Monday, February 13, 2017

The weekend I'm glad the groundhog was wrong....

OK... I think the groundhog may be wrong.

Or at least I'm hoping &praying the groundhog may be wrong.

Didnt he predict another 6 weeks of winter?... well, in my world, I had windows open & it was in the 60's.  Groundhog, please be wrong!  I want the rest of winter to be exactly like this weekend.

Saturday, I got up & I've missed so much working in my Bible Journal. Not sure why I've not put as much time in it as I used to, but I made sure to take advantage of a slower morning & crack open the pages.

I was flipping through my Bible & ran across the page I did around Valentine's Day last year & made sure to do the page next to it this year.  I love the total lay out of it now.

Ahh - my little Zoe over on the side

The day was already warm & they had mentioned that rain would be scattered during the day & I had a long run to do.  I just wanted to make sure I didnt have to do it on the treadmill so I got ready & headed out about 10am to get those miles in.

I laugh because it looks like I am dressed for winter running.  Other runners were out in shorts & t-shirts... which is appropriate since it was 60 degrees. But I freeze.No matter what.  Plus, I've been fighting an ear infection so I wanted to keep my ears covered.  & a little bit of extra sweat isn't a bad thing.  & truthfully, I never did feel too overheated.

I got home & cleaned up the house a bit & then just couldnt stay inside with it being so nice out.

So me & my little buddy went outside & sat on the front porch while I finished up my Bible Study for the week.

I dont go on the front porch & not think of my Sydney girl. That was our place... but Harvey does pretty good sitting up there with me &keeping me company.

Except this time, someone was shooting guns the ENTIRE time we were out there. I finally had to go inside becuase it was so irritating #countrylife
But it wasn't just like a gun shot. It was like someone had an automatic weapon & it was just repeated rounds of ammo going of.  GOOD LORD - it was scary.

Plus, Ricky just found a bullet hole going thorugh one of our garbage cans that was at the edge of the street.  So now, I'm a little freaked out of stray bullets.  #scarycountrylife

The rest of the night, I worked on my Etsy store & got up ten new products... YEAHHH!!!!

I'm going to start looking for some spring/summer projects to keep the store productive through the warmer months.

Sunday, I was so happy that we had another warm day ahead.

Started off going to church & seeing my awesome MSM girls.  They are just amazing. I know I keep saying that, but seriously... I wish you all could meet these incredible girls & talk to them. They just make my Sunday so much brighter.

Sporting my Believe shirt for MSM

I left church &headed over to my JOY Sister's Bible study... which as you see from the picture above, we have just started a new study on JOY... we felt it was appropriate.  We were a smaller group this week, but like I  say every time it happens, it always makes for some great intimate conversations.

I was happy to drive home from there with my windows down!!!! THANK YOU JESUS...

picked up some dinner for Ricky & I....

played with Harvey...

& then settled in for The Walking Dead!!! YES!!!! So glad its back.

I didnt even turn over to watch one thing of the Grammy's... anything good happen on there I need to know about?  Let me know.

So how was your weekend?  

Are you getting a break from winter?


  1. The Grammys were on? Who knew? Not me. I am so over with those Hollywood types anyway so I couldn't care less.

    Ha, that was my exact thought when I saw your running picture. I thought "It doesn't look like she's enjoying 60 degree

    I know i've said this before but I love the view from your front porch. No wonder you enjoy being out there.
    Baylee gets so freaked out by gun shots too. She tries to jump on my lap!

  2. The weather here has been so warm during the days. I'm starting to forget that it's actually Winter.

  3. oh, mr. groundhog was on point up hurr in canada. we got a ton of snow and more coming. rude.

  4. I don't bother watching the Grammy's. I almost never watch the award shows.. except for the Oscars. Even then, I only watch the first hour or so before I get bored. The weather was SO nice this weekend in Pittsburgh as well. It rained yesterday, but it was still WARM temps!! I'm hoping my birthday next Friday is in the 60s like it was last year... it almost never happens!

