Monday, September 22, 2014

The weekend I survived busy overload....

I went into Friday getting off work with a little bit of a panic attack because my calendar was on overload.  That makes for a not-relaxing weekend, which is exactly what weekends should be.  By the way, what is a relaxing weekend?  I rarely get them so I'm not familiar...

Friday had me stopping at the grocery, which drives me nuts.  I honestly walk out with like 5 bags of groceries & its never below $100.00 ... Ricky always tells me it literally doesn't pay to eat healthy.

I ended up having the most relaxing time of the weekend Friday night when I sat next to Sydney all night & worked on my cowl I started when my dad was in the hospital on Wednesday.

I finished & was so excited... only to have Ricky sound asleep & missing the happiness of a finished product.

Thank goodness for social media that tells me they like my new cowl....

& for the record, I wasn't tired so I started a new one already... & as of this morning, I'll finish it either tonight or tomorrow... I'm a little obsessed.

Saturday had me trying to get some things done around the house  & loving on Sydney & checking on her to make sure she was comfortable. 

She isn't eating much at all now & we have to carry her from bed to bed.  She can get up, but she is wobbly on her legs so we just try & take out the possibilities of a fall that could cause more problems.  Plus, she knows she's spoiled ... she was out in the yard walking to go to the bathroom & Ricky went out to stand next to her to make sure she didn't fall.  When she saw him, she limped over to him & just basically leaped into his arms knowing he would carry her.  She knows we're going to take care of her...

This picture... oh my aching heart....

Then it was time for me to head out to a Senior Session with a young Ricky Vincent....

Honestly - this guy, once we got talking, cracked me up to see how many similarities he had to my husband.  He is a jam skater .... he works at Hollister & is all about their jeans ... he is a UK fan... he is a huge comic book fan & loves Batman...

I told him to come see my husband so he can see who he's going to be in 35 years.

It was great seeing this family again. I did their daughter's senior pictures & her prom pictures 2 years before & they said they were so excited that I was still doing pictures so I could capture their son's portraits.  I love meeting incredible families & having them return... its like a mini-reunion.

Saturday night had me trying to prepare for my youth lesson I was teaching the next day.  I had been running everywhere the past week with dad in the hospital, Sydney being sick, all things photography, I honestly didn't even look at my lesson till last minute.  I'm one who likes to be prepared WAY in advanced, so this was freaking me out to no end....

Ricky asked me to stop for a minute & watch a movie with him... which I knew he wouldn't make it through. He never makes it through a movie.  Old Man Syndrome catches up with him & he's snoozing about half way through & then wakes up at the end & acts like he saw the whole thing.  I'm just supposed to ignore all the snoring that was happening I guess.

But we watched Oz the Great & Powerful... a little behind, I know... but finally got to watch it. I wasn't too thrilled with it at the beginning, but loved how it ended.  Loved how they set it up for the Wizard of Oz....

Oz - The Great and Powerful Poster.jpg

Sunday had us at church & me teaching.

It all went better then I expected - thank you Jesus for giving me the words... but I was excited because I got to incorporate the time I volunteered at Ironman into my lesson.  How we need to serve others & show God in everything... it doesn't have to be a 'church' thing all the time. You can serve anywhere... & how the Bible refers to our lives being a race & how no one can get through without others helping them along the way.  It really did all work together...

As soon as church was over, I had to head up to grab my computer, my notepad & a wedding album & head to Starbucks.

Starbucks is my wedding central.

This could be me

I met with my next bride & groom whose wedding is in 3 weeks.  She is just so excited & bubbly.  Her groom is just laid back & smiles at her.  He has opinions of his own so he's not like, "Whatever"... but he says he has to stay calm... one of them has to.  Such a cute couple. Can't wait for their day.

As soon as they left, my last bride came to pick up her album & disk.  As soon as I saw her, I just got up & ran & hugged her. I literally love my brides.  It's so special being a part of their day.  I was so excited about her album too & couldn't wait for her to see it.  Plus, its always fun to go over the day again & laugh about fun memories & shrug off the bad things that happen.

Note to future brides - you do actually end up laughing off 'drama' of things that go wrong on a wedding day.  They are memory makers.

The bonus of meeting at Starbucks was they were having a Happy Hour of buy one get one free.  Chasity was with me so it was a perfect excuse to get 2 drinks.  We had heard for my awesome blog friend Katie to try pumpkin in a chai tea since I'm not a pumpkin latte fan... I know, I know... but let me tell you, this is probably the most amazing fall drink I could ever want to know about.  This could be dangerous.  Is it Peach Green Tea Lemonade dangerous?  That is yet to be seen.

I left Starbucks & headed to meet Ricky at Sam's Club to pick up some things I forgot the week before... & then got home & remember I forgot toilet paper... once again.  GAAWWW!

& then it was time to wrap up the weekend...

& by wrap up the weekend, I mean sitting in front of the computer editing pictures till 10:00pm ...

Whew... I'm exhausted.

But I guess that's what weekends are about.  Keeping life going.

How was your weekend?


  1. The cowl you made looks so great - awesome job!! I'm with you on the grocery store being so expensive...this Sunday we went and our bill was so high I almost couldn't believe it - granted we had nothing in our kitchen so hopefully next weekend it will be lower!

  2. I don't know what a relaxed weekend is either! ;) I still haven't seen the Oz movie and really want to!! Would Cohen be scared in it?

  3. omg, that cowl. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Great job. I live in these things in the winter, so comfy and warm.

  4. My weekend was good and, thankfully, not as busy as yours.

    Love the cowl! Did you use a loom to make it and if so, which one?

    Poor Sydney. I'm praying God gives you wisdom and peace in this situation. I know it's not easy.

  5. Wow, the cowl you made is beautiful! Looks super cozy, too. :)

  6. So glad you loved the pumpkin chai!!! It's amazing. We took advantage of the BOGO, too and I had my first one of the season :)

  7. Such a fun recap and that cowl is amazing! I really need to try pumpkin chai tea - sounds intriguing!

  8. Sorry about your dog. You sure had a crazy busy weekend! I love my relaxing ones.


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