Tuesday, January 23, 2018


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... I have no idea what a bitcoin in. & I dont think I'll ever get it. Nor do I think I care.

... I am so obsessed with Harry & Meagan.  I am already debating about taking a vacation day from work to stay & watch all the wedding coverage.   I'm still heartbroken that I had to exchange my DVR box when it blew out & it lost the wedding of William & Kate. I am 100% royal obsessed.  It's the Princess in me.

... I'm also equally as obsessed with Justin Timberlake & Jessica Beihl.  Did you see their Instagram pages during the Golden Globes?  They are just the cutest. American Royalty to me.  ... Add in Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively. Couples that can laugh together like they do? ... that's #goals right there.

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... I dont know why still so obsessed with Sister Wives but I always watch it when its on. They all get on my nerves & I think that the husband is just a special kind of jerk. It all just mesmerizes me. I'm sure I say, "what are you thinking?" at least a half dozen times while watching it.

... I debated keeping my Nativity set up for the whole year.  I have wanted our Willow Tree set FOR-EV-ER & when I put it up for the first time this year, I didnt think I could love it more - but I did.  & I was so sad to pack it up.  Had discussions with the hubs about leaving it out every day of the year.  Why not? ... but alas, its packed up.  & I'm remembering that it'll feel like I'm blinking & Christmas will be here again.

.. is it me or does every news story start out with a fear filled flu update?  GEEZ... I've never been so terrified of the flu in all my life.  Still aint getting the flu shot though.  Conspiracy alert - isn't it strange how they said it was 10% effective & now its 30% effective? hmmmm..... I trust no one.

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... & speaking of Christmas - our tree is still sitting in the corner. As tradition goes - I take all the decorations down on New Years Day.  The tree, which is the hubs job, usually sits until February. & the deal is, if it is still there by February 1, I get to decorate it for Valentine's Day.  So yeah... its usually February 1st that it comes down.  & I also threaten if it makes it to Valentine's decorations, its staying up for Easter decorations & then 4th of July decorations & then its just staying up all year long because Fall & Halloween decorations are right behind ... & then we're back at Christmas. I'm good with this idea... but it does push the hubs to get it down... by February 1st anyways. haha

... I can't believe I still haven't seen the new Star Wars Movie... NOR the new Hugh Jackman film. That's the shocking one.  I was going to go on MLK day when I was off but it snowed & I wasn't about to get stranded going to the movies by myself.  Heck, I still havent seen the new Justice League movie either. My movie watching skills have slacked immensely.

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... I miss knitting. I havent been able to do it lately because Ernie sits there & watches me & then runs & jumps & grabs the yarn.  Whether it be hanging, or if its the ball of yarn, or even the project that is hanging from my needles.  You want to hear a loud scream?  Come to my house when this all happens.


  1. I never get the flu shot, either, but I do make sure Alise gets it every year. I haven't seen The Greatest Showman, either.

  2. The royal wedding is scheduled for a Saturday! (I think). I'm planning to watch it, that's for certain. :) No flu shot for me either. When I found out my neighbor had the flu last week, I even held my breath driving past his house.

  3. Oh girl I’m right there with you about Harry and Meagan!

    This flu season has been rough! I think my oldest had a mild case of it last weeks while we were on vacation. No fun! Stay healthy!

  4. I'm freaking out because I got a text from a friend I had dinner with on Saturday that she was just diagnosed with the flu. It's SO scary! But I'm with you on not getting the shot. Another friend (who works in healthcare) told me that it has actually decreased from 30-10% effective. I still need to see The Greatest Showman as well!

  5. Taking down the Christmas decorations is such pain while it's such a joy to put them up. So not fair. I love how you motivate the hubs to take down the tree though! LOL! I can absolutely see Ernie messing with your yarn. Max would do the same! He loves string (he has never been introduced to yarn) and he would be heaven (I'd be yelling). I haven't seen the latest Star Wars movie or Coco or anything! I am, however, absolutely 100% committed to seeing Black Panther and a Wrinkle in Time!

  6. Ugh this dang flu, so busy at our hospital, paitients can’t even find parking. Bitcoin, no clue and yep, gimmie deets on all those celebrity cuties!

  7. I love the royal family. I think that Will, Harry, Kate, & Meghan just seem so familiar and down-to-Earth and humble and compassionate. They all just seem like GOOD people. I'm definitely waking up early to watch all the wedding fun :)
    I have no clue what bitcoin is or how it works.
    I've also considered keeping a nativity up all year. I mean, we technically should, right? Maybe next year you and I can keep a set up!
    No flu shot here either. I've never had one and I've never had the flu. I don't think those two things are related, but I figure my chances have been the same every year so whatever.
    I've heard The Greatest Showman is incredible.

  8. I have no clue what a bitcoin is, either. I LOVE Justin and Jessica. And I think Megan and Harry are adorable. I will definitely watch the wedding if I can. We all gathered around my desk at work to watch Kate and William get married. I have always wanted to keep up a little tree to decorate for all the holidays. I think it would be cute! I don't get a flu shot anymore. It doesn't seem worth it. I still get sick every year anyway!

  9. I don't understand bitcoin either and I'm not going to spend any energy figuring it out.

  10. I am SO READY for flu season to be over. It's made me want to be a hermit! I'm not even that scared of getting sick, but I worry so much about my daughter catching it.

  11. My daughter's boyfriend tried to explain Bitcoin to me, but I kind of zoned out. I hope we don't need it someday, but I think I heard it's stock was tanking so maybe that's good for those of us not in the know : ) I am completely obsessed with Princess Kate. Her style and poise #goals!! We have not seen the new Star Wars flick either, but did see The Greatest Showman and enjoyed that one. I had the flu one year and that was more than enough. I get a shot every year now. I have heard the shot is about 40% effective, the 10% number that went around early on was not from the US. Also, my nurse friends say if we all got shots the number of cases would be much lower. Hubs and I have been taking EmergenC this winter too, which is like a mega dose of Vitamin C. And I'm avoiding air travel this month because I feel like that's what's made me sick the past two Februarys. Enjoy your week!

  12. The whole idea of bitcoin seems kind of scary to me. I had to laugh at your comment on Sister Wives. I just had a conversation with my neighbor, Anne, today. She is hooked on it and says she yells at the TV all the time and thinks the husband is a total jerk. Anne's husband thinks she is nuts when she yells at the TV. I've never watched it but can predict I would also be yelling at the TV.

  13. Jessica Biel and Blake Lively are dealbreakers for me. As is Hayden Panetterie. Aside from Blake Lively in Gossip Girl (and she's the worst), I won't watch anything with any of them in it ha ha.

  14. I don't understand bitcoin either and will not be getting a flu shot. I had my annual physical tonight and they were giving me all the pros and I was like, nope not today.

  15. I love love love Justin Timberlake & Jessica Beihl!! I wont get a flu shot. I had to get one when I was pregnant, but that is where I drew the line. With that being said, I did have Zoe get one this year because she is in daycare and those little kids are disgusting. I have never feared the flu so much in my life before this year either. It sounds like a death sentence. My grandmother always said it was good luck to keep one Christmas decor item out all year. So you go on with your manger scene!

  16. Haha, I get the intrigue with Sister Wives! I use to watch it. I honestly thought it was going off the air. I didn't know it was back on. Is it on Sunday nights?

    So, have you ever left the tree up all year long?


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