Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I'm basically Austin Powers at this point... {Training Tuesday}

This Saturday kicks off the Triple Crown of Running.

& you may have noticed, I havent been posting on here for Training Tuesday.

Yes, I am still training.  No, I dont give up easily.
& yes, I am feeling like BLAH in it this time around.

It's funny because I'm the kinda gal that loves structure - NEEDS a schedule in my life.

When I'm on vacation at work, I even feel a little off. & if my days dont go to the usual time schedule, I always feel like someone has pulled the rug out from underneath me. It's just who I am. Chalk it up to some sort of ADD, ADHD, OCD, or even AC/DC (ROCK ON)...

But I do love having my calendar full of 16 weeks of working out.
It usually motivates me.  Gets me excited.  Gets me PUMPED UP!!!! ...Hence the AC/DC comment.

This time around?  I'm struggling.  Hard core.

I think it all started because I was just 3 weeks in when the stomach flu hit me. & as I mentioned, I haven't felt the best ever since.

My runs are slower.  .... which let's get real, I didnt even know they could get slower.  I'm pretty sure a 95 year old person using a walker could pass me at this point.

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My body just feels tight.... truth - I haven't done my yoga like I wanted to since the stomach flu either, so a month of no stretching.

My muscle tone is gone .... I havent been keeping up with the cross training like I usually do either so all that toned up muscle I had from Hammer & Chisel.  Yeah... a distant memory.  That's gonna hurt on 13.1 race day when my thighs are crying for mercy.

My energy is just zapped.... my motivation feels fizzled... I'm just blah.
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Ricky - God love his cute little red head heart - he was talking about that he's excited to start the race on Saturday.
Ricky... the man who never even attended any of my first few year races because he thought it was stupid to pay good money to run on a road that is open 364 days & 22 hours a year... that same guy.  He's learned to love the races too.  Not because he races. If he 'raced' - he'd win his age division every time. No doubt in my mind. The dude was made to run.

But he sticks with me.  He says he has fun just 'hanging out with me'

How cute is it that he calls doing 3.1 or 6.2 or 10 miles or 13.1 miles "hanging out"... it is pretty leisure to him to do those miles.
while I'm huffing & puffing & trying not to curse him out for doing it so easily.
... but I can knit easily & take pictures easily. I have my things too I can do.  ... some things just aren't as easy for one person as they are someone else.

Image result for couples running shirts
we still need these shirts... seriously...
... & let's be honest here.  Ricky even admits he likes doing the races because we go to Panera & eat breakfast every time as our running tradition.

It's kinda my favorite thing about running too #thatsloveforyou  #Runforcarbs

All of this to say... I'm still going.  Still trying.  Still trying to find my mojo.

Side note - I did watch Austin Powers: The Spy who Shagged me the other day.  I get it Austin. I relate.  My mojo feels like a Fat B****rd has taken it too.

I'm just hoping in the end, I'll be just like Mr. Powers & I'll find out I had it all along.

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  1. I hope you find your mojo soon. It sucks when you just feel blah!

  2. I've def lost my mojo. I think being sick took it from me. You know it's bad when I don't blog like I normally do!!

  3. You hang in there, Rebecca Jo! And the fact that your man loves spending time with you running means a lot, so you just soak that up, too! You got this Girl! Crossing that line will give you the motivation you need to keep going!

  4. Wishing you well on race day. You can do it!!

  5. Good for you for pushing through, even without your mojo. (Fun fact: I've never seen Austin Powers. Any of them.) 7 miles without any mojo?? You're such a superstar! (But I do hope it comes back to you soon!)
    It blows my mind that Ricky can tackle 5, 10, 15 miles without an issue. That's incredible!

  6. Awww so sweet that Ricky likes to hang out with you during the races!! Best wishes on race day!

  7. Yes love, hang in there! I just know one of these days a revelation is going to take place and you'll be like yeah I got my groove back, instead of Stella got her groove back it'll be Rebecca got her groove back!

  8. yeah ... same. I'm just not feeling it this time around. No stomach flu here but I caught some sort of flu a couple weeks ago and I'm still coughing, still not wanting to run, still just blah. But you know how it'll be on race-day morning -- the crowd, the excitement, the FINISH LINE ... I'd bet you'll get your mojo back before you know it! Good luck on Saturday!!!

  9. Ugh, I've been slower this training season too. And I'm the same, I didn't think it was possible for me to be slower! Oh well, I just keep reminding myself I'm running for fun and health any way.

  10. I'm the same way I'm all about routines it's what keeps me sane.

    Girl you and the old lady could lap me if running :)


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