Monday, October 17, 2016

The weekend that had me want to use a lot of skin moisturizer...

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I can do it... so close... 5 more days & I'm on vacation!!!

& after a weekend like this last one, I need it.

Whew... I think I stopped just enough time to sleep at night. Maybe.

Some highlights of the weekend.

... my niece had a tennis game on Saturday morning so my daddy called me at 7:30am & said, let's leave early & get some breakfast.  I'm always up for some breakfast so it was a daddy date.  A good way to start a day.

Me & dad:

... Sophia is coming along so well in her tennis game.  She ended up not winning this game, but she did the day before. I can see her progress so much.  Sitting out there watching all the high schoolers play, it was killing me. I want to play again. Stupid shoulder.  I told Sophia that me & Ricky could double team it though & play with her.  I can hit some back hands which wouldnt hurt my bad shoulder as bad & Ricky can take the forehands.  She was shocked her Uncle Ricky knew how to play tennis.  A long haired guy on a tennis court? She wasn't around in the days of Andre Agassi... when he had hair.

...  I got home in time to sit down for may be an hour. I started playing with my calligraphy... when Ricky told me I was going to push it on making my photo session appointment. I can get lost in projects so glad he pulled me out of my calligraphy zone.


... headed downtown to meet with a Senior from a high school I hadn't dealt with before. She was just the most beautiful girl. Tall & long legs.  Plus, the most beautiful strawberry blond hair.  I really liked her because we got to talk Ironman. She was a runner but ended up switching & now swims for her school, but she loves all things athletic & volunteers at the bike part of the Ironman.  She is my kinda people... also because she saw a dog on our shoot & she got giddy excited & said, "I'm a dog person".  Girl, you could be my best friend.

... I loved this girl came so prepared with the easiest laid back attitude I've ever seen. She wore the same pair of jeans in every picture - had on a tank top under her shirt & bought just 3 different tops & 3 different pairs of shoes to go with each. She said fashion isn't her thing & I reminded her that SHE was the center of every picture anyways.  I can't tell you how fast it made the session go.  Some Senior shoots can take over 2 hours with wardrobe changes.  This beautiful girl? We were done in just under an hour & a half.  & she got just as many pictures.  I'm telling ya - this girl was high on my list!

... It took me an extra 30 minutes to get home with construction & roads closed. I was at my wits end by the time I got home.

... I had to stop for a bottle water at a local gas station. The lady that checked me out, who looked about my age gasped when she saw me.  My eye bugged out confused like, "Did I do something?" & she said, "OH MY GOSH - you look just like my mom!!!"... um... excuse me?  What? I look like her mom? This lady honest to goodness had to be my age. Did I look that rough that I looked like her mom?  I made a note to put on extra face cream that night.

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... started editing pictures & trying out my new computer, to find out, it doesnt support RAW files. Oh Lord, help me. I spent 3 hours on the computer trying to figure it out.  I finally gave up & figured this will be a vacation project to worry about. I've got pictures to edit.

... we had a really small group at church on Sunday but I loved that the girls were so excited that were there. They said they loved the more personal conversations - & I have to say, I agree. It was a great conversation on Self-Control & what areas we struggle with that in our own lives. I may have confessed my issue with Birthday Cake flavor Oreos!!!

... Ricky & I were able to sneak in some lunch together.  He said it was the only time of the weekend he got to see me.  It was basically true.

... Had to leave him from lunch to go to a meeting with my next bride & groom.  I wish someone would have captured the look on my face when she got out of the car & she has her arm in a sling.  Her wedding is 19 days away. I'm all of a sudden trying to envision working around a sling & a messed up arm.... ends up, she cut her hand as a surgical nurse with a blade & had to immediately go into surgery. She cut through nerves & they had to be repaired.  Luckily, the sling should be off for the wedding but the palm will still be bandaged.

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My face when I saw her get out of the car with the sling
... we sat outside at our meeting because it felt so nice... but then sitting in the sun for over an hour, my lips are sunburned. That's just the worst.  I'm sure all that sun exposure did nothing for my skin & making me look like someone's 70 year old MOTHER!!!!!!!!!

... Got home in time to make out bills. #adulting  No fun.

... Working on my computer again because I can't give up trying to figure out whats going on.  After about 2 more hours, I FIGURED IT OUT!!!!!  I went running down the hallway like Rocky when I got it to finally work.  Whew!  Talk about a brain twister!!!

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... & off to start editing away.

I have another busy week ahead of me - a youth meeting, 2 photo sessions, a LuLaRoe party, editing, wedding schedules to make, plus, just get caught up at work to take off... I'm already tired.

