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... I really like Blue Apron, but man, it takes me 15-20 minutes to just prep the food. Not even counting cooking it. I guess if you enjoyed cooking, this would be a wonderful 15-20 minutes, but the whole time, I'm thinking of pictures I need to be editing or knit things I could be doing.... & dont get me started on all the dishes, plates, silverware & cutting board it takes to prep food.... Admittedly, I do feel accomplished at the finished feast.

... I have yet to see one person talk about a candidate that they LOVE for this election. No one. All I see & hear is hate.  How did these two people make it to the main candidates & yet, everyone talks about how much they hate them & they are ranked as the worst liked candidates EVER. Doesn't that seem so messed up on every level?  They were voted into theses positions... buy the same people that no one speaks up in favor for now... I dont get it. I dont get how this has happened.

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...I get there is a freedom & a personal opinion to a vote - I'm all for that - but it drives me INSANE when people say they're going to vote for Bernie Sanders or write in a candidates name, or even one of the smaller known people on the ballot. To me, you're throwing your vote away.  It's what's going to give the election to either Trump or Hilary.  Not because people are voting for them, but because people are throwing votes other directions.  This whole thing makes no sense to me.
... But before someone goes all crazy on me & comments a mile long, VOTE FOR WHO YOU WANT.  I'm all for that. I totally support the freedom that every one of us has.
& honestly, I think we're all screwed no matter what.  #alwayslookatthebrightsideoflife

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... I think we missed the calling for the best President America could have had. Where was Kenneth Bone for the ticket when we needed him?

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... my mop has fallen to shreds, so I haven't been able to mop my kitchen floor in about 2 weeks. It is horrible. I keep wiping it up with paper towels & All purpose spray.  I'm in desperation mode now. I'm heading to get a mop this weekend & putting some arm power to work.

... After volunteering at the Ironman, it's got my race vibe in gear. Add in the Chicago Marathon this past weekend & the New York Marathon getting ready to happen & I'm wanting to register for a marathon.  The full 26.2.  ... & then felt my knee pain running to my car after leaving the Ironman finish line.... yeahhhhh....  #realitycheck

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... I watched the little release of The Walking Dead - about 3 minutes of the first episode that comes out in less than 2 weeks. OH MY GOSH. I'm a nervous wreck about it. I know I'm going to need a bucket near by to watch the first few minutes of it because I'm going to be ready to puke.

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... I'm already in nose bleed season. It usually starts when the heat is kicked on in the house & everything dries up. But nope. Already have had 3 shirts covered in blood & choked until I couldnt breath on these nose bleeds. Mine get SEVERE. Not looking forward to an early season of this.

... Every nose bleed I have now, I call myself Eleven.  #StrangerThingsReference

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My same face when I get blood on my good shirts
... I think its going to be an ugly fall this year. Nothing is changing colors. We've had no rain lately & everything is just crumbling up & dying. No pretty leaves. BOO!!

... I do feel the irony of complaining about no rain when half of the west coast just got slammed under horrible rain from the hurricane.

... we've had 3 people in our office already sick with flu like symptoms. Oh Jesus... help me.

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... I had to turn to Pinterest for a recipe for tea. Seriously. I couldn't ever get the right combo to make tea the way Ricky & I like it. I finally got it down though. Even though Pinterest told me to add in 2 cups of sugar to 8 cups of water. 2 CUPS OF SUGAR??? What the heck... we like it at about 1/2 cup per 8 cups of water.  It was a trial & error but now, I'm a tea making machine.

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What's on your mind today?


  1. that's the one thing i dont look forward to during the fall/winter -- cold/flu season. already people are coughing and sneezing and i'm like YOU STAY AWAY FROM ME!

  2. I think we may have an ugly fall as well. It is still warm here and everything is still green, no pretty leaves yet. I'm certainly not complaining. Things aren't dries up at least. The hurricane on the East coast did bring us some rain!

    I agree with you on the whole election thing! I ask myself how these people got voted in if nobody likes them. Of course the democrats only had two candidates to choose from so I can see where that went but the Republicans had 17. I think that's what hurt that party. Even though Trump won it, it's still not a majority of the vote among all those people. Know what I mean? I think as a nation we need to take our personal feelings for each candidate out of the equation and just look at the issues each one is for or against. I know that's hard though.

    Okay, sorry if this is the mile long post you were trying to

    Oh, PS, on my way to work today I saw a car with an Ironman decal on it!

