Tuesday, September 16, 2014



Just finished a breakfast of cottage cheese with Stevia & cinnamon on it.  My mom used to make that for me growing up, put on toast & baked in the oven to make crispy.  It's like a high protein, low fat, apple-pie sorta taste.  It's really filling too.


I'm looking at a coffee I made at home ... which was a pain in the butt to make.  I stumble in the kitchen as soon as I wake up to make coffee so it will cool for iced coffee by the time I leave for work.  I went in sleepy eyed, turned it on, get ready to walk out of the kitchen & thought it sounded funny... only to turn around & see that I didn't put a cup under the spout.  So coffee was just pouring right into the little container... thank goodness that caught most of it.  & let me tell you, I woke up QUICK at that point. My ninja skills had me leaping over dogs to get to a cup & throw under the spout... without burning myself.  Whew!


Another car commercial with another Michael Jackson song.  I bet he's rolling in his grave knowing his new songs are bought by Jeep.


I hadn't read Emily Griffin in awhile... I actually haven't read a chick-lit book in awhile.  This one is really good. If I had time to sit & read for a long period of time, I would devour it.  I especially like the girl in this book is a photographer.


A gray gloomy morning.  But its supposed to perk up & the sun is supposed to come out this afternoon.  So I'll keep my eye on the window & wait for it to happen...


To get my Youth lesson done. I'm teaching Sunday & I haven't even started looking at it & planning it out. I'm usually on top of things like this.  Plan weeks ahead... not this time. I've been so overwhelmed with so much going on with photos, with Sydney, with life... I need to get this going... QUICK!


My dad's hip replacement surgery to go well tomorrow.  I want it to go smoothly & as pain free as possible for him.


Giving my last Bride her photos & album.  She was such a beautiful bride. I know she's going to love re-living her day through her pictures.  I always have fun going through the day with them again.


  1. Well, we've already discussed coffee this morning! Lol I am praying for your dad as you guys prepare for surgery tomorrow. Sydney baby has me sad. I just don't understand sometimes why things happen the way they do but I guess ultimately that's why he is God and we are not. Sending you so much love today!! Xxxx

    P.s. As always your photos are beautiful!!

  2. Gorgeous wedding photo! I hope your dad's surgery goes smoothly tomorrow! I've just switched back from making iced coffee to drinking it hot, and as much as I loove iced coffee, it's nice not to have to wait to drink it :)

  3. I wish I hadn't read the whole Emily Griffin series - love her books!

  4. That is one absolutely gorgeous dress (and photograph)! I'd love to see the front of the dress.

    I'll have to check out that book. I don't think I've ever read Emily Griffin. I'm always on the lookout for a good author though.

  5. Your wedding photos make me swoon...so beautiful! Hope everything goes smoothly for your daddy!

  6. Sounds yummy and even better baked in the oven. I'll have to try it sometime! Sorry about the coffee....oh no...what a mess! Keeping your dad in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. will be praying for your dad tomorrow!

  8. The bride's gown was beautiful!

    I read Love the One You're With a couple years ago and it was pretty good. I'm reading Something Borrowed right now!


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