Monday, December 02, 2013

A weekend to give thanks...

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday...

It was, as expected, a crazy long weekend... but that's what brings the Holidays.  Here's some quick insight about the 4 day weekend

* Harvey had his first trip to Nashville... surprisingly, he was perfection on the ride.  He crawled into Ricky's bag in the back seat & slept the entire time.

* The Pioneer Woman has nothing on my Step Daughter ... she cooks the most amazing food anyone could imagine.  Who needs turkey?  Not this gal!

* Harvey met chickens for the first time... he was curious, but when they flapped their wings, Harvey was the one turning into the chicken running back to us scared to death.

* It was a Super Hero packed weekend.  These two little boys make the "swishing" sound so naturally like they are fighting pros.  I love it.

* Homemade Chocolate pecan pie... with homemade butterscotch topping... enough said

* Isaac has drawings everywhere around the house & you can tell which one is his mommy in all the pictures.  She's the one with a little person in a circle on her tummy :)  Isaac told me, "I'm an artist"... yes you are little man...

* Luke feel asleep on me ... moments like that make it worth getting car sick on a long drive

* No early morning Black Friday shopping for us.  We headed out about 10am... nothing that we were on the hunt for (except the Breaking Dawn DVD's for $4 - which I ended up getting)... I didn't mind not doing the 2 am shopping like we did last year (yawn!)

* Poor Julie... that baby was laying funny on her & she was in pain & uncomfortable so we only hit 2 stores & headed home.  Baby Will isn't going to be a shopper when he's born.

* We took Isaac his birthday presents...It was cute because there was enough toys for Luke to grab a few & play along too.  He said, "This is the best birthday ever".. hope his own birthday lives up to his brothers :)

* I had my camera with me & got pictures of the boys & took a few maternity pictures of Julie... stay tuned... her little baby bump is the cutest

* Harvey was perfection driving home... couldn't have been a better dog

Harvey having to share his daddy with Pippin ... our grandpug

* Round 2 of eating on Saturday... I don't think I'll be able to breath right for a few weeks

* Started on the Christmas shopping... the season is really happening... denial doesn't make it go away

* I'm already struggling on what to get Ricky for Christmas...

* Staying on my #RWRunStreak ... one mile every day till 2014... I had a 5k I needed to run by the end of November, so why not wait until the end of November & do it at 7 pm... at least Glee was on TV - my favorite one.  The one with Neil Patrick Harris..... Check out my medal.  The coolest Virtual Race Medal EVER!!!

Yes it says, "Run your Mass Off"

* My turn to teach at church... featuring a clip of Elf & a song by Steven Curtis Chapman.. it don't get better then that.

* I hate grocery shopping... especially when I can't get out of the store for less then $100 & my frig is still empty...

* Starting the wrapping... I need to get my stock for tape.  I am a HUGE fan of taping every corner on paper.

* Poor Bruno.. took him for a walk for my #RWRunStreak... I decided to do it slow for him... He did pretty good - though it took 25 minutes to do one mile... & we get home, & he was limping & worn out.  It was like he ate as much chocolate pie as I did this weekend

* Met up with friends & fellow Youth leaders for a hang out & dinner ... I love laughing with friends more then anything...

Now we're headed into the real knitty gritty of the holiday season! 
Let's get to it!

How was your Thanksgiving? 
Need to "Run your Mass Off" too?


  1. I did a 5K on Thanksgiving (walked it not run). But I probably need to add many more miles after this weekend. I did good on the day but fell onto the eating wagon Saturday/Sunday. Yikes.

  2. I love all the pictures of your dogs and your grandkids. Adorable. Sounds like a really good Thanksgiving weekend.

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend. I love the drawings of the baby in the tummy : ) So sweet!

  4. So fun you got to go to Nashville for Thanksgiving.

    Those dogs are too cute. And babes falling asleep on the lap. Best EVA!!!

    Can't wait to see those pics. The one of Pippen you posted on FB was simply amazing. One of the best animal pics I've ever seen.

    Love you friend ~~ dawn

  5. Ooh...I love Nashville so much! I'd really like to take a little side trip up there during Christmas break...we shall see! Your grandsons are adorable, as are your doggies! My MIL, the girls, and I went out for a little while on Black Friday...didn't purchase one thing. The crowds were pretty bad at the Mall of GA., so we decided to call it a day.

  6. Hahaha... poor Harvey and the chickens!!! :P Seeing pictures of food makes me hungry for Thanksgiving all over again. How many days until the next one?!


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