Monday, February 03, 2014

The weekend that has another dog hurt...

Everyone survive Super Bowl Sunday...  Here's a little bit how my weekend looked

* I never get out of the grocery for less then $125 ... I can't imagine what a family's grocery bill is.  This is just for 2 people.  & basically not even everything we need.

* Skipped my usual Friday Starbucks ... just wasn't in the mood.

* Finished Breaking Bad on Netflix... Only to find out - THAT'S NOT ALL!!! There is another season & its NOT on Netflix.  Are you kidding me?!?!?!  I spent too many hours trying to find the Final Season.  In the end, I read that its coming out on Netflix by the end of February.  Guess I'll wait.

* Also learned that my Samsung Tablet won't play videos from Amazon... stupid....

This was my reaction when I found out my tablet wouldn't let me watch Amazon videos
Stupid technology

* Got to see my niece Madi play some b-ball... & she's pretty awesome at it too.

Look at her holding off all those boys!!! 

* I got to sit on the sidelines & sing songs from Frozen with the other twin, Sophia :)

* I also had to learn to keep my mouth shut during a child's game.  I don't see what's wrong with saying "Is that kid color blind?" when he is constantly throwing easy passes to the other team, over & over & over & over... I'm genuinely concerned for this kid's vision.

* Got to mail out 4 packages at the UPS Store.  That was fun carrying in 4 packages.  If someone video taped me, I'd be a YouTube sensation.  I think I dropped each package at least once, kicked one box across the sidewalk, & got the door open & dropped 3 boxes & then proceeded to kick them to the counter.  Fed-Ex or UPS would NOT want to hire me for a delivery person.

* WHOO HOOO!!! Got to go outside & wun ... Yes, WUN... my combo of walk/run ... I'm still coming up with cool names for it & seeing what sticks.  Wog?  Ralk? 

Photo: Got my 4 miles in today for Reagan ... #PrincessPower all the way! Your half of the medal is coming your way. Perfect for Valentines Day. You've got a piece of my heart little girl!
I Run 4 Reagan... my Princess Power Partner!

* 4 miles... that's the most I've done in a long time.  Felt it in my knee & back, of course, I'm back on hills.... but I was just so happy to be outside, I didn't care.

* Where it felt so nice out, Sydney kept laying by the back door while it was half way open to the enclosed porch.  It was getting cooler with the sun setting & our heat came on.  I tried to get her to move & she wouldn't.  I kept taking the door & tapping it on her to make her move.  She just gave me the look, "No"... so I went to get under her hips to help lift her up to make her move... she jerked up fast & YELPED... OH MY GOSH.. what just happened?  I thought it was her back leg that was hurt.  Nope.  She started shaking & holding up her front paw.  Couldn't put it down at all... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!?  We just spent $300 on Bruno for the same thing.   All the vets were closed so we just kept her on the bed with us where she couldn't jump down - we put ice packs on her arm - Ricky has to lift her everywhere  (in & out of the house to potty) - she's totally immobile right now...  Our poor old girl. Its pitiful. 

* Someone was happy about their new bed...

* I have never been more lazy in my life on a Saturday evening.  I did zero cleaning, zero laundry, zero caring about any of it.... 

* The Following is back... creepy-ness still happening to the fullest

* Couldn't find my glasses... put on another pair.  About 4 hours later, I found my glasses.. on top of my head... I think its moments like this that mark the welcome into senile old minds.

* Church... we had to put Sydney in a kennel while we went.  You think a dog can't tell you they're mad at you?  You've never seen my dog give her "look"

* Got home from church at 1:00 & called the only vet opened on Sunday... they close at 4 & they said there was already a 3.5 hour wait... OH MY GOSH.  Not to mention, we'd have to drive 40 minutes to get there.  So we decided to keep her penned up & calling our vet today... I'm so sad over this...

* Pulled up my computer & saw all the posts on Phillip Seymour Hoffman... so sad :(

I thought he was amazing... & loved him in Catching Fire...

* Denver Broncos... my excuse to wear my orange shoes that I've had for 3 years & never had a good outfit or reason to wear them.

Those shoes are the reason the Bronco's lost...

* Yep - horrible game for Broncos... Ricky totally blames me.  Its the UK curse all over again.  I just need to never cheer for a team ever again.

* I kept flipping over to the Puppy Bowl so Sydney could bark & enjoy Super Bowl Sunday herself (that really is fun to watch)

* I watched the halftime show (wasn't it a fast one that was over with quick?) ... & then gave up on the game & watched Downton.

Ohhhhh.... myyyyy.....

* New Girl with Prince... awesome... for the record, I have given finger guns my whole life.  Even taught my niece to do it as a baby with a little click of the tongue & wink when you do it.
Prince still looks like its 1999

Hope your weekend was nice, with no dogs harming themselves...
Did you have a Super bowl party?  Disappointed about the outcome or thrilled the Seahawks had their game on FIRE!!!
Did you love New Girl like I do?


  1. Girl, you make my day! I'm glad school was cancelled (again) so I could read your post early. Really. I won't even mind the shrunken paycheck. Okay, I'm blowing smoke, but you do make me laugh and that makes my day. :)

    Wogging? LOL Maybe you can be the next the Prancercize lady! ;)

    Prince does look exactly the same. Do you suppose they dip him in formaldahyde (spelling??)every night to preserve him?

    Hope your pup can see the vet today and feel better.

    Happy Monday!

  2. So sorry about the paw :( Hope all is well. I was very saddened to hear the news on Philip Seymour Hoffman. I really loved him in his movies. Love the glasses on the head! New girl was cute last night. Hope your week goes well.

  3. I can't get over how handsome your doggie is! If you have a Sam's Club, you definitely should get a membership. We do a "big" shop there like $100-150 and don't have to go for a LONG time. Then about twice a month, we get things that we can't buy in bulk. We've had a membership for about 6 months and still have the same package of paper towels.

  4. I can't wait to watch the New Girl episode I recorded it and will be watching it tonight! I would totally have to restrain myself from yelling at children's sporting games...maybe he should be tested it runs more in males :-)

  5. I flipped over and saw Prince for a second. I can't believe they got him on the show.

  6. Poor Sydney =( I hope her paw starts getting better. Poor baby.
    I was happy for the Seahawks. Really happy, in fact I could have rooted for either team, but Peyton is getting older and his football days will be behind him soon. Would have been nice to see him win again, but the Seahawks CAME TO WIN!!

    Love you friend ~~ dawn

  7. Didn't watch the game and couldn't care less who won. I don't watch New Girl or Downton either. Don't know why, just don't.

    So sorry Sydney is hurting. Let us know how she's doing. I'll say a prayer for her. I know God cares.

  8. We spend about the same on groceries for two of us, too. I think if we ate crappier our bill would be cheaper. Unfortunately, one cannot live off of Twinkies and bologna sandwiches - especially if one (me) is a vegetarian! ;P
    Give Sydney some hugs and kisses from Johnny Cakes and I!!! :( Poor babe.


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