Thursday, December 12, 2013

Work crisis ahead... that is going to really age me....

So my birthday isn't for another 2 weeks ...

& I'm already dreading it.

Not that getting older isn't tough enough.  I mean, when I turned 40, I felt like my body said, "OK, that's it.  We're going on strike. We've had enough"... & that was 2 years ago.  I've made deals with parts of my body that keeps it going for a certain amount of hours per day.  Turning 42, I'm afraid to see what else is going to go on strike or what's going to give out completely...

This year, I get extra stress at work for a birthday surprise.... not the kind of surprise I was looking forward to on my birthday.

At first I lol'd
This is a joke right... what you're going to do to me?
WHAT?  You're serious?

My coworker takes off the Christmas/New Years weeks every year.  Its a given. Don't even THINK about taking off that time of the year, its claimed.

I can live with that... after all, we still get the Holidays off.  But I cover for her when she's off...

This year though, its throwing me for a tizzy.

My Birthday is Monday, December 30th... New Years falls on a Wednesday.  There's a payroll I have to figure up in there.  & New Years, the payroll processing company closes early.

Our payrolls aren't just a normal 40 hours a week kinda payroll.  They are payrolls where I have to look up dozens, if not hundreds of courier runs, for EACH employee...

It normally takes her 3 days to do this on a payroll week... & she does it every time...
except for 2 weeks out of the year when she's on vacation, when  I do it.

So its not like I'm familiar with it & can do it in my sleep.  It's something I do twice a year...

& then I found out today that I have to have it all done by that MONDAY (Dec 30th - my birthday)... by 1:00 pm...


Kristen Bell Laugh to a Cry
This was my reaction when they told me the news about this

So let's recap - something I rarely do, I have to be awesome & amazing at & do in 6 hours what it takes the pro to do in 3 full 9-hour days?


Can we just start the praying now for me?



or get the straight-jacket ready?

I think I'm going to earn all my new grey hairs on my birthday....

On the flip side... after 1:00, however it goes, its still my birthday....

I'm gonna EARN some much needed sugar from a birthday cake!


  1. oh. my. gosh. that is HORRIBLE.
    I would be stressing out for sure!
    deep breathes - you can ONLY do what you can do ....nothing more nothing less. they can't expect the world from you.

  2. NOOOOO!!! So sorry! That really stinks! My year end is always really busy with reports that are due by the 31st. And I'm usually the only one here working because my boss lets my audit team take off and leaves me here to deal with it. Bummer. We'll both be at work stressing on the 30th!

  3. Yowza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! End of the year usually sucks in general at work... no fair it's your b-day time too! :(

  4. Quite honestly, I'm stressing out just thinking about it...but, you've got this, girl! I know you'll tackle the task and get everything accomplished in a timely manner. Praying for you, my friend!

  5. I'm with April...You can do this!!! Just think how good that cake is going to taste with that accomplishment behind you!!! praying.

  6. WOW!!! I'm pretty sure hives would not be out of the question!!

    I'm sorry girl. Hang in there and have Ricky get you an extra big slice of cake with all the trimmings =)

    Love you ~~ dawn

  7. well that totally sucks. Praying you survive it.

  8. Were you able to do it? Some companies allow leaves for birthdays, but it seems yours doesn't, so you get to do a task that you only do once a year, on your birthday, and at a fraction of the time the original worker does it. When you're going with speed, you might cause mistakes, and no employee likes a wrong payslip, unless there's more money to it. I hope you were able to breeze through it error-free!
    Lewis Cobb @


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