Monday, September 08, 2014

The weekend that had me reading another book... before my busy exploded...

Oh weekend... where did you go so fast?

Friday kicked off for us with The Backyard - our children's ministry program.  I am part of the Dance Team... the closest I'll probably ever get to Dancing with the Stars... & I had a 5 line speaking part. You'd think I was quoting Shakespeare with how much I read over the lines. 

Saturday, Ricky went to help take down the Backyard set so I started my job I do best when he's gone... cleaning!  I actually felt like cleaning.

Isn't that weird when that happens.  It rarely does happen, maybe that's why it feels weird.

But I turned on Pandora & got my kitchen, my foyer, my living room, the bathroom clean & vacuumed the house.  Enough.  Bedrooms can wait.  I can only take the cleaning to a limit.

I actually had to work out & get my sweat on. 

Using my bean bag to give her soft cushion to lay against

After that, I was just lazy & didn't want to do anything but hang out with Sydney.  She just doesn't seem to be doing well at all... breaking our hearts.  It was a windy, misty day, so we took her on the front porch with her bed & let her stay in her favorite place.  I got my book & went out with her & read for 2 hours, finishing it & just enjoying being in 'our spot' for what I'm afraid wont be very many more times....

A highlight of my day though - I got to talk to one of my bloggy friends on the phone!  So funny to hear real voices with people that you feel like you 'know' for years. 
Sara at Make Music from your Heart reached out to me about my bicep tendon & the pain I'm in & she told me about the essential oils that could help.  I've always been intrigued about those essential oils anyways, & always wanted to try them... nothing better for me to try it on then this. 

But it was great just talking with Sara.  I told her its like we've been friends for the longest time because I was wondering how they have all been since their big family wedding that just happened... & she was asking me about Sydney.  Blog friendships really happen.  I've had them happen many times over the years... love it.

Saturday ended with me on my knitting loom finishing up a hat I literally started less then 24 hours earlier.  I am now a hat making machine.

You can tell I'm lazy on this day... #nomakeup

Sunday had me make up for the lazy day on Saturday.

We had church, then our youth group & then MAC (Merge After Church)... it was a perfectly, beautiful, gorgeous day, so when we had to do a photo scavenger hunt, it was perfect weather to be running around.

I just love those kids in that group....

We had to jet out of there so I could run some errands & pick up a few things & then we had to get back so I could grab my camera.

I had an appointment scheduled for Saturday but with the weather being 'iffy' we moved it to Sunday & I'm so glad we did. It was just perfect.

I have had this family in front of my camera a few times & love when families come back with new family members. I can't wait to edit this bunch up, but here's a picture of one of the pics from my computer screen... awful, I know... but you can see how adorable this is going to be...

We also had this little guy dig into a cupcake to celebrate his first birthday that just happened.  When I uploaded the pics, I literally laughed at all of them & was like, "Ricky, get OVER HERE & look at these"... I can't wait to share.

So it was a roller coaster weekend.... lazy to busy... sad about Sydney but happy to still love on her every minute we can... stormy grey clouds to beautiful fall-like temps....

Let's just hope this week is a calm, smooth bunch of days....

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. And WHY have we never talked on the phone?!?!?!?!?! We need to make this happen. SO FUN though!!!!

    And continuing to pray for your sweet fur baby!!

  2. oh I love that cleaning quote..that is SO ME!!! we are more alike than I thought! ha!

    I am also going to have to steal that minion!!! LOVE it! Can't wait for you to try the oils, but mostly hoping they help you like they do me.

    But you didn't mention my shock at your southern accent! :)

  3. Haha I did the same thing on Friday when it came to cleaning... did the whole lower floor but got lazy and stopped before the bedrooms! Thinking of you and sweet Sydney.

  4. The hat is stinkin cute!! So sorry about Sydney...hard to let them go...
    Looking forward to seeing your photos!!!


  5. Love blog friendships like that - they really are the best! little kid professional photos are the best - i'm sure they turned out awesome.

  6. I didn't even know what Pandora was, I Googled it....LOL! Keeping Sydney in my prayers. Gosh girl, you had a busy weekend!!!

  7. Thinking of you and Sydney.

    I'm a huge fan of the Essential Oils. I'm not a hippie natural person by a long shot but I've had some great success with essential oils, especially for sleeping, OMG I love the Vetiver for sleeping so much.

  8. I had an overseas pen pal that I got to talk to on the phone a couple of times! It's so weird/cool, isn't it?!


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