  3. I'm really not huge into politics but I'm also getting annoyed with all the anger and hatred I see nonstop on Facebook. I can't wait until this election is over. In my opinion, the rudeness and volatile arguments are never going to change someone's mind on who they're voting for, so I just don't understand these Facebook fights I'm seeing on the daily!

  4. I'm loving all the attention that Kenneth Bone is getting - it's pretty hilarious! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. I can't even with the walking dead. I had to stop reading about the show because I do not want to know any spoilers. People love to just spoil things for others and it makes me so mad. Totally worried about who dies. I feel like they are gonna shock us though and kill off someone we were NOT expecting.

  6. I cannot wait till this election is over! I heard that people are even going to dress up as Kenneth Bone for Halloween and get his sweater, how stinking cool is that! So sorry about your nose bleeds and man, I'm going to miss beautiful leaf color this year, I heard the same thing!

  7. This election... all I can do is shake my head. I had a candidate that I loved, but he's out and I'm not going to waste my vote on someone NOT running. (Unless the GOP starts to push for him, then I'd consider it...... I know they're getting cold feet.)

    It takes me forever to prep food. And then all the dirty dishes.... Sometimes takeout is the way to go ;)

  8. I can't with the election anymore. I literally cant force myself to vote for either Trump or Clinton so therefore I am thinking I may not even go at all. What's the point? I feel either way we are screwed and I am just so damn tired of all the gossip and drama that is surrounding the whole topic that I am done listening to it. I wont be reading anymore election rant posts, or watching the news or listening to anything that talks about it. The negativity is bringing me down.

    On a lighter note, nosebleeds. UGH!!! My nose bleeds a lot during allergy seasons and add pregnancy to it and I basically walk around with a tissue hanging out of my nose all the time lol.

  9. I tried Hello Fresh, similar to Blue Apron, and felt the same way. The end product was good but I didn't feel like it was worth the extra time, especially for a normal weekday dinner.

  10. Bone Zone!

    I actually do like Hillary. I think she has a solid career of working the improve the lives of people.

    I'm not a fan of Blue Apron. I enjoy cooking and can do it well. I think they try to get too fancy and put too many steps in for weeknight dinners. No thanks.

  11. Nope and Noper..that about sums up this election!

  12. I love the Nope & Noper. Though I often feel that way in elections as no candidate really seems to line up more than about 70% with my values EVER.

    Also, I see so many bloggers have Blue Apron sponsored posts, but it just seems like so much WORK - like, it's definitely a nice meal & something new to try. But - for the cost I might as well go out somewhere & pay a few more dollars, or go somewhere on happy hour.

  13. I make my "sweet tea" with stevia. I have a 1-gallon pitcher and add one cup of stevia to it. I use Luzianne tea bags (4 family size) for that gallon of tea. It is perfect for me. In restaurants, I always ask for half unsweet and half sweet because plain sweet tea is just too sweet. As for the election, we're going to end up with one of them, and I'm hoping it's Trump because I believe in my party's platform. I am voting for the platform and crossing my fingers.

    1. As for Blue Apron...I'm all about dinner tasting good with the least amount of bother. Sam's Club has amazing options for things that just heat up in the microwave. I don't like cooking for just two, so heating something up is great for me.

  14. The meals that Blue Apron etc send seem to be overly fancy to me - fine for once in a while but every night? No I'll just have some pasta and jar sauce thanks. Sorry to hear about the nosebleeds, I used to get them pretty badly, to where I'd black out etc and it's no fun at all. They're also just really inconvenient. I hope they don't get too bad!

  15. Sometimes the Blue Apron meals would be A LOT of prep-- someone recommended, doing all of the prep for all three meals in advance, so the stuff was more ready to go on whatever night you wanted it? I hope your nose bleeds don't end up getting too bad this year.

  16. I don't follow politics closely, but I agree, it seems as if nobody likes either candidate. I have not spoken to a single person who is thrilled about either candidate. Those nose bleeds sound scary, I hope this season will not be too rough for you.

  17. I have never been more relieved to see an election end than this one. FB isn't fun anymore bc of it. Has anyone ever changed their vote over a FB rant? And half of the memes they share (both sides) aren't even true, but people will believe them. So scary.

  18. Already three people have had colds around me...yikes! Get away! And the way I feel about voting, my vote doesn't particularly count where I live, because it ALWAYS goes I feel like my vote doesn't count...

  19. Exactly, if they don't vote they are throwing away and chance for one over the other to win! I really hate the ads and the horrible things they say about each other. That shouldn't be allowed. Isn't that bullying????


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