Friday, February 03, 2017

Friday Favorite

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Favorite Recipe

Vegetarians and non-vegetarians love these hearty, filling, and completely vegan quinoa burgers!

These look AMAZING!!!
Pizza Quinoa Burgers... I'm totally trying this out.
LINK to Receipe

Favorite Words Get motivated :-):

Favorite Organizing Tip

12 Ingenious Ways to Organize with Command Hooks:

I really like this idea.  Use those Command Stripes to hold your wraps.
They have those holes on the side of the box anyways.
So smart

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Sleeveless white top from Disney's <i>Beauty and the Beast</i> featuring a framed text design on front that reads "The One Who Will Break The Spell."<br><ul><li style="list-style-position: inside !important; list-style-type: disc !important">95% rayon; 5% spandex</li><li style="list-style-position: inside !important; list-style-type: disc !important">Wash cold; dry low</li><li style="list-style-position: inside !important; list-style-type: disc !important">Imported</li><li style="list-style-...:

If you cant read it - it says
The One who will break the spell
... I am LOVINGGGGG all the cool Beauty & the Beast stuff out right now

Favorite Reminder

Faith is not about everything turning out ok. Faith is about being ok no matter how things turn out...:

Favorite Genius Invention

Microwave popcorn gets a healthy spin with this glass popper and optional butter melter.:

Favorite Peencha

A Little Faith In Humanity Restored:

Favorite Funnies

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 45 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 35 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 35 Pics:

...sometimes, the entire day.:

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 32 Pics:


... when I get so mad but my momma raised me not to curse

... when I'm waiting for the coffee maker to warm up

.... when I sell something on Etsy

... when I make it past Cadbury Eggs without buying any

GIPHY! ( January 30, 2017 at 08:56PM

... when I try wearing the latest trends at my age

GIPHY! ( January 30, 2017 at 08:57PM

... me at 11am because I'm taking a HALF DAY OFF WORK!!!!

Happy weekend Y'all!


  1. Ohhh that burger looks delicious! Is it bad that it's not even 8am here and I want a burger now?! lol

  2. Ahh enjoy your half day girl! I'm loving that popcorn idea - and now I want popcorn LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Haha, that marriage meme is literally my life now, and was before with roommates too. Hey, have you seen my phone // wallet // keys (don't get me started on how people just errantly set their keys & wallet down & not in the same spot every time they come home...). Umm, why actually, yes, I have a fantastic memory about things like that. You set it down on the chair // table // counter. Boom. DONE. STUFF FOUND!

    Can't even tell you how many times my former roommate would leave her keys IN THE DOOR and then not be able to find them. Thankfully we lived in a super safe neighborhood - they were out there overnight a few times.

  4. Yes, on the age thing! The thing that gets me is the clothing these days. I always worry that i'll be that lady wearing something that is too "young" looking for my age(not revealing, just maybe to young-ish)
    . Enjoy your half day! What will you be doing?

  5. I love that organizing trip. I may have to try that.

    Thanks for all the good laughs from this post. I needed that on this Friday.

  6. That is a great idea for the wraps! I also love the microwave popper. Love your quote on Faith too. Have a great weekend.

  7. Bahahaha! Where do you find these?? Thanks and happy Friday!!!

  8. That popcorn thing IS genius! If you're having popcorn, the butter is necessary!

    Enjoy your half day! I'm off today so I feel the joy. Haha!

  9. Every time I see something new Beauty and the Beast-themed I think of you. The newest trailer has me soooo excited!! That burger looks aaaah-mazing - melty cheese makes me so happy :)

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  10. Wow that burger looks delicious and deceptive. At first I thought it was a chicken sandwich as I was confused since you know - vegetarian. :D The peencha warms my heart and spirit! And every meme made me LOL. Seriously that cookie or cake - hilarious! I also wonder when did people get old, followed by crap we're the same the age! Have a great weekend with an extra half day! Woot! Woot!

  11. Haha that's me waiting for coffee too!!! Happy half day!! Have a great weekend!

  12. The Tom Brady one is just too funny. You can hide everything in that jacket. Ha. And the popcorn cooker is awesome. It does it all. Love that you get a half day today. That is the best. Have a great weekend!

  13. Happy half day! Woohoo. :) OK, I really want that popcorn popper. Haha!

  14. That burger, yum! And those command strips NEVER work for me! I always try to use the hooks and they always fall down...must be doing something wrong.

  15. okay the inside of the cabinet idea is genius. Seriously, I need hacks like this all over my house! amazing

  16. And what a brilliant idea with the command strips. My boxes of waxed paper and press n seal always get stuck in the drawer! Have a great weekend, your funnies are so funny!! xo

  17. I love your Favorite Fridays!! My favorites were Faith and Theater Snacks. :)

  18. I sure do look forward to your Friday posts! They always make me laugh! I LOVE that microwave popcorn maker! Wow! Happy weekend!

  19. Hope you enjoyed your half day!! Those funnies are perfect! I was laughing the entire time I scrolled! And I NEED that popcorn maker! Too cool!

  20. That command hook thing is genius! Wow. That blind child story is the SWEETEST EVER!!!!!! Oh my gosh, warms my heart. The snack smuggling has me LOLing... That cookie in the microwave. OMG NOOOOOOOO! EW. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


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