Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Believing in Santa....

I don't remember when I stopped believing in Santa...

do you?

I can remember my dad asking me that all the time, "When did you stop believing in Santa?" ... I told him, probably when you started asking me, "When did you stop believing in Santa!"

I work with Middle School kids - it starts with kids in Grade 5 & goes up to Grade 8... I know the 8th graders are 'too cool' to believe in Santa.  The 'too cool' years are really kicking in gear in 8th grade, getting them prepared for 'totally cool' for High School years...

But I see those tiny little 5th graders & wonder if they still believe....

I'm careful what I say around them... I don't want to be the one who crushes Christmas spirit.

I do remember being 'older' ... & by older, I'm thinking at least 3rd grade... & every day we would come in from shopping, I would run into our basement & check the stockings.  Not sure why.  I mean, no where are there stories of Santa coming early...

But one day, there was something in my stocking!!!  It was a pack of tissues.  & not just any pack of tissues.  They were from Japan.  They had Japanese writing on the package & a cool Japanese design on the tissues themselves.

I can still remember that.

That feeling of excitement... of being in awe... of wonder... of amazement.

Do you know, I still to this day believe it was something magical that put Japanese tissues in my stocking....

(mom... dad... don't tell me it was you... I don't want to know)

I guess no matter how old you get, you still want to believe in the magic of Christmas...


How old were your kids when they stopped "believing"?

Do you have memories of Santa?

When do you feel the "Magic" of Christmas?


  1. I was one of the last of my age group to stop believing. I'm not sure why. Although I insisted the tooth fairy was real for many years because that money appeared when there was no way a parent could put it there.

    I never want to ruin the Santa myth for anyone simply because Santa does exist, just in a different form than what kids think.

  2. I really can't remember exactly when I stopped probably because I had younger siblings. I think I just thought my parents were simply amazing and must love me so much to go to all that trouble to make me happy. They... my Mom, really is the one who loved Santa stuff and I love her so much for that. I love and miss her the most this time of year. I just need to remember she would not want me to be sad especially now. I know she is happier now than she ever was on this earth. Thank you Lord. Thank you for Jesus.

  3. What a great post!! I wasn't told about Santa when I was a kid. :( I grew up believing "baby Jesus" delivered the presents. That is the tradition in some countries. :) I love Santa though!

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  4. I want to say I was 5 or 6 or 7... young. I got a Ken doll and I cried because "Sants knows I'm a girl!" hahahah :)

  5. Unfortunately, I found the wrapping paper Santa used and asked my mom…she and my dad sat me down and told me the news…I think I was about 9.

    So, here's a funny story. Several years ago my daughter lost a tooth and right in front of her, my son asked if the tooth fairy was real (he is 3 years older than her), so we decided it was time to tell him so that he didn't ruin it for her (he was old enough to know). I talked to him and told him that the tooth fairy wasn't real and he fell on the floor, rolled up into the fetal position and cried and cried. Then he sat up and said "at least I know Santa is real"…and I gave him a hug and said "let's go get a cookie" ;)

    Grace is 11 and says she still believes. She is very into her elves and the whole magical thing. I think she wants to believe and I will go along with it as long as she wants (she will probably be 21…ha).

  6. I was 9. I clearly remember realizing Santa could not possibly get all over the world and down chimneys and have flying reindeer...it just stops making sense at some point. I also remember thinking a bit about all those years, my folks perpetuated something that just wasn't true. It was kind of sad. If I raised my three kids again, I'm not sure I'd do the Santa thing. I'd focus more on the birth of Jesus and make it all about his day. The things we learn!

  7. My (7 year old) Bug has been asking questions about Santa all season, and she finally told me that a couple of kids from school have been telling the other kids that Santa is just your mom and dad putting presents under the tree (the brats!). I told Bug if she wanted to have a grown up conversation about Santa, we could, but not in front of her (4 year old) brother. She hasn't asked anything else about it, but I think that pretty much sealed the deal for her. It's a little sad, really.


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