Monday, October 31, 2016

The weekend that was about anniversary compromise...

In the words of Eminem... Look whose back... back again.

& to be totally honest here & to show my age. I totally didn't know how to spell Eminem. I had to google it.  #officiallyold #notcoolandhip

Anyways - I'm back!  Back to life, back to reality.
Wait, isn't that another group?

See what happens when you take some time off work?

Man - how to recap this weekend! As usual - BUSY!

Of course, Friday, we celebrated our 21st anniversary - & let me stop right here & thank you all for the sweet words & comments & messages.  It really was such a blessing all day long reading them all.  Ricky even pulled up my phone all day to read them himself.

It worked out so wonderfully because Ricky ended up getting off work early & he got home just in time for me to see all of Rachel Rey & he walked in with white roses in his hands.  Ahhh...

He sent me white roses the day before our wedding & has gotten me white roses every year since. Is that precious or what?


We got in the car & headed out not sure what we were going to do & where we were headed - we just wanted to enjoy the day.

We stopped for lunch at WW Cousin since I love their salad bar & Ricky loves their burgers ... & rarely gets meat living with me so it was a good anniversary compromise.

We then headed out to a new movie theater that I'd heard of but never went to... one with recliners. OK... now that I've experienced doing a movie in a recliner, I'm not sure I can ever go back to upright seats.  It was AMAZING!  & it was even CHEAPER than the movie theater near us we go to. How does that work?

But we went to see Jack Reacher ... which I had no clue anything about this character/book/movie. I guess there was a first movie? I had no clue.  I let Ricky pick the movie ... again, annivesary compromise.  But the surprising thing? I really liked the movie. I thought if anything, I can take a nap in these comfy recliners but I was so into the movie - kicking & punching along with the characters on the screen. I'm not a huge Tom Cruise fan either - but again, really enjoyed the movie. I guess it pays to compromise sometimes.

Image result for jack reacher never go back

We left the movie & went across the street to some fun arcade places - like these new HUGE arcades that have laser tag, every game you could want to play, bumper cars... we went for some minature golf.

This is where its fun to blog... because Ricky said, "OH NO... this is going on your blog, isn't it?"... yeahhhh.... I BEAT HIM. Like totally beat him. Like it was funny kinda beating him.  Like, I couldnt believe it myself beat him.

Ricky ready to BEAT ME with the club

Truly... I'm not even joking... I got 4 hole in ones. I thought it was 5. Ricky corrected me & told me it was 4 (I'm still not sure its 5, but ... anniversary compromise....) BUT STILL... FOUR HOLE IN ONES. I honestly felt like someone was in a control booth making my ball do things I had no control over.  It was so funny!  Legit - my ball one time stopped - completely - & then rolled again, into the hole.

I told him it was because I chose the yellow ball to represent Belle! REPRESENTTTTT!

We then left, & headed to our usual anniversary place - the Disney Store. Because we're adults.
I was so bummed out they didnt have a lot of Beauty & the Beast stuff. I expected a whole area of it with the movie coming out in T-5 months.  But nope.

We then headed over to Whole Foods & loaded up on some healthy goodies... & yummy smelling soaps... & then it was late. We ended up getting home with some take out chinese around 9pm. That's some late night date for us.

Saturday was another busy day when we headed out to a friend's wedding, who got SO LUCKY because she planned an outdoor wedding & it was AMAZINGGGGG outside!

Couldnt have been a better day.

It was even better when we come into the wedding & see a few familiar faces...


Yep - our Nashville gang came up for the wedding. The bride is actually Julie's childhood friend who was also in her wedding.  We came to know them through Julie & we adore the bride & her PRECIOUS HEARTED MOMMA!  I honestly cant say enough about this woman so was honored to be able to see her daughter get married.

Ricky & I did go to the reception for a few minutes but decided to take out to finish celebrating our annivesary. It's the one time a year I get to go to Rocky's Italian Restaurant without Ricky complaining about the price for pasta. I get it. I do... but I still love it.

