have no idea what to get the sweet man!

    Your dog does have that please don't try to take my pillow look!


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