Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Is "Free Speech" becoming "Bullying"?

OK.  First things first. I don't talk politics. I know that's a hot button just waiting to be pushed.

I never state who I voted for. & truth be told, I am someone who is registered as one party but have been known to vote the other party in many elections.  I look at the person during every election & what they stand for.  What hits home for me may be different for you.

I respect who you vote for.  Everyone should respect everyone has the right to vote however they want.

Peace, love, & America Pie.

Except right now, its anything BUT peace, love & American pie.

Now, before I get into what is on my mind, I have to say, I am not supporting or not supporting here in this post. I dont want to get into the President Elect.  I know many people feel passionately about him one way or another.

& I think that's the issue.

There's passion alright.  People are feeling a passion like never before.  Not that that's a bad thing, but I think it what's you do with it... HOW you deal with it.

I have been sitting back & watching The View & totally disgusted by some of the conversations I hear on it... or I'm reading tweets by people who feel like everyone should always agree with their opinion.. & of course, I watch the news & am usually sitting with my head shaking or my mouth dropped at the day's latest news.

What hurts my heart right now is the backlash of anyone that is wanting to go to the inauguration of our next President.

& if you want to perform?  FORGET IT... you are trash & scum & someone whose albums or movies you're going to burn in a pile. & lets not forget your name will be mud on all things social media.

Oh, the way of the world today.

I just dont get it.

I mean, I do get everyone has an opinion & are free to voice it.  America at its finest.  But when is it stepping over the line of bullying?

I saw on our local news the other day that a local school has a group of girls going to perform at the inauguration. Apparently, they've been doing this a few years.  They actually were confirmed to go back in MAY of 2016. Well before any votes came in for our next President.

Image result for sacred heart academy inauguration
Picture via Courier Journal

It's not about politics for them, but about history.  It's about going to an event that will be in history books & they have the opportunity to say, "I was there".

Instead, they are getting threats & ugly comments & emails & name calling put out everywhere because they were going to perform.

THIS is what I dont get.  Young ladies & a school system being bullied over a performance that is historical.

What's the harm in these young girls going?  It's not like they are forcing anyone to go. It's not like they could even VOTE for the President!  They just want to go & sing.  Perform.  Do what they do.

& let's mention Jennifer Holliday - saw she's making the rounds now about the backlash that she has seen.

"You wake up one day & everyone hates you"... just because she wanted to perform for America.

& death threats?  "We're not doing America right now"... yes ma'am

& I totally understand & respect if she has a realization about some issues that she doesn't agree with.  If that's the reason she truly is pulling out from performing, understandable.  I still feel like the bullying & backlash has something to do with it.

The point I'm wanting to share with her video are the words that were given to her - requests to go kill herself?  Really?  ... & the words given to that group of young girls in my community.  All just hateful.

What is happening????

I'm not sure everyone is aware that their words are doing anything but feeding into the division of this country right now.

By all means... SPEAK YOUR MIND.  That's the beauty of our country.
But can't it be done with a bit more consideration of others a little more?

I think people are so caught up in fear & anger, that its hard to let calmness be the emotion lately.  & I get the anxiety & fear.  I watch the Saturday Night Live skits of Alec Baldwin making jokes that "we're all going to die" with this President in charge.  But we can't let fear take us over.  We just can't.
It also makes no sense to me at all also how people are blaming others or one man for the ugliness in this world.  The horrible words or comments or actions happening.  How you blame someone else for the actions of others, I just don't get that concept.

I know I tried to blame my brother for things I did growing up & my parents put a stop to that quick.  No blaming friends for mistakes either.  I was raised to own my own actions. Own my own words.  I dont get how it's now ok to say, "Well, this man is this way, so its making it OK for others to act this way"... that thinking makes no sense to me as an adult who has memories as a child that got my butt spanked for my own mistakes.

Here's the thing... if you dont want to have anything to do with the inauguration - then don't. Don't watch.  Don't go.  Don't have anything to do with it.  That's totally your right.
If something makes you that angry & upset that you dont want anyone else to go, then you probably should just stay away from it as much as you can.
Why can't everyone just leave the people alone that wants to go & wants to enjoy the moment.  Its their right as well.

Image may contain: 1 person, hat and text

As for me, I'll be at work & not seeing any of the inauguration anyways.
I'm not someone who sits with a bucket of popcorn & watches these things.
Inaugurations or anything with big crowds of people - especially all of our government together makes me nervous anyways.  Especially now that I've watched Designated Survivor.  Thanks Keifer Sutherland.