  5. Sounds like a pretty good weekend! But not so cool about all of the gun shots and crazy bullets. I grew up in the country, and I have shot a gun many times as a kid/teen (my dad's an outdoorsman)... but I never understood the need or appeal for war caliber / military grade weapons at home. Yikes. I think it's terrifying. :( We had lovely weather this weekend too, and I think it's more or less supposed to stay warmer. Like today is a high of 50 which is still pretty good! I'll take it. My ideal temp is about 65. hahah I don't like the heat, but I don't want to be freezing all of the time either. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  6. Yep the weekend was beautiful but then it was freezing yet again this morning and I of course had a nice little surprise when trying to just hop in my car and go. It's so back and forth right now in Virginia, it's awful lol. Glad you had a nice weekend, though! :)

  7. It sounds like you had a busy, but productive weekend! I'm so jealous of your warm weather-- it was supposed to be nice here but ended up being cold and rainy which was such a bummer.

  8. Well he wasn't wrong about winter here :( Glad your etsy store is going so well! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  9. The weather here Saturday was great, sunny and warm, and so naturally I had to spend all day inside. I got to soak up a few miles worth of warmness, but the sun was pretty much gone by then, so no such luck on the vitamin D.

    We're supposed to get more warm weather this weekend, so I'm hoping that's true.

    Sitting on the front porch with coffee & a pup is pretty much heaven on earth. :)

  10. I didn't watch the grammy's either. Afraid they might get to political and just wasn't interested to listen to it. It was a beautiful weekend here too. Enjoyed to 1 mile walks with my puppy. I know a mile isn't much for you, but it's good for me. lol

    I also got partners who've agreed to go see 2 movies with me next month. My sister is going to see "The Shack" with me and my daughter is going to see "Beauty and the Beast" with me. So glad I've got dates for both. Can't wait!

  11. It was warm here too. Or maybe normal temps since we've been so rainy and cold this season - no complaints about the rain though! I grew up enjoying the country life too and we would occasionally have the rude (and very stupid) hunter who would just randomly pull over his car and shoot at the ducks flying over our home.

  12. I always err on the side of wearing warm clothes when running outside too. It was in the 50s here on Saturday but I still had on my long sleeves and capris for my run. I started watching the Grammy's but I think I only made it to 9 before deciding to go to bed.

  13. Such a cute hat!
    I didn't watch the Grammy's either, celebrities are driving me crazy with all their political crap right now I have no interest in showing interest in their awards, LOL
    But Walking Dead, yes! I actually didn't even know it was back on and I was flipping channels about 10 minutes before it started and saw it and I was like HELLO, YAY! Finally a second half of a season that doesn't look like it's going to be too much of the same ol, and I love having the actors back and working together, show is far more interesting that way!

  14. Seriously, I hope it stays this warm throughout the rest of the winter! It was in the 70s here, and I was loving it!! I just hope it doesn't mean we're in for 90s in April ;) I am the same way when I exercise (always cold). We went for a bike ride to the tennis courts on Saturday, and Mike could not figure out why I had long sleeves on!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  15. Totally not getting a break from winter over here. Lots of snow today. Yuck! I'm moving South! Lol

    I love your Valentine spread. Beautiful!

  16. i have no idea what the groundhog said but the weather was beautiful this past weekend! except for the little bit of rain and now it's cold. lol.
    the stray bullets sound terrifying. what the heck!

  17. We hit the high 80s this weekend! It was so crazy! The stray bullets situation sounds so scary!

  18. Yay for some warmth your way! I LOVE your hair in that cute graphic tee pic! Have a great week ahead!!

  19. This is my kinda weekend! Love all the time you got to spend reading/studying and running. I met my new niece so yes, mine was Fab <3 LOVING the warm weather too!

  20. It was a beautiful weekend. I wanted to get out and run so bad, but just couldn't. This coming weekend is supposed the be the same way. Yay!!
    I still need to catch up on TWD last season!

  21. Yay Etsy!! It was 70 here this weekend so he wasn't right about the south!

  22. I love the Zoe cameo!
    I thought we'd get some warmer weather, but when we touched down on Sunday it was low 40s. Oh well :)
    That stray bullet hole would annoy/anger me! We shoot guns out at my parents' house but it's at targets with a hill as the backdrop, so we're as safe as possible. People that shoot irresponsibly make me rage!

  23. Yay for running outside, I am so that person in the shorts and tank tops in 50° weather, 10 steps and I'm sweating. Your bible journal is amazing!

  24. That is scary about finding a bullet hole in your garbage can. They need to be more careful. I think the groundhog lives in Nevada because the winter won't let up. We get a day of sunshine and then two weeks of snow and rain. Ugh. Go away!!! Ha.


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