Monday, January 30, 2017

The weekend that the couch adopted me....

I'm pretty sure my couch has taken me as its own at this point.

This weekend, that was my home within my home.

I still just felt BLAH after that stomach bug & didnt want, or care, to do one dang thing.

Friday, I came home - changed into comfy clothes & straight to my couch with knitting.

Saturday, woke up, made some breakfast, checked some emails & then went back to my couch & pretty much lived there all day.

Sunday, I did make myself get up & go to church for MSM - which I'm glad I did - those girls are the best medicine in the world... but poor Ricky was feeling bad over Saturday night into Sunday morning so he couldnt make it.  I picked up some lunch for us & came home ... & you guessed it, back on the couch.

Energy - where did thy goest?

I did get some major knitting done... & some major screen time.

I got caught up on the new show on NBC called Emerald City.  OH WOW - I am loving this. I can see where if you just watched the first episode, you'd be like, "What is this?" - but I like I could binge all the episodes that are out so far at once.  It really roped me in & I cant wait until Friday now to see what happens next.

Image result for emerald city tv

I love a good take on the Wizard of Oz.

I also binged out on Teachers on TV Land.  Oh my gosh. How did I not hear of this show before this year?  I laughed so hard at these ladies.

Image result for teachers tv land

I also got caught up on The Good Place... not sure I'm liking what they've done with this last episode... but I do love me some Kristen Bell so I'll hang with it for a little longer.

Image result for the good place

Told you I did nothing but watch TV

... & dont think I just got caught up in TV shows.

I landed into 2 movies too

FINALLY - FINALLLLLYYYYY got around to watching Mockingjay Part 2 - Ricky bought it for me the day it came out because he knew how bummed I was that I missed it in the theaters & I love the books & the whole story... but I just kept putting off watching it because I think I didnt want it to really end.  I loved the movie.  Sad its all over.  Just as predicted.

Image result for mockingjay part 2

& I ended my weekend with the new Ghostbusters.  OK - confession - I've never seen the original so when Ricky said, "its pretty much just like the original" I had no idea what that even meant.  Is it the most AMAZING movie in the world? No... did I laugh? Yes, totally. I love funny ladies & these 4 didn't disappoint.  Parts of it are MAJOR corny, but it still was nice to have a few chuckles.

Image result for ghostbusters 2016

So hows that for a pretty laid back weekend?

A weekend I should have been cleaning my house... or catching up on laundry... or getting in my half marathon training miles.  HAAAA - a BIG HA to all those things.

Here's hoping the week is more productive.

Have you seen any of these shows/movies?


  1. I tried watching Emerald (like I was super excited to start watching it because the previews looked good)...and then I couldn't even get through one episode. I don't know...maybe I will try again.

  2. Ihad Couch-itis too! I didn't want to do anything, but I made myself go shopping with a friend. And I didn't buy anything.

  3. Teachers looks really good. I need to catch up on The Good Place (although your comment makes me nervous... lol). Emerald City sounds pretty good, too!
    Hope you're feeling better this week!! Ricky, too!

  4. still battling my cold over here so i was home all weekend as well. wtf, does age make your colds stick around longer than usual?!

    i tried watching the new ghostbusters and didn't really like it...until chris hemsworth came into the scene.. then it had my attention LOL

  5. Sounds like you had a perfect weekend to yourself - possibly just what you needed! I had one of those last weekend & it made me feel so much better afterwards. It took me a good long while to get thru the last Hunger Games book, but I am a fan of the movies. LOVED the original Ghostbusters - have no desire to see the remake.. sometimes I just wish they'd leave these 'remakes' alone!

  6. Teachers comes on after Younger on TV land and I somehow never watch!! Hope you're feeling 100% now! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  7. OK, that does it, now I want to see Ghostbusters as well as teachers! Can I tell you, your weekend was our weekend, I literally did not go anywhere Saturday or Sunday and it was great! Have a wonderful week ahead!

  8. I've never even heard of Teachers but just looking at it sounds like a show I would enjoy!

    I wish I'd had a little more time to plop my butt on the couch this weekend. I feel like it all flew by. I guess Saturday night I did spend a few hours in the evening on the couch, but I literally cannot even remember what I watched, must have been good. Haha.

  9. Couch time is my favorite time. :D I watched 3 episodes of Emerald City and really, really wanted to love it because I love The Wizard OZ. It's gorgeous to watch but it moved so slow and I didn't care about anyone, except Toto. I haven't seen Part 2 of Mockingjay either. I don't really want it to end either. :D Hopefully you're feeling better and your energy will back!

  10. I need a couch day. Like all day on the couch.

    I'd also like to see Ghostbusters!

  11. Oh no, sorry to hear you had a stomach bug. That is the worst!! I love all day couch binges! Emerald City and Teachers sound interesting, might have to check them out. I am not sure I love where The Good Place has gone to either in the last two episodes.

  12. I loved Mockingjay and all the Hunger Game movies and books. Haven't seen the other shows and movies you listed. Hope you're feeling better.

  13. No couch for me....maybe in March. But I envy you and your couch. Sorry Ricky wasn't well and hope you are both back on your feet today!

  14. I'm so sorry you've been sick! I've been curious about Teachers! Glad to hear you like it.

  15. so hate you were sick friend. I haven't seen or heard of any of these :( I am the worst when it comes to knowing about tv shows/movies, but glad you had some entertainment along the way

  16. Resting when you're not feeling well is always the right choice! But, I disagree that you did nothing production--what about your beautiful knitting! You are so talented to be able to do that when you're not feeling great! I'll have to check out the Emerald City series. We got free HBO for a few months so we've been watching every single available movie and series on HBO nonstop since November!

  17. I hate to hear you were sick, but sometimes a good weekend resting up and relaxing is just what the dr. ordered!

  18. I actually want a weekend like that. I'd be pretty happy to park my butt on a couch with a book and the tv for a weekend. Yes, I sound lazy in saying so.

  19. Some weekends we just need to veg and relax! I've never seen the original (or new) Ghost busters either.

    Hope you are well rested and ready for the new week!

  20. I loved The Hunger Games books and devoured them! I watched the first movie in theatres as soon as it was released. I haven't watched any of the other movies though! I keep meaning to but I can never seem to remember to actually watch them. I did watch The Good Dinosaur this past weekend, which was super cute!

  21. I hadn't seen the original ghost busters until 2015...? I think. It was ok. The new one was fine too. Neither was amazing to me. We watched a few episodes of teachers (so funny, but we are terrible TV watchers!). I haven't seen Mocking Jay Part 2 for some reason.. guess I'll get on that. :) I think the new Wizard of Oz show looks cool. I know, I know... KS stuff. LOL XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  22. Oh geez another weekend of sickness. That is so awful. I am glad you got to watch some movies that you had been wanting to watch. At least there is a little bit of a silver lining. Hoping you are feeling better this week.


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