& I'm going to try & stay away from Twitter because I know there's going to be nothing bur war of words floating on there as well. Which is a shame because I love me some Twitter for comic relief.  It's the best way to watch The Bachelor. It really is.

Come on.... laugh about that last sentence. We all just need to laugh a second.

Let's take a deep breath.

They're yours to have.  They are everywhere.
Let's not allow our words to be ones of bullying & full of such hate.
Let them become words of understanding & conversations that are respectful.

If we have a leader of our country that may not be the wisest with words, then maybe we just need to find a responsibility among ourselves to start doing that with one another.  

Maybe WE ALL need to be the change this country sees.
We need each other.  Hatefulness & fear is not what this country is built on.

It all starts with us & our words.

Let them be powerful & full of truth... but also let them be full of love & kindness.
All of those qualities CAN happen within one another.  They really can.  I truly believe it.

Lord, be with our country... Bless it.  Bless us.  Let us remember the power of simple kindless.

... we can now go back to our politic free blog zone....

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  1. Very well said!! I was talking with a friend just after the elections because my facebook was filled with things from both sides like if you voted for so and so you must not love this person, or you don't love that...and like you said, all the hate! I expect much better behavior and manners out of my daycare kiddos! I think its easier for it to become bullying today because people can hide behind their keyboards and be anonymous. Would they want their family to hear them speak like that, no, but they're not really hurting anyone they think, there's all sorts of things out on the internet, no one will get hurt, no one really believes it anyway, and no one will ever know it's them. They forget that there is a real, living, breathing human being on the other side of that comment at their keyboard.

  2. Yes. All of this. I am also one who might be registered as one party but I vote for the person, not the party. I'm scared for our country right now and I've never seen it this divided. Was it like this in the 60s with the Civil Rights Movement? Was there another time that could possibly compare? I don't know but I am fearful for how this divisiveness will carry over to my children's generation. And we thought bullying in schools was bad. It's nothing compared to what adults are doing all over my Facebook feed. GROWN people who know better but act like spoiled brats. My son will be able to vote for the next president and I want him to want to participate in this civic duty. I want him to know that his voice matters and not to shy away from speaking his mind when he sees something that is not right. I want him to know that party lines do not make the person and that kindness matters more than soundbites or political donations. Ugh ... I will likely have my door shut at work on Friday and just pray for our country, the leaders (POTUS and Congress and Supreme Court), our children, and all our citizens. I can't imagine how all this is coming across to people in other countries ...

  3. I'm never really sure how to shape my opinions on these matters. And sometimes I wonder if I should even get an opinion because it's easy to from one as I sit in my warm house, with clean water running out of the taps and access to education and health care. I know that I am incredibly thankful to live in this country, even if we aren't perfect. But then I think maybe that's the ultimate sense of entitlement, because I know the decisions do deeply affect others. I do hope that things will turn out better than what's anticipated. That people do not fear their government. That people remember to be kind to each other, to love their neighbours and do what they can to make the world a better place.

  4. Beautifully said without having to voice your opinions on the presidency! People are lashing out against the very freedoms that people fought for to create our country... It's just sad! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Yes, so much yes. I guess around our house we're of the belief that this has happened, this man is about to be in office, and everyone needs to figure out how to make things the best they can for themselves with that knowledge.

    But the backlash that folks are receiving!? I just try to think what would have happened if the tables were turned and someone refused to perform for Obama's inauguration. It's definitely their right as a human, but it seems to me that folks are getting all twisted. This is not a performance specifically for Trump's pleasure. THIS IS THE PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURATION. Like you said, what an honor and experience for ANYONE. I hope those local girls can go, and perform and stand tall because 99.9% of us will never get the chance they're getting.

    Steps off soapbox...

  6. i think this was very well said :) i have strong feelings one way, but didn't vote (can't). it sucks that people are taking this too far and are being horrible to people who don't deserve it. it is sad.

  7. We have also been registered with one party but have voted for other parties over the years. Your right, except for now because it is not peaceful!! It really bothers me a lot.

  8. Amen to this sweet lady! I wish people could see the potency of their words. My daddy always said, think before you speak, but the majority of this country does not. People made a choice and we need to do one thing now in unity: honor our free nation no matter who leads it.

  9. Such a great post! I feel like I can't even go on Facebook lately because I'm so disappointed with the hurtful things people are writing... people that I'm shocked about! Not putting my political views out there either, but it blows my mind on how all the people that said Trump was a bully during the elections and "love trumps hate", and now these same people are being even bigger bullies. I'm so disappointed in everyone.

