Monday, December 09, 2013

Winter Wonderland - Weekend Wrapup... Whooo!

Like that title?  Lots of W's in there... Wonderful! ;)


* Left work early because Snow Storm 2013 hit...
it was HORRIBLE trying to get home

* I keep saying it was only by the grace of God I got home safely.  My windows were so iced over, it was like someone poured glue all over them & the defroster couldn't keep up with it.  I tried to stay in the same lane so I didn't have to worry about using my mirrors, but then forced to change lanes when there was a wreck & people struggling to get up a big hill... I literally was saying "Jesus take the wheel"

* Made it home... & then could appreciate the beauty of the snow

* Harvey's first big snow fall... & he was IN LOVE!!!!

I had another video where he was playing in it at night... it was awesome, because the end of it, he ran in from outside & jumped on my head knocking my phone out of my hand.  I thought it uploaded... it didn't... & I deleted it.  Thanks youTube for screwing up my memories

* Sydney hates getting wet so when she comes in with snow on her back, I get it off of her right away...

* Harvey... obviously doesn't care about getting wet

He kept taking his toys & leaving them in the snow & then bringing them in
putting them on my lap... brrrr!!!!

* I don't think I've ever been so tired in my life.  I was ready for bed at 7pm ... but Ricky & I ended up catching up on 4 episodes of Arrow ... the best super hero show on TV

* Couldn't fight it any longer - I was out by 10.... zzzzz....


* Snow days make me want to clean my house... what else is there to do?  After all, I'm wiping down the floor every half hour with the dogs tracking in snow anyways

* I love my Scentsy burners but found my snow flake Oil Burner... thought it was appropriate for the weather.  I forgot how STRONG the smell is with it.  Literally like 40 drops of vanilla oil from Yankee Candle & a tea light & my whole kitchen was smelling.  This was my last tea light candle too - must remember to get more.

* I'm on the hunt on how to make a good mocha latte at home.  I put hot chocolate in the cup, brewed coffee on top, warmed up vanilla soy milk & poured it in... it was actually pretty yummy!!!!

* All my nails broke during the cleaning of my bed room...
how does that happen... all at once...

* Heard a noise & thought it was the salt trucks going down our street... nope, our awesome neighbor cleaning off our drive.  Our drive is on a slope & with that little curve at the bottom, I can't tell you how the smallest bit of snow or ice makes us slide right off.  So we once again gave thanks to God for our amazing neighbor that takes care of us.

* We ended up heading out Saturday evening for a little bit... had to get to Kroger because it was the last day for 4x's Fuel Points when you buy Gift Cards.  Well, who doesn't love a gift card for Christmas so we slid down the hill & loaded up.  Now, for the new few weeks, Ricky & I will enjoy 30 cents off our fuel/gallon... worth the trip alone

* I can slide on dry ground.. honestly.  Ricky even said, "How are you sliding?" - I fall, trip, slide in any condition.  In Kroger, in the lane, there was a little piece of water where snow had melted off someone's shoe... guess who slid & almost busted my face in the line?  yep... I've got skillzzzzz!!!

Yeah... me & this guy have the same kind of SKILLZ

* I got caught up on Elementary... first season finale... thumbs up!


* They canceled our Youth class because of the snow so we were going to go to 2nd service at church... to find out THAT was canceled because of another ice storm that came in... geez Winter... you got a few months to go.  Don't have to drop it all at once.

* Someone was glad church was canceled....

* I think I sat & snacked all day long... peanut butter & crackers, popcorn, bananas, Baked Cheetos.  If it was in the house, I was eating it. 

* Had Ricky play me in cards... hadn't played cards in awhile.  We played 500 Rummy... I got my butt beat.  Guess that's why I haven't played cards in awhile.

* ABC Family is just the best for Christmas.  I watched their movies all day long.  "The 12 Dates of Christmas" was adorable!!! ... & I made Ricky watch "The MistleTones"... he even liked it!

* Once Upon a Time... I'm already freaking out for next week's winter finale...

* Revenge... I'm already freaking out for next week's winter finale.... :)

* Sydney & Bruno sleep in our bed with us.  Harvey still stays in his crate... & Zoe usually had her own queen size bed in the guest bedroom... but for some reason, Zoe wanted to stick with us.  So we had 3 dogs in the bed.  You should have been me & Ricky trying to find a 'spot' on the bed so we could sleep.  We were curved around dogs that refused to budge.  The things we do for our dogs...

I'm sure this is what happens

Hope everyone had a safe weekend... you stayed warm... & you got some Kroger Fuel Points!!!


  1. sweet that Harvey enjoys the snow :-) Yay on your neighbor cleaning your driveway! All day snacking - that was me yesterday too :-(

  2. On Revenge, Nolan saying he was going to need a new hobby was funny. Poor guy is losing his best friend. Whatever will he do with himself?

  3. looks like a fun snowy weekend!!! your dogs are so cute!

    love the "warming the bed" picture!

  4. Send me some of that snow...PUHLEEZE! I'm so jealous! All we have here is 43 degrees and miserable rain. BOO! Oh, I can relate about dogs in the bed. Bella comes in with us in the morning, after Abby goes to school. She won't move over to save my soul! Be sure to enter my Christmas banner giveaway, if you haven't already! I'm picking a winner tomorrow! :)

  5. Aww man... I missed the Mistletones :-( I'm disappointed because in Lex, we barely got any snow (basically none). We just got ice. I was really looking forward to the snow.

  6. Love seeing Harvey playing in the snow…soooo cute! And I had to laugh at your comment about the dogs sleeping with you! Gizmo (our 7 lb. Yorkie that passed away a few years ago) would take up half the bed…he would stretch out and Kevin and I would be falling off the sides…too funny and such a sweet memory :)

    More snow here tonight…I'm so cold…brrrr!

  7. Harvey is so adorable!!!!!! :D I don't mind snow when I'm inside... but I hate going to anywhere near it. I will drive like a little old lady when it snows. Ain't no shame in my game!

  8. I love your dogs. They are so sweet. I can't wait until we find our new forever dog. I miss my Lily!

    I've been watching a lot of Christmas movies lately too. I've been doing that and crocheting. Best way I know to spend a cold, snowy, icy evening.


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