Tuesday, January 31, 2017


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What I'm Working On
Trying to get my stupid strength back. I can see where this thing call "age" kicks in.  Some of the other people I know who had the stomach flu the same time I did, they were back at it in a few days & living life to the fullest on the weekend. I had zippo energy & still felt a little nauseated until... really, even now... I guess its the perks of being nearly 20 years older then these other ladies.

What I'm Loving
I am so loving my Tervis Tumbler right now. I saw my blog buddy Ciara got a personalized one for a Christmas gift from her parents. I saw it & knew I had to get one.  Did you know you can personalize them? I had no idea.... but you can on their website. & the prices are the same online as the tumblers are in the store.  I am hooked.  Its made me really drink more water too so I am totally loving this baby.


What I'm Dreading
My laundry. Goodness gracious. Dont do laundry in my house for a week & you have yourself a mountain in the making.  Seriously.

What I'm Excited About
Believe!!!! There's a middle school youth conference coming up that is just the BEST.  There really is nothing cooler than seeing a few thousand young hearts worshiping & praising God & making decisions in their lives.  So excited to be doing it with my group of girls that I've really just grown to adore & to do it with my new church & seeing how they run things.

What I'm Wearing
Headbands, headbands & more headbands.  I have been on such a role of making these with my scrap yarn.  & I can make them usually in just an hour or two.  I love adding in a clip on flower or bow to them as well to add personality.  I've got like 5 of them ready to go up in my Etsy store soon.


What I'm Listening To
I'm always on the hunt for some good podcasts that are full of easy conversation, uplifting & something to help pass my day at work with a little bit of light.  I go back to this one ... have any recommendations for me?

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What We're Eating This Week
Hopefully more than saltine crackers which has basically been my diet for the past week.

What I'm Watching
I am all about the Corrine Show... I mean, The Bachelor.  You know people now come on here just to be the crazy loud insane acting person ... I'm looking at you as well Chad... so they can get the screen time & to get the brass ring of the trip to Bachelor in Paradise.  Until they stop rewarding these cray-crays, they're only going to get worse. I wish you luck future Bachelors & Bachelorettes. Its only going to make your "journey" harder. I'll keep watching though.

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What I'm looking forward to next month
... one more month closer to March 17th!!!!!!! If you dont know what date that is, you dont know me well.  (hint - a certain movie comes out that day... with a character that is so striking similar to me... just saying)


  1. i hear you on the age thing. Today is the first day back at the gym after being down with this blasted cold and I know I'm going TO DIE.

  2. Ohhh I should get a personalized tervis! What a great idea!

  3. LOVE that tervis!! So glad you got one ;) I hope you feel better soon! XO

  4. I just saw a new trailer for the movie last night. I can't wait! Love your tervis and your headbands. I need to get busy again making some. I'm definitely not that fast though.

    Thank you for the kind words on my Etsy Shop. I really appreciate them.

  5. Had to go watch the trailer again, just for you!! Ok, and me too, lol. LOVE your tumbler so much!!

  6. Those headbands are cute! So awesome that you can use scrap yarn and it only takes a few hours to make one! Only moving round these parts... I HATE MOVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  7. That Tervis and those headbands are the cutest!
    Up until the last two seasons I NEVER watched The Bachelor/ette. Then I started catching it when I was bored or K wasn't home. This season is terrible, but Corrine is SO entertaining. I'm glad she keeps getting roses- it's the only reason I'm still watching. Ha.

  8. You can get Tervis tumblers personalized? WHAT??? Ok, I want one now! So cute! Love your headbands and you definitely wear them well. Girl, Corrine is on the "Cray-Cray" train, for sure!

  9. Haha, we watch the Bachelor but I didn't see it last night. I dvr-ed it though! Scott says that Corrine will be in bachelor in paradise for sure!

  10. I don't watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette but cray cray normally means you get to extend your 5 minutes of fame to 15! :D Hmmmmmmmm ... what could be happening on March 17th? Does it involve a girl who has a pretty yellow dress? LOL!

  11. Your Tervis is so pretty!!! I was obsessed with those tumblers until I got my Walmart brand "yeti" cup. Since I love freezing cold water it works best for me but the Tervis ones were much cuter. I am so torn! I cant wait for Beauty and the Beast either! I hope you are feeling better!

  12. Loving your headbands and Tumbler! I have a plastic water bottle with a straw and because of that silly straw, I drink TONS of water every day at work. So funny what gets us to drink our water.

    I know you can't wait for Beauty and the Beast - haha!! I'm looking forward to it too. :)

  13. I hope you get back to 100% soon! I love the headbands you make, and also, as always, your hair is so pretty!!!

  14. I love your thoughts on the Bachelor because they are soooo true. I love watching the train wreck. Haha. I hope you get to eat more than saltines this week. Sucks that you have been so sick lately. Sickness is awful this year.

  15. I enjoyed your post!! Love the headbands and I'm happy you are doing so well with your Etsy shop! Counting the days....March 17th will be my 20th anniversary at the Polk Museum of Art. The years have flown by!

  16. Love that tumbler, almost makes me want to drink water. Seriously every time I see that trailer I think of you! So excited to see it!


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