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A packed post to end 2017.....Thankful Thursday #157

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This week I'm Thankful For
{Numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal - just ignore}
This is my last count for 2017 too... so next week, we'll start back at 1

906  / Coloring Book at work
I got back to work after Christmas & find an adult coloring book on my desk from the firm.  They sent out an email talking about the effects of stress during the holidays & starting a new year & the helpful technique of coloring.  They even gave us a little pack of colored pencils - how cute is that????

908 / Coworkers gift
How nice is this?  We get back from the holidays & a coworker brought in like 5 pastry rings from Panera for everyone to snack on & then handed out these bags full of candy & difference scents of Bath & Bodyworks lotions.  So kind & thoughtful!

910 / Lunch with my love... in the freezing temps!!!
So y'all know I do my lunch with Ricky every Wednesday - & now I walk down there.  & it was a challenge to walk the 3.5 blocks when it was 15 degrees last Wednesday. BRRRR... I actually was OK from the hips up - but man, my legs felt like they were frozen under my pants.  I told Ricky it was pure love that got me there :) haha... & doofus - he can drive - always does - & for some reason, that freezing day, he ran instead of drove.  Maybe he wanted to suffer along with me.

911 / Panera in building
The temps last week were HORRID... single digits.  It is SOOOO nice to have a Panera in the building. We dont even have to walk outside... & even better, you can schedule it online for the time you want it & just walk down & pick it up & come right back up to the comfort of work.  SO NICE!!!! I'll be using Panera UP during the bad winter days... & probably some horrid summer ones too.

914 / Birthday decorations.
I honestly was shocked walking into work on the day before my birthday & seeing my desk all decorated up.  My birthday was on Saturday so I honestly didnt think anything special would happen - plus, we already had birthday bagels.  This made me smile the biggest smile all day long ... & everyone walking by my desk made sure to wish me a happy birthday. Even the people in the finance departments at our branches all emailed me birthday wishes. It just was so overwhelming.

915 / Ernie next puppy appointment.
Growing fast & a healthy boy.  He's now up to 12.8 lbs... when we got him, he was just barely 7 lbs.  He's growing SO FAST I cant hardly handle it. The vet just brags about how cute he is & kisses his face off every time she sees him. She's just the best vet!

916 / Made it 46 years around the sun!!!!
Praise the Lord!

917 / Birthday being on a Saturday.
I got to make cinnamon rolls for breakfast, drink 2 cups of coffee, relax, get a fun Belle surprise from Ricky... it was a wonderful morning to celebrate

918 / My parents.
How cute are my momma & daddy?  My dad took his time & made me this orange cake & my mom gave me a ring for my birthday that I've been wanting for months.  They made my day so much more special

(I've always loved big Onyx rings my whole life & love big bulky rings... always have)

920 / Framily Christmas.
We always love spending time with Ryan & Chasity & doing our Christmas with them.  We just have a good relaxed time of eating, chatting, laughing - lots of laughing - & usually game playing.... though we didnt get to get in any games because we just talked too long this year - not a bad thing.  We just adore this family.

921 / Belle Disney Ears.
So Emerson got these ears for Christmas & she's obsessed - never wants to take them off.  I saw them &kept teasing that I was going to take them.  So it was so precious when we got to their house on my birthday & she got her ears & told her I could wear them all night long since it was my special day.  & even throughout the night, she told me, "You can take them home if you want"... which her parents were SHOCKED since she basically wants to live in them.  I said, "We just get each other on a Belle level is all" & Emerson looked at me & winked back at me when I said that & I think my heart just busted with cute overload.

922 / Sweet Birthday card/surprise.
We got home on my birthday around 11:30 & stopped at the mailbox & in it, a birthday card for me from my precious Florida friend Nathalie... I told her it was perfect timing - just a half hour left in the day for my birthday.  How DANG THOUGHTFUL was that?  & I love when people know me well enough to feed into me my Starbucks obsession.

923 / Lazy Day
There really is nothing like a break after the holidays where you can just stay in jammies, in a warm house, & love on dogs & watch Netflix.

& take pics of running puppies
924 / Starbucks rewards!
I loved that I had 2 rewards & Ricky was all about driving down to redeem them.  We both got venti's & it was over $13.00 for these... & we made them last 2 days. We each drank half on NYE & warmed up the other half the next morning. Totally worth the drive.
BTW - I got the new Black & White Mocha... YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

927 / Made it to Midnight!!!
Look at me being up to ring in 2018... even though I missed it & was watching a movie.  I still was awake.  There's usually fireworks & gun shots fired... nothing this year. It was like negative temps... everyone was like, forget that!

& that wraps it up for Thankfulness for 2017... 

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. You know - it's easy to say that 2017 was a year to forget for most people but I can really see the benefit of your weekly thankful posts. Way too easy to dwell on the negative things ... so thank you for reminding me that good stuff does happen. :)

  2. how sweet of your coworkers for the back to work snacks and desk decoration!

  3. It sounds like your new place is totally awesome with the coloring books, birthday decorations and Panera in the building! Yup, that is where you were meant to land for sure! Love the ring your mom got you, and Emerson sounds like a real sweetie :)

  4. Can I just come work with you? Panera and gifts? Geesh!! You're so lucky!!

  5. What a great week and a great way to end 2017. I love the black onyx ring from your Mom. I love big chunky rings too! Oh boy, it was cold in Kentucky! Minnesota cold! It was single digits (and colder with windchill) when I was home during the holidays. And then I came home to 80 degree temps, which is warmer than normal. It's back down to the low 70's/high 60s. I would be in deep trouble if there was a Panera so close to me because I love their bagels. And they love me too. My hips, my belly, my thighs! I had to laugh - gunshots to ring in the new year. I don't even have that in LA. :D

  6. What a great birthday! And Panera in your building, I love that. The best we get is Panda Express comes in every other Wednesday, those are definitely popular days in the cafeteria, hehe. Happy Belated birthday friend!

  7. Happy birthday to you! I've gotta say, your new workplace sounds AWESOME---such thoughtfulness! Working with thoughtful people is just the best. I wish you all the best in the year ahead!

  8. What a wonderful place you work. Gifts, birthday wishes and bagels and decorations and a Panera in the building! Wow!!!

    That little Emerson is absolutely adorable and you are too in the gold ears!

    Thanks for keeping on doing the Thankful Thursday posts. I love participating and intentionally being thankful.

  9. I just love your workplace and I'm not even employed there! Lol! Added bonus with that Panera! I'd be having THAT every morning and lunch!! Ha!

  10. That's so convenient that there's a panera in the building! That would definitely make cold workdays easier to bear :)

  11. Wow, even from that first sentence I thought 'This is such a great job for Rebecca" and then I read a few more sentences and it is confirmed. This is the perfect job for you!

    Glad you had a great day on your birthday! love the mouse ears!

  12. Late again but here I am!! I can't miss your Thursday post! Love & hugs!

  13. I'm still trying to get over the fact that you have Panera in your building. Panera is my number one go-to. We ate there at least 7 times in the last 3 weeks because there's one off of every other exit as you travel east from here.
    I would go broke if that was my lunch option.

    (I did not make it to midnight lol).

  14. Your new job sounds fabulous! And I could eat that Panera right now!

  15. Aw sounds like you're at an amazing new workplace and your parents seriously seem like the sweetest ever! I love your new ring!


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