Thursday, February 27, 2014


2.20.14 Our Place
It was warm out - a change from the cold & snow that we keep getting slammed with.  So Ricky carried Sydney out front & I brought a comfy doggie bed & me & my girl got to enjoy our favorite place.  I always say on my front porch, in my rocking chair, with my Kindle in my hands & my dog at my feet - its the best place ever.  Sydney just loves to lay there & watch & listen to everything. 
Not sure what the future holds for Sydney so I was thankful to be able to enjoy this spot once again with her.
2.21.14 A Perk'ed up Surprise
A sweet friend totally surprised me when I opened up an email & got this.
Who doesn't love surprises that involve Starbucks?
It literally made me teary eyed & made me appreciate so the friendships I've made in Blog-world.  Amazing Christian women I'm honored to learn about their life, their families, their faith...
There are a handful of women I've 'met' in blog world that I'm determined to meet face to face one day.  I just have to sit & talk to them in person & just be able to hug them.
Warning:  I'm a hugger.
2.22.14 My Night Time Best Friend
I just can't handle not being able to breath - especially at night.
That's just so miserable.  So this little bottle?  The first thing I look for when I'm ready to go to bed this week.
2.23.14 - One Month
Its been one month since Sydney's cancer diagnosis.
We're mutt-ling through... appreciating every single day
2.24.14 (a) - LIGHT SKIES!!!!
This was the first morning that the sky was light as I was driving in.
Sun light speaks to my soul... I can't tell you how happy this made me
(Let's forget the fact that the time changes in a few weeks & I'm back to driving in the dark... I'm thankful for it this week)
2.24.14 (B) - SURPRISE BLESSING!!!

Yes, I have 2 things on this date. Nothing wrong with being thankful for 2 things - right?  But I had taken the picture first thing in the morning & then got home & had this surprise waiting on me.  How can I NOT be doubly thankful on this day?
My sweet blog friend Deidre made me this umbrella. 
I am a monogram nut.  Monogram anything & I want it.
... I never even knew you could monogram an umbrella.

How cute is this thing?  & its Belle Yellow!! Perfection!!! 
2.25.14 - Happy Birthday William

Grandbaby #3 born - healthy - strong - beautiful
Momma - healthy - strong - beautiful
Can't ask for anything more

2.26.14 Sparkling Seltzer Water

I'm so addicted to this stuff.  Kroger only buys like 4 cartons so I'm always on the hunt for it.  & when I see it in restaurants? I think I hit the lottery.
This right here is what brought my awful habit of Diet Coke.
Its an acquired taste - I'll give you that much.  But so was Diet Coke.
& now?  Its a 'can't live without' item for me.

 What are you thankful for this week?


  1. Hi there! Stopping by from the link up! I'm so sorry about your dog having cancer. I will keep her in my prayers. I have two dogs and one has congestive heart failure. I am already broken heart about the thought of losing her but trying to enjoy every day with her.
    Love your new umbrella-very cute! :)

  2. Congratulations on the grandson, he's beautiful! And you and Sydney will be in my thoughts- we had to put down one of the cats I grew up with before Christmas, and it was so very difficult. So hard to see pets struggle.
    Hope you have a wonderful coming week!

  3. Love all your thankful things. All sound wonderful, except maybe the sparkling water. Just can't drink that stuff! ha

    Congrats on your new grandson!

  4. So sorry to hear about your dog, I honestly can't even imagine. Prayers for you all! Congrats on your grandson! What sweet gifts and surprises from your friends :)

  5. Just gives me the warm fuzzies! What am I thankful for? A hubby who's on his way home and can tell me what's wrong with our dishwasher...hopefully!

  6. Your grandson looks adorable! Congrats! I love that umbrella & the monogram makes it even more special! Gorgeous sky picture! As awful as winter has been we've been having truly beautiful sunsets some nights and it really makes you stop griping about the cold and appreciate the beauty!

  7. If we ever meet in real life, girlie... prepare thyself for a gargantuan hug!

    Thankful for your ability to laugh and mutt-le through Sydney's diagnosis.

    Thankful for sick kidlets and the snuggles they bring.

    Thank you for the laughs and encouragement found in the blogosphere.

    And... please look for a PM on Facebook from me. It will be from Missy Pettigrew

  8. You look so cute with your umbrella! Not being able to breathe at night is the absolute worst.. I use Alka Seltzer cold tablets and they are a lifesaver. And I've been so happy all week since the sun isn't setting until almost 6pm! It's amazing how much the little things improve your mood in the winter haha

  9. Lots to say to this post...

    First of all, I will totally sit beside you when we meet and hug you right back!!!!!!!!!

    Second...sweet Sydney! Love your pictures and know you are treasuring every single second with her!

    Seltzer water...yuck. You're a braver woman than me!

    Grandbaby #3...congratulations! Such a beautiful little guy!!!

    Monogramming...did you know that last Sunday at church, a girl was wearing a pair of monogrammed boots? Talk about serious!

    Thanks for a lovely post!

  10. I love your favorite place! :) I'm glad you're enjoying your days with sweet Sydney. What a sweet Starbucks surprise indeed!!


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