Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time
We made it... Friday... whew!
Anyone else excited about Son of God coming out this weekend?
I'm so ready to see it...
Ready to support a Christian based movie.
They say its best if you can make it on opening weekend.
Those numbers are the most important in a film - so if you get a chance, get out & support it.
It still blows my mind that the Angel & the guy who made Survivor are married
... & created these big epic movies on the Bible...
I think she is just beautiful
We've been on the hunt trying to find my dad a lift chair that is a recliner
... at least for a decent price..
& by decent price, I mean less then a year's salary
Anyone have any ideas on where to find one?
He's looked on Craig's List ... no luck
Oscar's are Sunday
I'll watch solely for fashion purposes
Could care less about anything else
... well, except for rooting for Jennifer Lawrence...
even though I haven't seen her movie.
Just gotta root for the local gal.

How do you not root for this?
Anyone watching The Bachelor?
Anyone watching & not totally tired of Juan Pablo?
Man... he should have stayed the mysterious Latin guy that everyone fawned over
instead of coming on a show & making weird groaning sounds all the time &
coming off like some egotistical woman-crazed Dr. Phil.
"Its Ok... Its OK...It's OK..."
I will say, I am glad Andi called him out on his 'could care less about you' attitude
... but when you talk to a blank wall, you're the one who comes across looking bad.
She shouldn't have wasted her time trying to explain why she was leaving.
Just leave.
I can't wait for The Women Tell All Special
Happy this train wreck is coming to an end.
& is ANYONE betting that he's in a relationship that will last?
My Favorite part of the argument:
Another grandbaby picture...
Here's Luke with his baby brother.
Julie said Luke may take a little adjusting to this 'not the baby of the family anymore' thing
She said when he visits in the hospital, he acts like the baby does.
Oh my... this is going to be fun for them, huh?

 Spat of the Week: Puzzles

I've been going through the Disney puzzles that I got a few weeks back.
3 down, 1 to go...
& Ricky will help me put a few pieces in
... though I will say, this last one, he did do a big part of the end of it.

Where does the spat come?
When we're down to the last 50 pieces & trying to 'speed puzzle' - which is who can get the most pieces in at the end the fastest - I've noticed, Ricky takes a piece & palms it in his hand so when it comes down to it, he gets to put the last piece in.

Know how frustrating that is?
I'm not above kicking him in the shins to make him drop the puzzle piece.
Sadly, he doesn't drop it though.

Jokes on him though.
Every puzzle we've worked so far has had a piece missing
 (except 1 that had 2 EXTRA pieces)...
soooo in the end, he's not completing the puzzle anyways

We take our puzzle working seriously


Extreme Weight Loss Edition with Chris Powell
are taking applicants here in town tomorrow.

My fat jeans are tight

I need to go apply

I just want to meet Chris Powell & his wife.
His wife is INSANE when it comes to being in shape.
I follow her blog & on Instagram.
Girl worked out until the day she gave birth & was doing a Warrior Dash like the day after she gave birth.

& I'm sitting here struggling to breath in tight jeans


Funny of the Day:
Skillz... I have them

i happen to have that skill.
Hope you all have a fantastic Friday

Stay warm... because goodness knows Spring ain't anywhere near
we're getting another ICE & SNOW storm Sunday night into Monday

Maybe not God... but I'll ask Mother Nature this


  1. OMGosh you cracked me up!
    I loooove Jennifer Lawrence. She's a hoot.
    I watched like one episode of The Bachelor this season....and I was done.
    I can trip over flat surfaces too. I'm graceful like that.

  2. Not a big fan of movies or tv shows and will not be watching the Oscars however I enjoyed your views and the shows I don't watch.

  3. Always have to comment on the fashion of the Oscars. Looking forward to my twitter feed.

  4. Saw the movie last night, so good!! I love Chris & Heidi Powell too, she is awesome. What a sweet baby boy, congrats again. Happy weekend!

  5. hahahah - LOVE the Spat of the Week. Love. It.

  6. Haha that was my favorite part of the Bachelor, too! Loved that he didn't even have a comeback! So over this season, I'm not a fan of either of the final two so I don't even know who I'm rooting for. And boo for more snow this weekend.. enough is enough already!!

  7. So is The Son of God the same as the one they had on TV. Some of the scenes I have seen look exactly the same.

    I will be watching the Oscar's, it is a family tradition since I was a little girl. Jennifer is awesome! I have seen all the movies.

  8. Luke looks so cute with his baby brother.

    Growing up, we were like that with puzzles. My dad was the one that would hide a piece. He just had to put the last piece in. Now, my hubby does very little, if any of a puzzle. He just has no interest in them. So now that the girls are gone, there is no one to compete with. haha

    Have a great weekend and try to stay warm. It's coming here too.

  9. I got to the grandbaby picture and completely forgot what I was going to say, so precious.
    Oh my goodness you are on a roll this week with the clips. Too Funny.
    You need to check out the Erma Bombeck site.

  10. OK OK OK!!! I am SO excited because me and the Girls, Arielle and Lauren, are going to see Son of God this afternoon!! WOOT!!!!!

    We are so excited and been a planning. So happy about this.

    Yes the Oscars are this weekend and if I watch it will, as well, be for fashion only.

    We are expecting an ice storm on Sunday!! OVER IT.

    Happy weekend friend ~~ dawn

  11. My mom and I were just talking about the new Son of God movie. I'm sure it will be so good. I too am rooting for Jennifer, even though I haven't seen her movie. She's so adorable.

  12. I haven't watched The Bachelor in weeks but I will most DEFINITELY be tuning in for the women tell all special!

  13. Haven't watched the Bachelor but based o what I've heard, I don't think Mr. Jun has done himself any favors.
    I have the skill to fall on a flat surface. In fact, I have mastered it -- haha!
    As beautiful as that baby is, I'm sure Luke will come around.

  14. So, now that you've watched Son of God, what did you think of it? I heard it wasn't very good. It's too bad that they couldn't get any more notable actors to play in the film, so that there would be more of a draw.

    What are thoughts about seeing a more commercialized biblical film, like Noah with Russell Crowe?


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