Tuesday, September 01, 2015

One Sentence a Day... August 2015 Edition

1 sentence
Seriously?  August is gone & we're heading into September. 
I won't complain though - Fall is my favorite - without a doubt...
but these days are flying by. 
Which is why I love to remember what happened each month
... so here we go... presenting to you - August :)


1.  I got to love on baby Emery for a little bit doing her first pictures.

2.  I put my spending freeze to the test when I saw a Belle canvas print at Target & didn't get it.

3.  I got announced as a new Beachbody Coach!

4.  I prayed for a friend all day long as she made some life changing decisions.

5.  I went outside to run after a storm thinking it was going to be cooler but was smashed in the face with humidity.

6.  Because of wanting to see what Donald Trump would say on LIVE TV, I actually sat & watched the GOP Presidential Debate for the first time in my life .

7.  We ran into a friend that God had on my heart earlier in the day & with our conversation, I knew it was totally God-planned in our meeting in a parking lot.

8.  We headed up to Merge Camp where I got to talk about God always being with us & our need to get to know Him better in order to really fall in love with Him.

9.  We finished up Merge Camp & got home feeling like we were at least 100 years old.

10.  Had my heart broken as we witnessed the worse side of church possible & saw the most deceiving part of ministry.

11.  Got to hold little Miss Emery for awhile which made my day so much better after crying all day thinking about leaving my youth kiddos.

12.  I got lots of hugs & kisses from the cutest little Grandbuddy ever!!!

13.   Got to get a run in outside ... in the humid air.

14.  I got to meet up with a friend for lunch, hang out with more friends painting pottery & then got to worship our Lord with a few thousand Christian sisters.

15.  I loved getting to hang out with some of my favorite people at Women of Faith & especially that this new momma was able to come along, letting me hold her little Princess throughout the day.

16.  We were so sad to see our friend complete her 20 years of leading children's ministry.

17.  Had a nightmare of a ride home from work when a semi was hanging off of the ramp that allows me to get to the bridge to get back to my home.

18.  We got to Skype with our friends in Nicaragua & see how life is when you have a pet monkey.

19.  I got to go see one of my previous brides to take an ongoing picture we're going to finish up after the baby is born

This isn't the ongoing picture :) ... this was just one I had to snap really quick

20.  I went to the wedding rehearsal & got to see all the wonderful people I'll get to spend my Saturday with.

21.  I spend my Friday night charging up batteries & gathering up camera equipment.

22.  I got to spend the day with a gorgeous bride & groom on their perfect wedding day.

23.  We got the news our pastor stepped down from our church.

24.  I literally didn't want to stop running because it meant coming indoors. 

25.  We found out that our neighbor dog, & adopted step child, Ernie went to the Rainbow Bridge to see Sydney & Buffy.

26. I literally was dumbfounded at the conversation I had to endure with the rudest person I think I have ran into in my entire life.

27.  I was reminded that I'm not the spry little jack in the box anymore when I pulled a muscle in my upper back working out.

28.  I worked on pictures like a crazed woman & was finally able to put up a quick sneak peek of my last bride.

29.  We got to rock out with our friends at the One Can Reach concert.


30.  I got to take pictures of one amazing lady & her wonderful family.

31.  I am bummed out that the heat of summer is back & that sweet taste of Fall is no where to be seen.

How was your August?

What was the best thing that happened to you
during August?


  1. yay for being a beachbody coach!! such an amazing accomplishment :)

    our weather is crazy - last week it was 100% fall weather (chilly nights/days/evenings) and now it's back to summer heat.

  2. What a great picture of the bride! You are so talented! Still can't believe that crazy lady called you. Congrats on being a beachbody coach! So sad about Ernie. At least he had playmates waiting for him.

  3. wow! congrats on becoming a beachbody coach, that is awesome!

  4. This is one of my favorite posts of yours to read because I remember all these great (and not so great) moments from your month!

  5. Trump is the actual WORST. If he wins, I'm running away.
    Pet monkey?!?!? WANT!
    I'm bummed about the weather here, too. It's been muggy the past couple of days and looks like it will be for a bit still. Booooooo! :/

  6. Sweet friend, You have had a busy August. Joyful things and some sorrow, so sorry for your sorrow. Our Pastor stepped down about three months ago, it was very hard. As expected when this happened some have left the church. I just kept trusting God's sovereignty, praying for the rest of the church staff etc.. We remain in touch with our Pastor that left, and encourage our interim pastor who stepped up until the elders decide on a new one. God has this. Yes folks, even churches have issues, if we were perfect we wouldn't need Jesus!
    Any way, hugs my friend, I know its difficult.... Love that your a beach body coach, how about you!!! Hugs!

  7. Ahhh so sad to hear about Ernie!! Makes my heart hurt. I love, love, love that you are a coach! How awesome! You are gonna do great.

  8. You had a busy month. Do you keep a diary so you can do a post like this?

  9. glad to hear there are some good things mixed in with the sad. i am looking for the signs of fall too!

  10. Running outside right now is just not possible it's so bad. That baby picture is so precious. What a big month for you with lots of changes.

  11. OMG that baby photo is so freaking cute!!!!!!


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