Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas is over....

There should be some sort of law that makes everyone stay at home the day after Christmas...

It's just a big build up to Christmas & then BAM, back to regular life one day later.  That's not fair.  I want Christmas WEEK.. or at least a few days.

Christmas Eve, Ricky & I both had to work.  Which isn't cool because its his birthday too.  I did get off work early though & Ricky usually gets off about an half hour after me so I hung around waiting for him..

& waiting.. & waiting... & waiting.

Scrooges at his work kept him there till about 2:15... he normally gets off at 4 so big whoopity doo! 

I had hung around the area shopping & then getting bored of shopping... so I ended up in a book store & sat down in the floor & looked through every Photography book they had. 

Ricky got off work & we headed to the restaurant of his choosing for his birthday dinner... lunch... brunch.. linner?... whatever you want to call it.  It was closing in a half hour after we arrived so it was nice because it was pretty much empty.  Yeah, I rented out a restaurant for his birthday.  Or at least it seemed that way.

We got home & just relaxed a bit... & then I turn around & the whole house is asleep.  I guess someone was just ready for Santa to come.

Snuggled up with visions of sugar plums dancing through their heads

I was a little bummed... we had plans to go to a church service at 7:30 but I didn't want to wake Ricky up when he was so tired... I thought about cleaning the house or doing something productive... nah!  I ended up starting on my Beauty & the Beast puzzle.

Ricky ended up waking up & we worked the edges together... He went to bed not too long after that but I was obsessed. MUST.GET.PUZZLE.DONE.

That sucker is HARD!  As of this morning, I'm still not finished... not even 50% finished.  Puzzles are good for the mind - right?

Christmas morning - we ended up sleeping in.  Thank you Baby Jesus for that gift alone.  I looked at my phone & saw half of the world had already opened gifts & celebrated Christmas ... I was just getting my eyes open.

I got up & made Breakfast & we just took it easy all morning long...

Didn't plan on it looking back at us...
I handed it to Ricky & said, when did this become a face?

We finally had our Christmas together... & as usual, Ricky spoils me to no end...

He got me a pearl & diamond ring - that I've been wanting forever...
Got me a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10' screen...
Totally surprised me with a Nike GPS Sports Watch...
Plus fun little surprises - a Beauty & the Beast bag... knitted fingerless gloves... a Zumba Kinect game (We bought each other a new xbox with Kinect for Christmas) & also a Wipe Out Kinect game... (We'll kill each other competing in that one)... even got me a mat for the back of my car to protect it.  Carrying all my photography equipment is rough in my car.  Good thinking hubby!

I was just in awe of all my goodies.

I got him a Galaxy Tablet 7" screen, a new electric toothbrush, a Road ID bracelet, some gift cards, new seat covers for his car, a tablet case & then surprised him with a new guitar! ... I told him we're going to take lessons together!!! I'm so excited about it!!!   The gift that keeps on giving!

Needless to say - we had a wonderful Christmas with the two of us...

All the dogs had a great Christmas too...
Santa leaves treats for them as well
Harvey had a great First Christmas

We then headed over to my brothers & had a fantastic dinner.  Again, being vegetarian doesn't stop me in any sense of the word.  Sweet Potato casserole, mashed potatoes, stuffing, & my brother is KING of broccoli casserole... I could eat the whole dish by myself!!!

We then drove over to my parents house to open presents.  Convenient that we're all within 5 miles of each other now.

Good thing my dad had a camera & took a picture.
I have my camera behind me ... but between handing out presents & watching everyone enjoy Christmas, I never pulled it out.....
I'm a failure as a photographer

Present time is always fun with my nieces.  They are so cute, excited over every little thing they get.  So opposite too... Sophia wanted jewelry & things for her American Girl Doll & a Stitch stuffed animal.  Madi wanted comics & more cases for her ball cards.  I love we can range the scope with these girls.

I had gotten them both iPod Nano's for Christmas & I laughed when they opened them up & Sophia looked at me & said, "Are these real?"

Christmas ain't Christmas until my mom gets Wizard of Oz stuff

After present time, we had to have sugar in our system.  We had our tradition of Birthday Cake for Jesus... & my dad had made cheesecake & Hershey pie... yep, you can't end Christmas without gaining at least a few pounds.

Media preview

Ricky & I had to leave, thanks to stupid work & get home & wind down....

It was a wonderful day... wish we could have seen Ricky's girls... but we'll get to spend Christmas with our G.Boys soon.... nothing like making Christmas last longer! :)

Hope you all had a wonderful day.... & hope you get extra days off work to enjoy it. 


  1. Looks and sounds like you guys had some amazing birthday AND Christmas festivities! :)

  2. Your Christmas sounds perfect. Well, okay, the egg plate is kind of creepy. =)
    I love puzzles. If I was there I'd help you get it done. I'm kind of obsessive. ;-)
    Merry Christmas!

  3. i need a Christmas week too!! working the day after Christmas stinks!
    sounds like you had a great Christmas :)

  4. I agree on the Christmas week idea. It just seems to end so abruptly.....It seems you had a great Christmas! Lots of presents and cheer. Have a great rest of the week. Blessings

  5. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas. But I think a Christmas week would be great!

  6. I work on the public school schedule so I am lucky enough to have two weeks off this year, but I agree...there should be Christmas week. One day is not enough to enjoy the holiday after all that build up. It would be nice to have my hubby home longer.

    Your Christmas sounds perfect even if it was brief. Gotta love husbands that spoil us. :)

  7. Sounds like you had a very nice Christmas. Love the puzzle!


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