Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Amazoning ... September

My husband & my bank account will be happy about my Amazoning this month...

but be warned, I am placing an order today that will null & void all of that savings.

Anyways, for my Amazon orders this month, its just 2 things... seriously...2 things.

... but what 2 wonderful things I got this month.

Martha Stewart Crafts Knit & Weave Loom Kit

Since I started loom knitting, I have been looking for a loom with a tighter gauge.  In regular people speak, that means stitches that are tighter together.  This is perfect for that.  Plus, it comes apart & makes different shapes for different projects.  I loved it so much that I actually went out to Michael's & got another one.  Cheaper.  I ended up paying $28.00 for mine on Amazon - although right now, its marked down to $18.88 - WHAT?!?! That drives me nuts when they do that...  but I wanted to make sure I had more pegs if I lost some, & extra pieces to make even different shapes.

See - different shape looms with the same kit

I have one complaint though... the pegs slide out pretty easily.... while WORKING on a project.  Which is scary.  I'm constantly pressing them back in.  Its frustrating.

There is another loom that is out there that is more pricey, but I'm keeping an eye out for it to go on sale or to get a coupon for... or ask Santa for it :)

Here's the one I want... its beautiful

Long 14.75" Rectangular Long Loom

My other buy of the month?  Another loom.  This one is the one I made my first cowl with... & I love this loom... its just really long & now, I can make a loom to fit my needs & use chunky yarn with my Martha Stewart Loom.  BUTTTTTTTT... I do like that the pegs don't come out of this. So I will definitely be using it again.

Cowl I made with this loom

So not an exciting month for Amazoning...  but it made for a productive month for me.

& with everything that has happened with loosing Sydney, I keep saying that God brought looming into my life to save my sanity.  I have missed knitting so badly with my arm & it really keeps my mind busy & focused on something other then sulking in sadness.  So it may sound corny, but these 2 purchases?  Made a different in my world...

If you haven't ever loomed & are interested, you should do it.  Ask me any questions & I'll try to help. It's so stupid easy... I mean, STUUUPPPIIIIDDD ridiculously easy.   Someone asked me if they could do it.  I said a 6 month old baby could do it.

Check out YouTube & type in "Knit Loom" & just look at how simple.
Plus, normal looms are really cheap in stores.  Hobby Lobby & Michael's always have coupons too so it's worth it to get a loom & give it a try...

& then you can be like me & have a tote full of cowls & scarves to give away :)


  1. I'm trying to follow your blog via GFC and Google won't let me. Oh well, I'll try again later. Keep knitting! Great projects. And I am far too well acquainted with Amazon, unfortunately. lol

  2. Trust me...a 6 month old baby might be able to pull that off, but not little old me! I haven't an ounce of craftiness in my body! So, I choose to live vicariously through you!

  3. I may end up having to get the Martha Stewart one. If you go to Hobby Lobby or Michaels or Joanne's Fabrics website, there are people who have done reviews on the Loom and have noted ways they have taken care of the problems with the pegs falling out. I can't remember which site I read it on right now.

  4. I've always wanted to learn the looms, and have a set, but never can get the hang of it! That cowl looks so comfy!

  5. Love the cowl you made!!!
    You and the hub have been in my thoughts this last few days...


  6. I love that loom and the scarf you made! I'm going to look at them at Amazon because I love shopping there but I'm also going to stop in at Michael's and check them out.


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