Tuesday, October 04, 2016

One Sentence a Day: September 2016 Edition

Here we are... another month down... only 3 left in the year? WHAT????
This is just crazy talk.
But September was a trying month for sure... all the dental visits were enough to push me over the edge.  I survived though.  Hoping October is a little kinder to me. Please October?

1.  Mother Nature graced us with the first day of September actually feeling like Fall!!!

2.  Finished up Stranger Things

3.  Got to spend the day with our Nashville gang & loved seeing Julie's new property.

4.  Had to leave Nashville early because my crown fell off my tooth & then had to make TWO trips to the Dentist in one day.

5.  Got new cell phones & I actually cried when they took my old one & deleted everything off of it.

Image result for lg g5

6.  Yet one more trip to the dentist so they can file down my crown that is still chipping away.

7.  Just feeling "off" & fuzzy headed & ran down.

8.  Took the time to paint my finger nails, which I havent done for about 2 months!


10.  I got to spend the day shooting the most beautiful & in love couple today. #OnefortheBook

11.  Loved seeing my MSM girls after a week being off for the Labor Day Holiday.


12.  I was torn from needing to edit to wanting to be outside where it felt wonderful.

13.  Post-nerves from weddings are a real thing when I sit & wonder if I did enough on a wedding day.

14.  Editing is my life right now.

Image result for editing marathon

15.  Stopped for some shopping at Michaels & Family Christian before having lunch with a new friend from MSM.

16.  Met up with a friend after work at a coffee shop for some girl chat.

17.  Editing the day away.

18.  Had the HSM (High school ministry) minister teach in MSM & can see why all the high school kids love his teaching.

#VincentsRockSunday 09.18.16

19.  Chasity & I met up with one of our past brides to give her her wedding album she ordered a year later (so funny!) & got to meet her new little baby.

@chasityczeczok & I got to meet up with one of our past brides & meet…:
Emerson loved meeting him too
20.  Already in love with the show This is Us from the first episode.

21.  Can't believe its the first day of FALL!!!!... especially when its 92 degrees.

22.  I can't quit Grey's Anatomy.

23.  Tried my first Salted Caramel Frappachino from Starbucks & wish I hadn't because I want another one now.

24.  Got my house clean in what feels like FOREVER!

25.  Trying to figure out what book to read next.

26.  I was a nervous wreck watching the Presidential Debates between Trump & Hillary

Image result for clinton trump debate

27. Got side tracked on my walk by a stray cat I thought was a friend's lost pet.

I wanted to bring him home with me

28.  I had to turn the heat on in my car because it was so chilly with the cold fall rain.

29.  Having the worst luck finding yarn I need for some hats.

30.  Took the day off & enjoyed it with my nieces.

Image result for miss peregrine's home for peculiar children
I was trying to convince the twins to dress like this for Halloween ;)

So tell me the best thing about your September!!!

Are you ready for all things October? ... what are you looking forward to?


  1. September was just wonderful! I could not have asked for better weather! I had wanted to check out that "this is us" show but forgot.

  2. The best part of September was visits from family. Hard to believe it is October already. Time goes much too fast the older I get. Sheesh.

  3. I love September so much except it seems to fly by way too quick! Some ladies in my blended blog group do the sentence a day and it is so fun! I tried it but I kept forgetting to write one down every day, ha ha

  4. When I read these posts from you it makes me feel like the months FLY by! I hope October gives you NO tooth troubles and I am 100% positive you give the weddings you shot everything and MORE- no reason to stress afterward!

  5. Oh, this is such a fun post! I love it. What a great way to remember a month. I might start doing something similar in my planner!

    This Is Us... haven't started it yet but have it on my DVR! Maybe tonight!

  6. You did so much last month. I can't believe how fast it flew by!

  7. That stray cat seems to be giving you an accusatory look for some reason! Or maybe cats just always look accusatory :) Here's to a kinder October!

  8. What iPhone did you get?! I got the new 7 this weekend but I converted from a Samsung, so I'm still "learning." Ha!

  9. Despite all your tooth issues in September (poor you!), you had a lot of other great things to reminisce about!

  10. I love these posts. It must be so cool to look back and see what all happened in your month. I really need to do this when baby comes so I don't forget the little moments!

  11. if kids turned up to my door dressed like that, i would FREAK OUT.
    sorry about the tooth issues, you cannot catch a break!
    i have been a loyal grey's fan for like 10 years, though i stopped watching when you know who died. not on purpose, i just like died a bit inside as well and haven't been able to re-open my heart to it. one day i will start from the beginning again lol

  12. The best thing about my September? Business has been good, which means that we've been able to pay off some bills that needed paying. That always feels good to scratch off a debt, doesn't it?
    I always enjoy these posts of yours.

  13. The best bit of my September was my holiday! The worst was going back to work... October is so far very chilly but I'm hoping it's going to be a productive month with some big decisions ahead :)

  14. I just found your blog, and I love this idea of doing a sentence a day for the month! I'm a terrible journaler now that I blog, but maybe this is a good way for me to start up again! I love blogging to pieces, but as open as I try to be on my blog, I just don't include everything, so doing just a sentence a day would be a nice little snapshot of what my month truly was looking like. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Oh, and I feel you on the post-shoot anxiety. I don't do weddings because the stress level is so high for me, but I did a shoot of an extended family the other week that left me freaking out for probably a full week after since one of the families just had kids that screamed and screamed the whole time. So I feel you! (Just in a slightly less dramatic way since I think weddings trump almost all else when it comes to doing a shoot...)

  15. sounds like the month ended up better than it started! hope october goes much more smoothly!


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