Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend Wrapup...

I could sum it up in a few words

Shopping, shopping, shopping...

I'm exhausted.

December is the month that makes me hate shopping.

Plus, we were busy with some other things happening

*  I had friends come over so I could snap quick pictures for them for a Christmas card.  Fastest session ever.  Literally took 5 minutes & got 5 perfect pictures :)  that's what I'm talking about.

* Everything that isn't bolted to the ground in my house is wrapped.  When I get in wrapping mode, I'll wrap everything that could possibly  make a gift.

* Bruno got a hair cut... without taking a part of his ear off this time!  Success!  The groomer said, "He's a little stubborn, isn't he?" ... why I call him my grumpy old man.

Doesn't it look like he has a handlebar moustache?

* Ricky had to work on Saturday so I spent the morning cleaning... its my Saturday Ricky Work day tradition

* someone was glad to have him home though...

Ignore the fish on the couch...
that was our Youth White Elephant gift we took :)

* The Youth Christmas Party was Saturday night.  You ain't experienced nothing till you experienced being in a room full of middle school kids that have ate a lot of sugar.  Woooowwwww... I wish I could bottle up that energy.

* I loved the message at church on Sunday.  About the important things in life... & its not Power, Position & Prestige... good stuff.

* We took a game of musical chairs in youth & turned it into the BEST.GAME.EVER!  My voice was scratchy from yelling & laughing about it.  I love youth ministry.

* Soooooo Ricky ruined his Christmas surprises... which is sort of a tradition for us. We always tell each other, "DONT buy anything for yourself from Thanksgiving till Christmas" but somehow one or the other of us does & its usually what the other has already bought.  Well, Ricky was on a roll because Sunday after he looked through the ads, he found 2 things he wanted to go get.. that I already bought for him.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I had to tell him I already had them, nicely wrapped & ready to go.... It was a nightmare that turned into a blessing.  I ended up finding one of the items for MUCH cheaper & ended up getting a BETTER item for a price I'd rather pay... so it all turned out OK in the end... except now, Ricky has no surprises.  Maybe I'll just kick him in the shins Christmas morning for a surprise.

* I hate when channels have on finales on the same night. I haven't watched Once Upon a Time because I had to watch the Survivor finale (GO TYSON!!!!... I cheered for him all year long) but I did watch Revenge.  Goodness gracious. That was an intense last half hour.

Now back to work... going to be a busy one.  Lots to do... at least its going to be a warm up here!  Much needed in my opinion.  Hope you're weekend was wonderful!


  1. my son did the same thing this year. I found the PERFECT gift for him MONTHS ago that I just knew he would never find for himself. Then last week I got a text with a picture of the EXACT item and him saying "look what I found!! I want this for Christmas!!" He so stole my biggy salad!!!

  2. I watched Once because my daughter is home. Ending is pretty good and then you have to wait until March for it to start again.

    Revenge...nothing ever seems to go according to plan anymore. Oh my.

  3. It's hard to keep my hubs from buying what he wants when he wants it too. I have one good surprise this year if I can just keep it to myself : )

  4. Hahaha... Bruno does look like he has a moustache! My little guy is going to the groomer tmrw. :)

  5. the pic of Ricky and the dog with the huge fish = priceless!


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