Friday, September 19, 2014

Five on Friday: TV Shows that are BACK!

My brain is in shreds... with the busy schedule I have this weekend & the prospect of loosing Sydney in the next few days (she's not doing well at all anymore)... I just have to do a Friday Five that isn't going to kill my brain.

& what's easy on my brain?  TV!  YIPEEE!!! So this Friday, I'm going to do my top 5 shows that I'm excited are coming back... & maybe next Friday, I'll do my NEW shows I'm looking forward to... & maybe I need to do 5 shows I'm kinda over

Five shows I'm looking forward to watching again

1. Dancing with the Stars

if you know me, you expected this show to be #1 on my list. I literally woke up on Monday excited about it starting.  When it got to be about an hour out, I started getting things done around the house & told Ricky not to bother me at all from 8-10.... My buddy even texted me first thing Monday so we could talk about it.

Grabbed your pic Mrs. Auburnchick :)

& it didn't disappoint!  This year, they have an All Access web site that you can watch different cameras & see all around the set.  Behind the scenes stuff & commentary by Lacy, one of the past pros & some of the dancers when they come off the floor.  I loved watching it during commercials, seeing them get the stage ready, or watching the stars in the Red Room, or the judges at their table. 

You have to be a multi-tasker to watch that, watch the feeds on Twitter & keep an eye on the TV for the show... I feel like I'm in a NASA control center.

I am still bitter though that they have a YouTube chick who says she was just a blogger & can't believe she's been picked for this show. HELLO!?!?!?!?  I've been blogging for 7 years... Derek, come knock on my door & give me my own pair of fringe pants please.

2.  The Mindy Project

I love this show.  Mindy Kaling is just funny... & says things I can totally see me saying in real life.  I love that her & Danny are actually a couple on the show too.  That usually messes a show up when the main character gets the guy (New Girl, I'm talking to you)... but I like it on here. 

It started on Tuesday & just the first episode, I am already in love with it all over again.  Can't wait to see what the season holds for our romantic loving girl.

3.  Scandal

I watched the last 2 episodes last night gearing up for the next season. I forgot how intense it was.  Ricky sat next to me complaining the whole time how it was stupid & Olivia is a slut for dating Jake & sleeping with a married man & how dumb the whole thing was. I told him to shut his mouth about anything Olivia Pope & nothing is dumb in the world of Shondra Rimes. 

Portia De Rossi is on this year!  I really loved her on Ally McBeal as a lawyer so I'm looking forward to seeing her as a tough chick in politics this time....

& I'll never tire of seeing the President....

I'm glad its going to be on at 9 instead of 10 this year... but I'll still be up at 10 because ya'll know I'm hanging for the Thursday night ride of Shondra with her new show "How to Get away with Murder"... well, there's one on the list for next week's shows I'm looking forward to.

4. The Walking Dead

I'm all caught up... this was the year I watched all the episodes & have finally gotten to the point where I'm excited for the next season to start up.

I get so nervous though now knowing no one is safe on the show.

I read an article that said that pretty much everyone will die by the end of the show...

NOOO!!!!!!  Darryl can't die... he just can't die... Carl?  Let him go... Rick?  Nope... just can't...

5. The Originals

OK.. so this is my inner 13 yr old side showing, but I love this show.  I have always been a Vampire Diaries kinda girl, but the past few years have just sort of worn on me.  All the Elena & Katherine back & forth stuff... & I know Katherine is 'supposedly' dead.. we'll see... but it just grated on my nerves... the only reason I still watch?  One word... Damon....

But The Originals really took its place for me.  One big word for that?  Elijah ...

It's really good!  A lot better then Vampire Diaries last season.

So I'm excited to see if Season 2 is any better then season 1...

BONUS :  Once Upon a Time

How can I not have this on my list?  Really?

A season with Frozen on it?!?! ... & the promos have Belle in her yellow dress dancing with Rumple!

Oh yeah... The last one was my 13 yr old side... this one speaks to my 7 yr old side...

Runners Up:

* Arrow
* Nashville
* Biggest Loser
* The Goldbergs
* Revenge

What shows are you glad are BACK this season?

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  1. I must be old and out of touch because I have only seen one show on your list and only even heard of 2. :{

    But I LOVE Once Upon a Time!

  2. I must be out of touch too because I haven't seen any of these except 1 episode of scandal.

  3. I actually was surprised with how many people messed up on DWTS on Monday night - sort of sad for them!! And yes to Scandal and Mindy Project!!

  4. I'm looking forward to NCIS, NCIS New Orleans, Scorpion, Survivor, Once Upon a Time (because of Frozen). I'm sure there may be more, but these are what come quickly to mind.

  5. Revenge and Person of Interest. So sad I'll be out of town and will have to avoid twitter for two weeks until I catch up.

  6. I'm glad that Couples Therapy and The Biggest Loser is back on!!

  7. I'm looking forward to the return of NCIS ... and playoff baseball and NHL hockey (ha!).

    Praying hard for you all and your sweet girlie girl.

  8. Love Dancing with the Stars! I also love the Biggest Loser and Survivor (yes, that show is still on ;) )

  9. I'm so excited for Scandal!!! Love Ricky's comments about Olivia.. Nick pretty much says the same thing haha. Also looking forward to Nashville and the final season of Parenthood!

  10. I didn't know Portia DiRossi was going to be on Scandal this season... how awesome, I love her!

  11. I am super excited for the return of Revenge - can't wait to see what direction they go in after that shocking finale!


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