Thursday, February 13, 2014


(yes, 3 posts in one day is a record)

02.06.14 - One Line a Day
I've been wanting this journal forever. Finally treated myself.
It holds every day of the year - & has places where you can fill it out for 5 years.
So when I go back to February 1st in 2015, I can see what I did in 2014 - or when its 2017, I can see what I did in 2015 of that same day.
Love it!
02.07.14 Natural Products
My throat was aching aching aching.
Thankful for products that don't have a lot of junk in them.
Especially any sort of 'medicine' that is natural.
Keep the junk away... only causes more junk to happen.
02.08.14 - Cozy Movie Night
it was cold & another day of no plans (Man, I could get used to that)
so we just curled up on the bed & watched Captain Phillips.
On the MUST LIST:  More movie nights in bed.
02.09.14 - Sydney's smiles
Yep... to me, she smiles
I appreciate it now more then ever
02.10.14 - Peaceful
Right after dinner, Ricky knocked right out.  I came around the corner & saw this. The Aussie's all tuckered out with him.  A peaceful night is not taken for granted.
02.11.14 - Sight
My eyes have shot to hades since I turned 40. I'm so thankful for readers that help me keep going & let me keep on reading all the things I love to read.
& glad they're cheap.  Good to have like 3 pairs in every room, in my car & in my purse.
02.12.14 - Update!
We've had our World Vision girl since 2007 & I love every year when we get news of her progress & get to see her grow up.  She was just 8 when we got her... & now she's 15... a teenager in the midst of teenage things... Love watching her grow from afar. Jerusalem to Indiana - love can carry.
Be sure to stop by the hosts & check out
all the other things people are thankful for this week


  1. I love the idea of the line a day journals! I think they would be so cool to look back on year after year and see how your answers have changed!

  2. did I know that you lived in Indiana?!!! where are you? Anywhere near Anderson? would be so fun to meet up sometime when I brought jared to school!!

  3. I saw the cutie pie doggie smile also :)
    Quiet and relaxed times are always the best.
    A World Vision child! I always wanted to sponsor, but have yet to do so. I really should. It's not enough to just think it...

  4. Love that 5 year journal! That would make such a cool gift! And yay for peaceful nights, you can never have too many of those :)


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