Thursday, December 05, 2013

Sound of Music!!!! LIVE!!!

On Thursday nights, I think my DVR has smoke coming out of it.

Its on double time shift every hour...

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (where I may be one out of 18 people who watch it in the world) ... it really is a good show if you hung past the first few episodes

Vampire Diaries ... which I still love, but will admit that "The Originals" has knocked it down.  The story line is struggling... but I'll stick with my Damon

Grey's Anatomy ... not sure why I still watch it... its kind of lost its spark, but I stuck with ER till the end, I'll stick with Grey's..

Elementary ... I'm like 15 shows behind, but I LOVE this show. It still convinces me that I could be a detective.

& of COURSE, Scandal!!!!  THE best show on TV right now...without a doubt...

But tonight, all of it will be recording & put to the side...why?

Because tonight is The Sound of Music - LIVE!!!! With Carrie Underwood.

I'm so excited about this....

First all - I love The Sound of Music... always have... maybe all except the "Climb Every Mountain" scene.. that was always the cue to go refill drinks & get more snacks. 

Maybe the Live version will be better

I had the 2 set VHS  tape when it came out.  Yes, the movie was so long, it had to have 2 VHS tapes... that's sad... Titanic is the same way, which we also owned.  Thank goodness DVD's came along to save room for all the movies over 2 hours long!

When Ricky & I were dating, he also took me to see The Sound of Music on Broadway where Marie Osmond played Maria!! It was wonderful!!!

Goodness.. how long ago WAS that play?  This looks like something out of the 70's

So I'm giddy excited about the show tonight.

I saw the special they put on last week where they showed how they were making it, practicing, choosing the cast... made me even more excited.

I love Carrie Underwood anyways... I've gotten over the fact that she beat my Bo Bice in American Idol. 

& its LIVE!! That always makes me nervous FOR the people.  I'd have to take stock in Immodium if I was on a LIVE show that big. 
I may take some Immodium myself just because I'm hoping it all works out OK for the cast.


Was there anything better when the Captain would sing Edekweiss?   Be still my heart...

I know some people are upset that they're redoing such a classic... but I love that they are.  I mean, they re-do EVERYTHING.  If they can re-do a new Sleeping Beauty with Angelina Jolie as Maleficent, then Carrie Underwood can be Maria...

So fingers crossed for them all... I'll be sitting in front of the TV with my dogs, making them listen to me sing...

I may even do a twirl in the room envisioning big Alp mountains behind me...

Anyone else watching tonight?

You a fan of Sound of Music?

Anyone else love the Goat Song.. & loathe Climb every mountain?


  1. I'm going to try and not be a downer, but I am one of those people that is really upset over this. I LOVE the original with Julie Andrews, and yes I know it all stared as a play, but Julie Andrews will always be the standard for me and I just don't like Stephen Moyer. I could take or leave Carrie. That's not to say that I won't at the very least give it a chance, but I'm not happy about it. :-(

    I had to laugh at Climb Every Mountain it is kind of a terrible song! The Captain singing is always my favorite part and How Do You Solve a Problem Like probably my next favorite!!

  2. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

    To everything!

    I admit....i was on the fence about watching this. "Why are they always remaking stuff?!" was my cry. Then I watched the "Behind the scenes" show they did last week and learned that it isn't a live movie remake....its a live, televised Broadway production. Well then! That changes everything!

    I say keep an eye on they boy who is playing Friedrich. When they cast him they were worried about puberty and his voice changing! I hope he doesn't sound like Peter Brady when his voice changed! EEK!

    I am excited to see it!
    (and I, too, had the 2 VHS set of Sound of Music AND Titanic)

    (And I LOVE Christian Borle. He will always be, to me, Emmit from the Broadway play Legally Blonde. That man can SING.)

  3. You can guarantee that Abby and I will be watching tonight! We both LOVE Carrie Underwood and The Sound of Music...can't wait!!!

  4. I didn't even know about this until last week's special. I wasn't planning on watching it until I heard that Audra McDonald was singing the nun song. I'll watch just for that.

  5. Ok so sit down.
    Yes you RJ, sit down.
    Are you down?

    Ok, I have never seen it all the way through. Only a tiny bit one time. I know CRAZY!!!

    But I do want to watch it tonight, because i love Carrie Underwood and I've always been curious.
    Now the big struggle will be if I can have a musical on the TV with a house full of boys. =)

  6. I just can't get behind this! The classic is TOO CLASSIC to be messed with!

  7. i'm one of the 18 people in the world who watch OUAT in Wonderland too!! i love that show! and the original OUAT! :)

  8. every time i've seen a preview or ad for it over the last few weeks i get so nervous for them too. i could NEVER do it. looking forward to it though it's going to be great!

  9. I loved Carrie in this. She got a lot of criticism, but I think it was unfair. Everyone did a great job. BTW, I'm an Elementary fan too. JLM is so cute! I keep watching Grey's too...and I don't know whY!


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