Monday, February 10, 2014

The weekend that has me wanting Tom Hanks as a Navy Seal....


* Had to do it... stopped at Starbucks for my Café Mocha... & laughed at the total

If you're on Instagram, look up #444followsme & see all the pics I've posted

* It looked like a winter wonderland on the way home.  Seriously, I have never seen anything like it in my life.  The trees are covered in ice & the sun was actually shining (hello Mr. Sun - haven't seen  you in forever) ... the light hitting the trees was something I said I would imagine seeing in Heaven... or in Disney World... one or the other.

* Tried to get a good picture of the ice in the trees when SOMEONE wanted some attention ... I didn't even know he did this until I looked back at the picture a little while later...

Photo: I wanted to capture how beautiful the ice in the trees with the sun shining in them was.... When someone wanted attention & literally did the best jumping photo bomb ever.
I think he's just used to me taking pictures of him
* These are the pictures he's used to me taking of him though....

Photo: Morning dose of Harvey #thingsharveydoeswrong

* Got my Valentine Swap goodies... so much fun... I'll share that in a future post.

* Forgot the opening ceremonies of the Olympics started... I was busy watching Jerry Seinfeld's show on the web - Comedians in cars getting coffee ... I love that webisode.  Tina Fey & Howard Stern are on this season.  Jerry Seinfeld is always going to be top notch on my 'people' list.

* I did end up turning it over right when the USA team came out & watched a few more minutes of the opening ceremonies... but it bored me to death & I knocked out.


* I woke up with the room light... that is something that hasn't happened in WEEKS.. if not months.  Sleep... ahh... sweet sleep.  Now, don't think that was a sleep that went straight through the night.  We still have to get up & take Sydney outside with her leg.  Ricky carrying her - me being the door opener... we'll keep doing it though.

* All the other dogs are just loving on Sydney & sticking with her.  Its so weird because Zoe is a hermit - she stays to herself & rarely comes out.  She's been sticking with Sydney ... not leaving her side.  She even has been sleeping next to her - which Zoe NEVER does... they have an instinct, don't they?

Media preview

* Attempt to clean a bit... I just feel like its a loosing battle sometimes to attempt to clean my home...

* Tried knitting a small project.  I've learned I can knit like 4 small rounds & then my bicep tendon is on fire & miserable pain. SOOO not fair.

* Yes - this is how Bruno gets on my pillow on the couch & sleeps... hey, whatever works.

Media preview
he has dreams of having longer legs

* Did 5.08 miles on the treadmill... I hate being on the treadmill that long. It makes my feet burn... but it was in the 20's & icy out... & even SNOWING AGAIN... NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! .... but got it done thanks to the Olympics.

* Skiathlon ... goodness gracious... I watched the women's competition while on the treadmill. It made me out of breath to watch them.  The hills - the distance - like a small marathon in snow... with skies on.  That's gotta be tough.

This was exactly how I was when I got off the treadmill too
I felt like I was an Olympian like these ladies

* Took a shower after my workout & needed to go to Target.  So hair went in a pony tail with a baseball cap & no make up at all... I was sure I would see someone I know - I always run into someone when I look horrible.  This time, success.  I was a ninja.

* We had a movie night watching Captain Phillips.  I was holding my breath the whole time.  The good thing, I knew it was a true story & he didn't die so that gave me hope.  But wow... The things our military does, can do .... & we have no idea...

* Navy Seals are awesome

* Tom Hanks is pretty awesome too

* According to that logic, Tom Hanks needs to be a Navy Seal


* We skipped church to take care of Sydney & then made it to our Youth Middle School class...the big topic of the day?  The best APP you have.  The world we live in - only 1 out of 15 kids didn't have a device that you could put an app on.  Welcome to the next generation.

* Ricky & I joined a new small group that meets on Sundays after church.  It helps that we already know everyone in the group so we were instantly comfortable & loved hanging out with these people.  Not to mention, they had eggplant lasagna... YUM!!!  & a table full of food.  Jesus said, "feed them & they will come" - right? No?

* Spent the rest of Sunday taking care of our girl.  Syd is really doing OK - just can't walk like she used to.  She CAN get around, but we prefer her not to. Don't want her falling, tripping & hurting her bones more.  So we carry her most places - & she's fine with that.  When she sees Ricky, she'll even hold her leg up & then when he bends down, she jumps into his arms.  As long as she lays where we're at, she's perfectly content.  She still barks at the TV, barks at Harvey when he runs around her, still eats great, still loves to get loved on... so we'll keep her happy & comfy for now...

* I tried watching Narnia... couldn't do it... I got to the point where I knew Aslan was going to sacrifice himself... nope... turn the station... I tried. I watched over an hour of it.  More then I ever thought I'd watch.  (FYI, I'm sure you can search my posts & see somewhere why I HATE Narnia & how the cartoon of the 70's scarred me for life)

* Downton Abbey news
     * I was cracking up at the Dowager Countess when she had to play cards (Yippee)
     * Poor Edith ... I was so glad she talked to her Aunt
     * I still hate Thomas & his sneaky ways
     * Mrs. Hughes is every sort of AWESOME!
     * Mr. Bates figure it out?
     * Mary covered in mud taking care of pigs?  A good look for her.
     * Let's see the Lordship in America.. that means Paul Giamatti ..

Can't wait... Paul & Shirley back at Downton?  YES YES... & YES
Bring it on!

* Paul Giamatti is on my awesome list as well & should also be a Navy Seal

Happy Monday everyone... hope your weekend was great...


  1. A friend of mine knows one of the guys on the US Cross Country Ski team at the Olympics--Noah Hoffman. He was in the skiathelon as well and holy smokes....they just collapse at the end like dominoes don't they? I got tired just watching them!

    Noah was in the lead pack until he fell, broke a pole, got hit in the face and lost his sunglasses! Poor kid!

  2. Wow.. you are one busy lady! Can you believe I have never watched one episode of downton Abbey....I feel as if I am missing out... by the way, Howard Stern...yikes. I do not like his humor at all!! He gets way to out there for me.. Just do not like his attitude.. A great small group is worth its weight in cold.. I do believe it is in those type of settings that we grow the most in our relationship with the Lord. Hope your Syd doggie enjoys easy simple days.. I hate it when my pets hurt.. I know it is hard.. Have a great week.. Blessings!

  3. Just hopped over from Deidre's Blog... I began reading your posts and before I knew it,I had read 6 days!! Love that you share your heart and that you are REAL!!!
    Joining in to follow your blog!

  4. I love the photobomb in your snow and ice picture. I feel like he is waving hi to me.

    I haven't seen Captain Phillips yet, but it is on my list.

    Love Paul Giamatti!

  5. Love the sunbeams in your picture. And Harvey is so cute bombing the photo!

    Love all the pictures of Sydney. Hope she stays around for a long time.

    I love Narnia! Especially anything to do with Aslan! He is so beautiful!!!

  6. Your sweet Syndey...just pulls at my heart strings in a BIG way. Glad she's doing alright. I prayed for her this morning, in fact. I can't wait to see Captain Phillips...sounds like such a great movie! I've been watching the skiers on the Olympics...girl, I can't even stand up on a pair of skies without doing a face plant! :)

  7. Animals totally have an instinct! Our other cats knew when Chewie was sick and when he had passed, before we got ourselves to calm down enough to take him to the emergency vet for cremation, they both came over to say their goodbyes. One of the sweetest things I've ever seen.

  8. Oh my, Downton...I feel like the kettle is about to boil over on a few different things...I can hardly wait until next Sunday!

  9. 5 miles on the treadmill?! Dang, woman... that's impressive!


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