Monday, February 20, 2017

The weekend that I suffered from animal guilt....

First... bah humbug to all those that are off today.

No fair. Not fair at all.  I want a 3 day weekend!  Color me jealous.

I will say I did cram a lot in the weekend & enjoyed every single minute of it.

Friday started off with temps inching on up to Spring like temps again.  Perfect for taking my book outside & finishing it up.  Reading outside is just my happy place in life.

& then my next happy place in life was when the sun goes down & I went & finished up some knitting.

This cowl sold as soon it was up on Instagram. I love when that happens.
That same person also bought my yellow cowl that was my favorite piece in the Etsy store.  I like this lady... she has good taste ;)

Friday ended up with catching up on some TV... Jane the Virgin has me totally wrapped in right now... & The Vampire Diaries! I cant believe we're only 3 episodes away from the end.  I'm going to be lost without the Salvator Brothers.

Saturday, I have to say, I wasn't too happy when the hubs forgot to turn his alarm clock & I was up a little after 5am.... sigh...

I was able to fall back asleep for a little bit but that just throws me off for the day.

Oh well... I wanted to get out & get in my run for the day before some expected rain settled in.  I always love to get the miles done early too ... its just harder to do as the hours tick away in a day.

6 miles in the books

It was still feeling pretty nice out so I took to my porch again & read in another book some... with my other reading buddy.  I think my dog's happy place is also when I read outside.

I then did some productive things like clean & some Bible Study stuff & work on another little project.
A friend of mine asked me if I knew how to make those little newborn tiara's... so I gave it a try. & was so pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

But now - I'm not sure if it actually fits a newborn.  To me, I think it looks small... Ricky said he thinks it'll be too big.  I'm not sure the size of a newborn head.  I need a newborn near me STAT.  If anyone has a newborn - like a 1 month old or under, LMK - I'll mail this tiara to them & they can try it out & let me know & keep it for the trouble.  I need to get my sizes down ... I'd love to make these for all ages

... heck, I'm going to make me one soon too.  Why not?
  Perfect for the Beauty & the Beast movie viewing?... hmmm....

Sunday, we headed to church.  I just loved our MSM message.  We had the kiddos make up these 'bricks'... & they had to write on them the things that can build a wall to God.. the things that try & keep you from Him.  The hard things in life that we feel like God doesnt see.  The promises that God gives us.  It was just such a powerful lesson.  The kids loved making the bricks... & then writing down on them what their individual issues were... & then the wall was built to show what can happen if we let these things grow & grow.

Those bricks all have things written on them... such a cool visual

& of course, we saw that wall come tumbling down too.

I just love my church... it's just always delivering the best messages for these kiddos.

Ricky & I left church & headed to one of the few places that offers a veggie burger.  Except when it was delivered, I said to Ricky, "This looks like the most real burger I've ever seen"... & then let Ricky take a bite to which he said, "DONT EAT IT - ITS MEAT"....

Yuck... just YUCK!!

You would have thought there was a snake on my plate or someone was trying to poison me. GASSSPPPPPPP!!!!  I got the waiters attention & told him that he just sat a dead animal in front of me... (I didnt really put it like that)... & he looked at us like, "Sorry, but can you still eat it"... I had to tell him he couldnt pay me enough to make me eat this burger so we had to wait for another round of veggie burgers to be made.  We really didnt mind & the guy kept apologizing to us & we said we were fine... this was the only day we really had no plans or time constraints so it was nice to just sit back & relax for a bit.

& in the end... 2 yummy veggie burgers were had.

The VEGGIE BURGER... no animals were harmed in the making of this burger

Though I felt even worse that that poor cow died for a burger that ended up getting tossed.
I always feel animal guilt.  You should see me walking through a grocery story.  I keep my head down & eyes averted in the meat department.   #truestory

We had to pick up some things at Target... someone please tell me how I run into Target for a few things & come out spending $75.00... HOW?????....

& then settled in for a quick visit from our Nashville gang.  They had to come up for a Memorial service for a family member this morning.  Sad reason to see them, but always nice to see everyone even for a little bit.

& so, another weekend in the books.  Enjoying all the spring like temps as long as I can because they're saying the rug is being pulled out from under us & the cold is coming back next weekend.... great... I'll be bundled up like an Eskimo for my next long run.

So how was your weekend?

You having spring temps?

Do you spend ridiculous amounts of money walking into Target?


  1. OMG, I don't think I would ever go back to that restaurant seeing that they made a mistake like that. I can see a simple mistake like swapping regular fries for sweet potato fries but not a real burger for a veggie one. That seemed intentional.

    Perhaps you can buy a doll the same size as an infant so you can make your crowns.

    I'm loving the weather here too.
    Oh, and we can be sad together because I was suppose to have off Friday and today but our school district had a flood back in October so now we have to make the day up!

  2. I spend very little at Target. In fact, I rarely go there. However, Walmart is the place I do that at. I know a lot of people don't like Walmart, but I always seem to find stuff I want there. I guess different strokes for different folks. 😊

  3. Target is my nemesis ... it's rare but I can occasionally make it out of there without buying anything. Usually, a quick look at my checkbook balance before walking in will do that to me. I can't believe the waiter thought you'd still be OK with a meat-burger when you (a) ordered a veggie-burger, and (b) got his attention to let him know that you didn't get the veggie-burger that was ordered. I need a do-over for this weekend -- flu-bug hit and I wasn't immune to it. I spent the weekend surrounded by tissues, cough drops, two thermometers (I never trust just one reading), and two pugs. So I missed my long run this weekend and I have an 8 mile race next Saturday ... it's not looking good.