  10. I completely agree with this. I hate knowing who people vote for or even caring. My husband always tells me that so and so votes for this person so I really don't like them anymore. I would rather not know. Who cares who they vote for. And who cares if someone is performing for the president. Think before you speak. Bullying has gotten out of control lately in all aspects of our lives.

  11. Very well said. I have really not enjoyed the inability to have different opinions and still be civil lately. This is not the end game, no matter who is in the white house the world will continue to exist. Thanks for sharing, this is much needed.

  12. Yes to every bit of this! The lack of respect and bullying going on in our country is despicable, especially considering they are faulting the president elect for those actions to begin with, yet they are the ones who are showing themselves. Makes me so sad with the world we live in.

  13. Throughout the campaign, election, and last few months I haven't been shy about my thoughts on Tr*mp. I like that we live in a country where we can be open about our political opinions or quiet about them. I won't sit here and bash the president elect because that's totally not the point of your post :)
    I definitely agree that threatening others for their beliefs is wrong. (And in this case, backward. People fear Tr*mp because of his volatile, aggressive nature... but sending death threats and harassing people isn't any better.) I'm not looking forward to Friday, but I would never threaten anyone taking the stage that day. So long as the girls/performers had an option to turn down the opportunity, I think it's totally fine for people to perform wherever they'd like. And if people want to boycott Toby Keith's music that's their right, too. But violence and threats aren't the way to go about it.

  14. I'm fairly outspoken regarding my opinions on the incoming administration but I completely, 100% agree with what you've said here. Death threats for performing are unacceptable. Bullying for disagreeing with someone's opinion is unacceptable (and, truth be told, I have people who refuse to talk to me because my opinion is different from theirs, so it works both ways). Unfortunately, when we have a leader who threatens and bullies, it sets a precedent for everyone else. It needs to stop on all fronts, not just from the run of the mill citizen.

    As for the inauguration? It won't get a minute of my time.

  15. I agree with everything you've written. This is America and we all have the right to free speech but if I don't like what you've said I don't have the right to bully, harass and threaten you. People are angry with the President-Elect because of things he's said, but they have said things that are even worse. I pray for our nation and our leaders. I may not agree with them but I do respect the office they hold.

  16. I agree with you. I NEVER talk about politics or who I am voting for because there is a reason voting booths are private! This year's election is out of hand and I'm sick of all the fights I keep seeing. People losing friends over this... yikes! Everyone has an opinion, throwing nasty words around (or any words) is not going to change someone's opinion. I've never once seen someone say "yep, you're right! I'm going to vote for the other person now!" I don't partake in this stuff. Love your thoughts!

  17. Well said friend. Remember that saying as a child, "Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can never hurt me." So not true. Words can be very painful. Hoping we all learn that soon.

  18. I find it absolutely absurd and ridiculous that people are threatening those that are performing a duty for their country. It is an honor to be asked to perform for an inauguration and you don't have to fully agree with the president elect to perform with grace and honor. The thing is, the people who are being ridiculous about this would be outraged if the tables were turned and their choice was elected and others were acting out in this manner. Bottom line, we live in a world today where you cant say, think or do anything without being judged and ridiculed for it and it makes me very sad.

  19. Lots of feelings on this...I don't like the extremes of either side. A man threatens to shoot up a place over Hilary via fake news he read. And then this inauguration fiasco. I'm glad you're reporting that she cancelled over not hurting her lgbt fans and it was not over death threats, the latter being falsely spread. I just want peace. I've never seen such division over an election in my life.

  20. So many awful things happening right now. It is definitely scary. I don't like Trump and I'm not shy about it, but I definitely think that these girls and the performers shouldn't be harassed or threatened for their performances. Especially those young girls! Like you said, it's history, it's an opportunity for them! If the artists stay or back out based on their own beliefs, I'm ok with that too. I don't think death threats, or anything like that is at all appropriate. Such a shame that people continue to create so much hate. :( Protesting is a different matter for me, as long as it is non-violent. Such a mess out there these days. I wish more people acted, posted, spoke with consideration. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  21. I just got home from vacation and am catching up on blog reading...this was so well said and my sentiments exactly. I missed a lot of this while gone, but now as I see on the news people like Ashley Judd comparing Trump to Hitler...HITLER. Are you kidding. The very sad part is that if they really understood history, maybe talked to someone who lived through the Holocaust, they would never make that comparison. And people yelling at people on airplanes for voting for Trump or going to the inauguration. I can't wrap my mind around it all.


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