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How was your weekend?


  1. Oh that senior looks like a lovely person and I bet her attitude made you love her even more! What a fun job you have.
    I'm sorry someone mistaked you as their mother. Maybe she meant you look just like her mother did when her mother was younger? Perhaps?

  2. Ugh, getting though of as older than we actually are...ugh no, lol!! Yay on pretty Senior portraits and a busy week ahead. You got this girl!!

  3. Oh wow, that does sound like a really busy weekend! It makes me tired to just read about it :) I'm glad you got the computer thing figured out. That sounds like it was frustrating.

  4. Why people tell others they look like someone much older is beyond me. Like, if you looked like her mother when she was younger, toss that bit in there, or just keep your mouth shut & don't say it at all. My grandma was in a nursing home for a long time, but with Alzheimers, so she was not in good shape. People used to tell me AND my mom that we both looked just like her. Excuse me? I look like the drooling woman in the chair? Just didn't seem like the best time to make the comparison.

  5. Oh only 5 more days until vacation!! Woohoo! Hope the days go by quickly.

  6. Whew!! We had a good weekend and did a little more than slug around the house. We were not as busy as you were, though. Glad you figured out your software glitch!! Hooray!! Happy Monday!

  7. People need to think before they speak! You definitely don't look 70. I get mistaken for a teenager ALL the time and trust me, it's not the compliment you'd think it might be.
    The poor bride with her sling, what a good thing it'll be off in time for the wedding. And your senior girl sounds like my kinda people too. Her photoshoot outfit rationale is basically how I pack for a business trip!

  8. WTF how rude. why can people not realize that a filter is required when speaking to others?! you look fab, woman; FAB.

  9. What a great senior session! That picture is great. I love your calligraphy too!

  10. You had such a busy weekend! Wow! That senior session sounds wonderful. :)

  11. Love what a supportive aunt you are to watch your nieces tennis match!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  12. Your calligraphy looks amazing! You can do wedding photography and addressing invitations! :)

  13. So awesome that you went to watch your niece play. I'm sure she just loved having the support there. Your calligraphy looks great, I went through a phase...and was just never good enough/never had the time to really devote to it..maybe in retirement. Busy weekend, and the senior portrait of her sitting on the railroad tracks, love it! She's going to love her pictures, I'm sure!

  14. Your calligraphy is so pretty!!! I wish I could write better than I do. I would be terrible at that. Sounds like you had a great photo session. Hope you enjoy your week!

  15. That calligraphy is gorgeous. What a busy, busy weekend! Ours was crazy, too, but filled with family and parties- which is always so much fun! How's your momma doing?

  16. What a weekend! I honestly don't remember much of what we did but it seemed like we were constantly on the go. I hope this week goes quickly and smoothly for you!

  17. I just love your calligraphy so much. You have so much talent with your knitting, photography, calligraphy. Truly, you have a creative anoiting upon you!

  18. Whew lady! I am so glad you got the computer/file issue figured out! That kind of stuff makes me despair like a drama queen! For serious. :P Love that you had breakfast with your dad! :) Calligraphy is fun, but I don't have a ton of patience for it sometimes. Glad you are having fun with it! I wanted to read and be a hermit last weekend... but instead we "hosted" an engagement party for KC's sister and then had a board game night. Counts, right? People didn't leave our house until 11:30 PM... sooo... the struggle was pretty real this morning! LOL Xo - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  19. dang, how rude is that woman! what a horrible person. i hope someone tells her she looks like their grandma. where was she, i'll go do it. haha!
    enjoy your busy week! i'm exhausted just reading that.

  20. The girl in the Senior shoot seems very nice. It's a good start if I know that someone is a dog person. That cashier was rude. Did she even say "Hello" or "How are you" or anything else besides the "mom" comment?

  21. Your calligraphy is great! I used to practice it, at one point got pretty good, but I haven't practiced in years. You make me want to break out a pen sometime and give it a try again.
    What a fun weekend, aside from the computer problems.
    If it makes you feel better you're not the only one. I am having to do advanced editing in photoshop for class and I don't even know basic photoshop. I seriously spent 3 hours today working on 1 project that should have only taken me 20 minutes. I should have done the rocky dance when I got done, LOL

  22. The weekend before vacation is always the toughest, isn't it?

  23. I hate bills too. I hate paying them and receiving them. And adulting. haha. Feels like it has been tough lately. But at least you had a lunch date and got a lot done. I can't wait to hear about your vacation!


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