Friday, February 07, 2014

Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time
I'm fighting something
For the past few days, I've had the worst headache & nauseated
Just felt bad all over
Me at work today
I don't do sick well
I need Spring
... so I can complain about being sick with allergies
Thanks to my awesome on-top-of-it-incredible-friend Lauren, she sent me a link where I was able to watch the last 8 episodes of Breaking Bad...
...& I'm done...
Its over... & I'm sad about that.
I'll miss Pinkman ... by the end of it, my heart just ached for that guy...
Yes... I feel bad for THIS guy... a criminal, yo
& like the only picture that doesn't have him saying the B-word
Its hard coming out of watching 5 straight seasons.
This Binge Watching shouldn't be taken lightly
Biggest Loser winner...
Everyone is shocked & scared for this poor girl
The trainers reaction... look at the girls mouth in the red behind them - she too was like WHAT?
She doesn't even look like the same person.
If you watched the season, you saw she had issues with her father.
When she gained the weight, she felt like he didn't care for her anymore.
Then you see this & her dad in the audience cheering her on?
That girl... that family... get them to counseling QUICK!
Anyone remember Justin Guarini?
The guy from American Idol season 1
The first loser to the now All American Girl, Kelly Clarkson
Here he is all grown up
He was on the news recently about how he is so poor he has to skip meals to provide for his family.
That ain't right.  He is talented.
But I heard he just got cast as Fiyero in Wicked on Broadway.
That makes me happy for him
... & makes me want to see Wicked for the 3rd time...
Anyone watch the Olympics last night?
I'm confused how there were games already being played & there was no Opening Ceremony yet.
Isn't the point of an OPENING ceremony to OPEN the games?
So all the dogs are just loving on Sydney
which breaks my heart
Media preview
Harvey won't even let her eat in peace
They all love her like we do
She's the center of the pet world in our home
OK... can't talk about it anymore
or I'm back to the sobbing mess again

So I want a little ladder like this to put in my house

Saw it on Pinterest - a way to store throw blankets!
 DIY ladder for organizing blankets
 Isn't that awesome?
You could stain the wood on the ladder too
or paint to match a room

Another Pinterest thing I probably will never do


Speaking of Pinterest
Just google "Pinterest Nailed it" & look at the images
I laughed for a good 10 minutes straight

Here's an example of just one...


Have a great Friday everyone
Hope you all stay warm & safe
We're getting more snow... unbelievable...

Groundhog problem


  1. I read an article about why events started before ceremony. Mostly because they've added so many extra events and they want the opening to be on a Friday. Oh and of course money....all about the money tv networks pay to broadcast. So maybe blame NBC?

  2. Yes, I have unfriended winter at this point. I mean I gave it every chance, I did. I prefer cold to REALLY hot, but We have like 4 or 5 inches on the ground right now. Our state is running out of salt for our roads. They are now mixing it with sand. Well now, that doesn't work good AT.ALL. AND WE'RE EXPECTING MORE SNOW!!!!! Yes winter, its over.
    And don't even get me started on the gopher, ground hog what ever he is. He better thaw out and go back in that hole. =)

    I'm not bitter.

    Your puppies. Can't stand it. UGHHH!!!!!!!! I am praying and I love y'all so much!!!

    I didn't get the whole let's have games before the games begin. Weird. Did you see the girl that messed her knee up BAD in mogul? (I don't understand mogul, it hurts me. But we will save that chapter for another day.) She asked her parents as they are carting her off the snow, "Do you think I will still be considered an Olympian?" Oh yes, my darling girl, you miss ma'am are in my book an Olympian. What heart!! Loved it!!!

    Ok, chapter done. =) Love you ~~ dawn

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  4. I noticed the games on last night and was wondering what in the world was going on. haha

    Love the picture of Harvey and Sydney. So precious!

    I am so so so done with winter!

  5. I'm sorry about your pup : (

    Biggest Loser-I too was a little shocked at her family's reaction. Even if her new weight falls within normal limits for her height, she didn't look good. Not healthy. I could hardly watch.

    When you looked at Tumi, the at home winner who also lost a tremendous amount of weight, she looked great, really healthy and strong, which is how most winnners look. Rachel looked brittle, and seemed to have lost all muscle tone. There was an icky feeling to it this time round. I hope the issues, whatever they may be, are addressed away from cameras.

    Feel better soon!

  6. I'm the worst sick person ever too! Hope you're feeling better soon! I would looove to see Wicked again! So awesome that you've seen it twice!

  7. The winner of BL doesn't look like herself anymore! I hope this is her body naturally and that she isn't doing anything unhealthy... I feel like sometimes that show can trigger a whole new realm of unhealthy habits. :/

  8. I don't understand about the opening ceremonies, either. Or how athletes have to break down the door to get out of the bathroom.
    I'm experiencing the same thing right now: headache & just not feeling good. Thanks...I think you spread it through Instagram.
    So sorry about Sydney. My heart hurts for you. :(
    That last picture? Too funny! :D

  9. Great post! Hope you are feeling better!

    AJ |


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