& we got the primo spot in the restaurant too. Right in the corner where we could see the bridges, downtown & the sun setting. It was perfect.


We got home just in time for our Nashville gang to get home from the wedding... & then it was time to chat, play & just enjoy each other.

& play a MAD seek & find in a Highlights Magazine

& then it was time for the boys to watch Toy Story - especially for Will who is going to be Buzz Lightyear for Halloween & Julie said she's not even sure he knows who that is.

He knows now... & he's excited about it.

Sunday had me running out to MSM... I ADORED the lesson for the day - all about JOY. & our small group was especially small. I only had 3 girls, but let me tell you - one of my girls that is so quiet & stays to herself - in this small group, she was so talkative - LOUDER than I've ever heard her talk - even laughing hard with her comments. I LOVED IT so much - I cant even begin to tell you. I dont mind small small groups at all.

I then met up with our gang for some lunch.

We decided to try a new place - Adrienne's Bakery - which I thought was just a bakery - until we saw someone sitting on the patio eating like real food.

In we went... & what a fun discovery.



I ended up getting a veggie wrap & loved that the 'combo' came with a drink a side & a cupcake. YES!  ... except NO... the side I got was potato salad & then discovered it had bacon in it. UH OH!!!!

But there were plenty of hungry people at the table.

& then the best part of the place - the sugar goodies.

... which obviously the boys didn't mind one bit.

& Luke especially loved his vampire donut because that's what he's going to be for Halloween.

He's already practicing with his fangs...


 & they had to head home soon after... always love seeing our ever growing boys.

Can you believe how big they are getting?!?!?!?... me either.

& then it was back to adulting, which I've said many times I dont like.

Bill paying.  Laundry.  Getting ready for work. UGHH... to the biggest UGH you can imagine.

I'm not going to complain though.  I had a wonderful week off & an even amazing weekend celebrating 21 years with my forever love & seeing my fantastic Nashville gang.
Plus, with 80 degree weather?  It just doesnt get any better than this.



  1. How fun does that indoor mini golf look??? Glad you were able to do some fun things this weekend in celebration of your anniversary!
    I love me some pasta, but Yea, I don't understand why restaurants make it so expensive when it is so cheap to make. I almost feel guilty ordering spaghetti when we go out since really I could probably make 6 servings or more for about $5!

  2. The tradition with the white roses is so sweet! I've totally gotten spoiled with our movie theater with the recliners and feel like I can't enjoy movies in normal seats anymore :)

  3. Um, your weekend was AMAZING! I'm so glad Ricky got some of Friday off to spend time with you! The white roses are gorgeous! I think those 4 hole-in-ones were your reward for compromising so nicely ;) And all that time celebrating and eating and relaxing with family! Perfection!

  4. So much fun. So glad y'all had time together. 21 years is just amazing. And the putt putt looks so fun, I haven't done that in years.

  5. Happy Anniversary, Rebecca Jo! 21 years together is amazing and here's to many more great years together! That pasta - nom, nom. My movie theater recently converted to the recliner seats and I love them too.

  6. Awww I love the tradition of white roses, so sweet!! And 4 hole in ones?! That is awesome!!! Sounds like such a fun date day! Your food at Adrienne's Bakery sounds yummy! Who doesn't want a cupcake or pastry with their meal?! Hope you have a great week!

  7. There's a movie theater here called Cinetopia with a theater called 'the living room' where it's all recliners (like actual living room ones) and 'cuddle couches.' And there are waiters who come take your order for food or drink (like, a full menu) before the movie starts. Anyway, we decided last minute to see The Girl on the Train as part of my birthday celebration and the only seat left was a cuddle couch at the front. You seriously just get to LAY DOWN and look up at the screen! It was awesome. We hesitated because I usually don't like the front row but when we decided to do it, the guy gave us the senior discount since there weren't lots of seat options (which is our fault anyway for being last minute, but whatever!). I've gone to other theaters with the reclining seats too and they are so great!

