Friday, May 29, 2015

{Just my opinion} Josh Duggar & Christian 'backing'

The news of Josh Duggar is everywhere.  On TV, articles popping up everywhere, on important news stations, on entertainment news.  Everywhere.

I'm going to be really honest here.  When I first heard the news, I wasn't that shocked.
Maybe because much doesn't shock me.  I almost feel like everyone has something they want to hide.. everyone has a secret.  Some are small & don't make a hill of beans difference, others have these deep dark secrets, like Josh's secret... but it still doesn't shock me.

Color me jaded I guess.

The only thing that shocks me is death I think.
Princess Diana... Michael Jackson... Whitney Houston's death - surprising.
Princess Diana's divorce - Michael Jackson's weird child thing - Whitney Houston's drug abuse ... none of that shocked me.

I think its definitely a sad situation. 
Here's a family that stood for values & to have such a gross scandal upon them, it's sort of messed up in its own way.
& I think the saddest thing of it all is all the people who have always wanted to see the Duggars fail.  That's so odd to me.  That people want to see others fail just because they live a lifestyle that they don't agree with.  What's with that?

I don't claim to say that what Josh Duggar has done isn't worth forgiving... I'm also not saying that what he has done isn't extremely bothersome.  I will say, its something I can't wrap my mind around.

What I can say is that I feel so sorry for his family now.  There are innocent children, his children, that I have a feeling are going to be victims in this & they have done nothing wrong in the situation.  I pray for his children.

& I think in all of this, I have one big issue that really bothers me.

The Christian support he is receiving.

That sounds weird I know.

But I am seeing Christian politicians stand up for him, Christian artists, Christian leaders... all making 'statements' that they are in support of Josh Duggar.
That's all well & good. 
I too am support of anyone repenting of sin, finding forgiveness, making wrongs turn into rights....
but what seems odd to me & makes me question... when John Doe is on the news for molesting young girls, these same Christian politicians, leaders, artists... you hear nothing from them.  Crickets.
No one speaks out for the 'ordinary' person who has sin they have in their past.
Believe me, we all see lots of people with sin in their lives on the news every day...

I don't know... I just think it makes it look like being a Christian is a special club... & you have to be in it to receive the support & backing of others.  Doesn't hurt if you are a popular, money making Christian at that.

I feel so funny saying that because I am a Christian...
I have seen sad situations of sin coming to light for some people... & have personally seen churches & people in churches turn their back on these people who confess their sins...

& I want to note, I have also seen some churches reach out to people & work on loving them as Christ loves them... it happens both ways, I get that....

It just seems there can be a double standard on who gets the 'voiced forgiving' of a Christian community.

I think in all of this, its a good opportunity to show to the world about being nonjudgmental & showing forgiveness to a world that so needs so much forgiving love... but I think its something we need to do for ALL situations - not just for a Duggar.

& I do pray for the whole Duggar family as a whole.  I feel like they are a family of such strong faith, that this won't deter them.  But I know it has to open old wounds that are tough to deal with.  Especially publicly.

I also pray for the young ladies that have lived with this traumatic experience happen to them.  Forgotten victims.
So I say as a Christian, let's take the opportunity here to show the world that you don't have to be someone 'special' or star on TV, but grace & mercy is available to everyone....

What's your opinion?


  1. I have to say that there's a lot of how this was handled (no immediate reporting to authorities, the authorities seeming to allow his parents to decide the "sentence" for his crimes [and yes they were crimes], the questionable "treatment center" he went to, etc.) that truly concerns me. And I agree with you regarding the reactions from well-known Christians. Grace and mercy is available to us all, for we all have sinned and fallen short and need God's grace and mercy.

  2. I have no words...I think my only point is that TLC should cancel the show and not have any spin-offs with any of the kids! Have a great weekend girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I haven't read enough up on the story to have an opinion. I've heard bits and pieces and just think it is so sad. It's definitely NOT ok what he has done, but there is also forgiveness!

  4. I agree with you wholeheartedly - so much of this "forgiveness" from public figures feels like a publicity stunt....

  5. So difficult to wrap my head around and from so many different angles -- as a Christian, all have sinned and fall short. I get that. I understand that. I'm thankful that all can be forgiven by the One who really matters ... and that the media firestorm makes no difference to God. As a mother to a young daughter -- I just can't comprehend what his mother is going through and what they went through when it initially came out. I understand if there was a hidden reason for not going to the authorities before the statute of limitations ran out -- I wouldn't want my son to have something like this on his record. But if it were my daughter who was a victim -- my blood starts to boil just thinking about it. I would fight to get justice. If (BIG if here, since I haven't read the details and don't know what the relation is between Josh and the victims, if any) but IF the perpetrator were my son and the victim were my daughter?? Yep, I just don't know what I would do and would NOT want to be Mama Dugger in this scenario. As someone who doesn't watch the Dugger show and doesn't really 'get' their lifestyle (let's have umpteen-hundred kids because we can and let the older kids take care of the younger kids, etc.) -- I'm just all "let it go, people. He's not the first and sadly, he won't be the last but unless you have a direct tie to anyone in this situation, let it go."

    So many things to think about. I am glad they pulled the show though. I mean, they pulled Honey Boo-boo for something similar so at least the TV channel (TLC?) is being consistent in what scandals they allow or don't allow. I do hope the victims are not truly forgotten, whoever they are. That they received proper counselling and that all the attention wasn't given to the perpetrator to help him get past this 'phase' in his life. The victims will never get that innocence back. And now it's all brought back up when maybe they were least expecting it.

    I ramble ... so again ... so many different angles to this. Ugh.

  6. I guess I see it both ways. He was just a child himself when it happened, and aren't children allowed to learn from their mistakes? And I can't really blame the family for keeping it under wraps-- I don't think any family would do any differently. At the same time, he molested girls! There's no excuse for that, and I would never forgive any boy-- any age-- who touched my daughter. It's a tough situation, and I pray for everyone involved.

  7. I know very little about the family. Only that there are a lot of children and that they have a reality show I've never seen. I will say that I'm automatically suspicious of people who shout from the rooftops about how pure and clean they are. The people yelling the loudest about values are often the people who are hiding something under the noise. We've seen it over and over again. I also briefly wondered how they kept it all secret for so long. Then I realized. Oh yeah. Money. It's sad.

  8. totally agree there's a double standard. where's the support for others? crickets, like you said.

  9. Again, I know I'm behind on this but I don't think the family should be blamed for his wrongdoings. I know some have said the parents didn't handle it properly but do we even know how it was handled? There is so much negativity in the world, that I have to agree with you. Let's have this attitude with all people and not just the famous ones. It does drive me crazy how because Josh is a Christian and he has sinned so many left wingers are bashing Christianity as a whole.


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