Thursday, October 20, 2016

Cheerleading, my momma home & a baby Harvey.... {Thankful Thursday #94}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{The numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal - just ignore them}

910 / Water pressure fixed. Our water pressure went down the tubes (literally) this past week. Showers were a joke.  Doing laundry took double the time. Cleaning the dishes was a hot mess.  Didn't realize how much I love my water pressure until its gone.  But after a few bangs of a pipe with a wrench, its free flowing again!

913 / Nice nurses.  My momma was in the hospital last week.  She had been throwing up... well, since June... but it got non stop Monday over night. My dad took her to the ER on Tuesday where they ended up keeping her. & she still was throwing up nonstop. All the way toFriday.  It's like a perfect storm of a few different situations coming together - but after having some run ins with some nurses that just seem 'put out' to help, it makes you really appreciative for the ones that are so nice & caring & do what they can to help you.

914 / Up front Parking. This hospital is the WORSTTTTT when it comes to parking lots. You just need to be prepared to walk a few miles to get to the hospital, so I considered it a win when I pull in & see a car pull out in the front row, & no one else around.  Made just for me.

915 / Sweet praying friends.  A big thank you to all my friends that reached out via message or text & told me they were praying for my momma while she was not feeling good.  I truly believe in the power of praying people.

916 / Mom Home!   After 4 days, she finally got to get in her own bed.

919 / Cheering on our tennis player. Just loved getting out early on this beautiful morning, having breakfast with my dad & watching Sophia play.


921 / Perfect Senior Session.  The weather was wonderful. The girl was beautiful. The session went so smooth.  It really was just the best session ever. I have loved editing these pictures this week.

922 / Youth Kiddos.  I so loved at the end of our small group time, one of the girls came up to me & told me she requested for me to be with her at a youth conference trip coming up.  I love connections with these girls.  It's everything to me in youth ministry.  Especially when they know I could basically be their mom, but they still want to talk with me & call me friend.

924 / Computer problem figured out. IN YOU FACE tech world!!! (& please dont break)

925 / Birthday Cake Oreos. I honestly have never liked Oreos in my life.  & then Ricky brought home these babies... & I have to restrain myself now. They are AMAZING!!!!!

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926 / Etsy piece going to the BEST PERSON!!!! So I mentioned last week how excited I was I sold my first Etsy piece.  .... & then, I found out, it actually went to one of my favorite blog friends, Audrey Louise !!!!  She had posted on her blog her birthday wish list, adding me on it (how freaking cute is that???) & her momma took note & she was the one who ordered a piece & had it sent to her. I had no idea who it was going to.  I know it was for her birthday, but I felt like the one celebrating.  Made my day to know it went to this precious girl.

927 / New Scentsy Light Bulb.  My bulb blew at work after we had a power surge & my scentsy is so needed to keep my office area feeling homey. I was so excited when I got my bulbs in... with some new scents.

928 / 3 year Gotcha Date. It feels like yesterday - but its true. 3 years we went down to meet Harvey Dent & took him in to "Foster" him... which lasted maybe - MAYBE - an hour... when Ricky finally gave in & said, "OK, we're keeping him"

Harvey is going through some funny growth spurt stages where his ears are doing weird things. I remember when Sydney did the same thing. Our growing boy. #australianshepherd #puppy  #rjvdogs:
Look at Baby Harvey!!!

So what good things have happened in your week?

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  1. So did they ever find out what was wrong with your momma?

    It's funny but I often think about how thankful I am for my shower. I love my dual spa shower heads! I tink it spoils me for when i go some place that doesn't have a great shower ( or water pressure). I guess its something we take for granted.

    How fun that your friend actually received one of your pieces as a gift. So sweet of her to put you on her wish list!

    Is there a story behind Harvey Dent's name?

  2. Your poor mom! I'm glad she's out of the hospital and back home. That photo of baby Harvey is adorable!

  3. I'm so glad your momma is doing better! Moms aren't allowed to get sick, no matter how old their kids might be. It's a rule somewhere. :)

    We celebrate gotcha days too! And can't remember what life was like before these four-legged terrors/joys came into our lives. :)

    I'm thankful for stepping out of my comfort zone and going to a Bible study at a different church. Looking forward to the next 5 weeks!



  5. Hurrah for your mom doing better. There's no place like home, may she continue to improve.

  6. Glad your mom is home and in her own bed, nothing better then that after being in the hospital. Hopefully she recovers quickly. So does the birthday cake cookies actually taste like cake?

  7. Awwww happy Gotcha Day Harvey Dent! So cool that a blogger was your first order :) Makes it even more special!

  8. oh look at baby harvey!!! oh my goodness.
    i'm glad your mom is doing better, i am so sorry she was in the hospital. i know nurses and doctors deal with people every day and i'm sure it gets old, but seriously a little kindness never hurt anyone and it makes such a difference.

  9. I'm sure glad to read that your mom is home! Definitely thankful for that! Too bad there were not-nice-nurses on her floor though. Very sad. I'm sure you are an amazing mentor to those young women!! What a blessing for you and for them! Harvey Dent is SO cute...then and now!! Look at that face and tell me how anyone could not love him!

  10. I don't think I had ever heard the term gotcha day, but this is the second blog I've read today where someone mentioned it! yay for 3 years with your adorable pup! So, so glad your mom is back home-- praying she is doing well! On a lighter note, I wish I didn't like oreos, I can't even buy them because I eat like 12 at a time...

  11. I'm so glad your mom is home! Praying she continues to feel better!

    Harvey Dent is one gorgeous pup. Happy doggy anniversary! We just had our 5 year with my Dakota dog!

  12. So happy your mom is back home!
    Also, I LOVED when I saw that your item went to Audrey! So cool!
    I haven't tried the birthday cake Oreos though I've passed them many times in the store. I LOVE birthday cake flavored things though so now I'm like what was I thinking?! I need those ASAP!

  13. Baby Harvey is so cute! I don't like Oreos much, but I would eat those birthday cake ones.

  14. Harvey looks so cute! Sorry about your mom being sick. Glad that she is now home. Also glad that banging on the pipes helped your water pressure. Hope your enjoying your vacation.

  15. Those "foster" dogs have a way of sticking around! So, so glad your mom is doing better (even though I know I'm WAY behind)! And I can't believe you've never liked Oreos...they are always my biggest weakness.


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