  8. That's so sweet with the annual roses! We don't have any traditions unfortunately, so I love it when I see other's still celebrating theirs. :) And glad to see that you celebrate your anniversary much like a marriage is -- full of compromises. :) Sorry that you had to go back to work though -- there should be a cooldown period from vacations. One week off, then 2 or 3 days to ease back into job duties.

  9. Wow 4 hole in 1's! That's amazing! I loved seeing your all's wedding photo on Insta! So sweet- Happy Anniversary!

  10. So glad you guys were able to get out and do something fun for your anniversary! (And I absolutely LOVE that you went and played mini golf. That just makes me happy. It makes me even more happy that you won!)

  11. Man, jammed packed weekend! You are one lady who goes to a LOT of wedding! Wow...The white roses, so super sweet!

  12. to be totally honest, it took me like 10 years to figure out Eminem is supposed to be like M and M because that is his name. so, you know. i'm with you. haha.
    the white roses thing is so freaking adorable, i can't even :) happy anniversary to you guys again. i am not a fan of tom cruise at all, but KC wants to see that, so ... maybe we'll do that compromise thing you speak of ;)

  13. Looks like you had a fabulous anniversary weekend! Those white roses are gorgeous!

  14. I am so glad you had a wonderful anniversary and Ricky got home from work early! The white roses is so sweet, and I loved that you kicked butt at mini golf!

  15. LOVE that you beat the pants off of Ricky in some put-put. And that the weather seriously ROCKED this weekend. I drank coffee on the porch yesterday morning in shorts & a t-shirt, does not get any better than that!

  16. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I agree with Ricky about paying too much for pasta! Your food looked delicious though and the view was perfect!

  17. Definitely a lot of compromise, but in a great way. Happy Anniversary. Sounds like a great weekend. I have some friends who complain about Italian food being expensive at restaurants, but some items I can't make or don't want to try to make. Plus they always make it so well, so we do go out for Italian. I love a good salad bar.

  18. I love your traditions!! Happy Anniversary again :) xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  19. That is so sweet about the flowers!
    Compromise worked out great! I enjoyed the first Jack Reacher movie, although I have never read the books, there are too many, LOL I am glad to know the 2nd is worth seeing too!
    Mini golf sounds like so much fun too, you guys look like you have a very happy and joyful life together, so awesome!!!

  20. Seriously, what an awesome weekend and anniversary! I love the white rose tradition and that you beat him at mini golf - you go, girl!!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  21. I like the roses tradition! My husband buys a Powerball ticket and a couple of the $10 scratch-off tickets (the rest of the year, we mostly buy $1 or $2 tickets because it's no biggie if we don't win anything). We also go to an expensive Italian restaurant most years. LOL at Ricky's face after you beat him in golf!

  22. Sounds like a great anniversary day/date/weekend! The white roses is the sweetest thing ever. Love that! Glad you got to spend time together. I also do not like Tom Cruise, but am glad you liked the movie. Our mainstream theater in town just got new seats that recline and I feel like the people from Wall-e... but it is comfy! I also like the ones where you can get real food during the movie. YUS! On our most recent we went to IKEA and Target. Dream day let me tell ya! :P XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  23. I saw a little girl dressed in a yellow dress & was proud to know that she was being Belle for Halloween - I owe it all to you because I've never seen the movie :)

    Glad your anniversary was good! I've read some Jack Reacher books & my problem with Tom Cruise is that Reacher is supposed to be about 6'5" or something like that. Um, not so much in the movie, right?

  24. I think it's lovely that you got to spend the day together doing something a couple may do on a first date. It's just so sweet.

    I am glad you enjoyed the Jack Reacher movie. I can't get past that Tom Cruise is NOTHING like the book character, but I've only read a couple of the books, so I'm not a faithful, loyal fan.

  25. What a great ending to your week off! It felt like I was there with you all! Congratulations on those 21 years and cheers for the next 21!! I'm cruising through blogs, trying to catch up after my week off....


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