  4. I always joke that Target may as well have a cover charge at the door because I never seem to be able to walk out of there empty handed. Haha

    I feel like a meat burger instead of a veggie burger is quite the error. Not like oops, you said no cheese, but cheese is standard so I tossed it on by accident. Nope, you ordered veggie burger, which seems to be a menu item, and instead they brought out a 100% different menu item. Here, I know you ordered a salad, but I brought you pasta instead. Will you eat it anyways? Haha. WHAT?

    I'm with you for long runs, I have to get out and do it while the day is young or I'll talk myself out of it!

  5. It's been in the 60's and 70's here recently too! It's been so nice. A good treat for February! :) I spent the weekend mostly welcoming my nephew to the world. :) hehe Oh Target... yeah... OMG I would have freaked out about the real burgers too. :( OMG. Glad they got you new ones though. I would feel the same . :( XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  6. I can't believe he looked at you like, 'Just eat the burger.' WHAT?? Obviously there's a reason you ordered a veggie burger!! Geez!
    I love the stories you share from your church. It's great that you (and so many young kids) are so involved there!
    I LOVE that cowl!
    (I'm working today, too. I tried to convince the husband/boss (lol) to give us the day off, but I failed.)

  7. That looks like a similar restaurant that we have in our town. Does it perhaps make you think of Wi fi?
    I didn't really do much this weekend but our weather was beautiful and not only am I off today but tomorrow as well. Also the countdown is on until summer break.

  8. Your waiter clearly doesn't realize that people order veggie burgers, not because they are delicious, but they possibly don't actually eat meat. So true story, I worked at a fast food chain in college and I had a Muslim customer. He had a very heavy accent which I was not accustomed to and I kept making him repeat himself, which was embarrassing me and frustrating him. So I guessed at what he wanted. And as you can likely guess - I gave him pork. Ummm ... yeah. 24 years later I'm still mortified. I've been having a read-a-thon weekend between just plain old reading and book club. Finally going to see John Wick today!

  9. I just started Jane the Virgin last week and am on episode 9 in the first season. I like it so much better than I thought I would!!! And gosh I am going to miss the Salvator Brothers too!!! At least we will still have The Originals. Hopefully. These days I am lucky if I make it out of Target without spending at least $100. We do the majority of our grocery shopping there, so it is easy to add up. But I get a lot of non-grocery stuff there too. Congrats on your stuff selling on Instagram instantly! That is awesome!

  10. The weather was beautiful here too this weekend! I love that you took advantage of it by sitting on the porch & reading. That sounds lovely. :)

  11. Bummer you didn't get the day off! This weather, though is gorgeous so who can complain really?! Happy Monday!

  12. I am in love with that newborn tiara! Wish I had a newborn for it. ;)
    Is it hard for you with Ricky not being a vegetarian? Is it hard not to judge him when he's eating an animal?

  13. That crown is so stinking cute!!! I wish I had a little one to buy one!

  14. Yes to the Target thing, every single time! I told Mr. I needed to go to Target to pick up some diapers and he says, let me save myself some money and just buy them, no fun! And I had no idea that TVD was ending after this season, waaahhh!! I'm a few episodes behind...I'm at just after the Christmas episode...and it said, when we come back next year, only a few episodes left before the series finale...say what?! I was sad, and how the heck are they going to wrap up the whole season in a few more episodes?!

  15. I don't spend so much at Target, but it's easy for me to spend more money at dollar stores. A lot of their kitchen, bathroom, and home decor items aren't bad.

  16. target and costco are both evil places that compel you to spend money! and that burger - yum. sorry, i know you don't eat meat but that burger looks delish.

  17. I surprisingly had the day off, so i wasn't able to have advance plans, but no complaining. I'm still getting over the flu!! Glad you had a good weekend overall!

  18. OMG you watch TVD?!?! I haven't seen the newest season since I don't have cable but OMG. I <3 <3 <3 <3 the Salvatore brothers. Damon in particular. I even have a shirt that says "Mentally Dating Damon Salvatore". I'm obsessed. When I'm sad or stressed or anything, I rewatch that show. SO good! :)

  19. I honestly can't believe the turn that Jane the Virgin took this season - I'm so into it!! I'm drooling over your veggie burger!! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  20. I love reading outside when the weather is nice, so wonderful! And I do that when I get food that looks questionable too. I make Mike take a bite first and let me know if it's vegetarian safe.

  21. The funny thing is, 10 years ago I never found his many things at target as I do now. Yes, the weather was absolutely beautiful and yay for getting those miles in. I love the Cowl, great job

  22. The little baby crown is adorable.

    I read outside a bit this weekend too. I absolutely love doing that.

  23. We've been having 70's for about a week now and I'm loving it! So long, sweatshirt...hello, short sleeves! My legs aren't quite ready for shorts. That little crown is so cute! I've seen those on babies before. Way to go on your amaze me still! Yes, your church sounds amazing! Ours always has great lessons, too.

  24. Ha! Calling all newborn heads!! Newborns?! Anybody? Congrats on the sales! Yes, I say the lady has great taste, too! And I was ticked that I wasn't off yesterday either! Hope you are having a great evening!

  25. We're having the same spring temps and it's great! Caleb and I have been going out for walks. Love it.

    Love that newborn tiara! I will for sure need to buy one for my next little someday!

    I would love to do porch reading but all I have is a small front stoop and it's so lame. A porch is high on my list for my next house if we ever sell this one and move.

  26. That is the cutest newborn hat ever. I wish I had a newborn for that. You have me craving burgers now. That is annoying that the waiter looked at you like you should eat that. No, you ordered a veggie one. So get her a veggie burger. Ugh.

  27. Someone told me that there was a rumor going around town that there was a Target being built like 2 miles from my house. I really hope and pray that's NOT true because I will be broke all the time. The closest one is about 45 minutes away so if I spent $75, it's only like once a month. But right down the road??? I might have to move!


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