Thursday, January 11, 2018

Meet in person, all the coffee & I'm finally warm!!! {Thankful Thursday #158}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{Numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal - just ignore}

2 /Heat in Enclosed Room
It is so nice that we have a heat unit in our enclosed room so on the freezing days when we have to wait on the dogs to go to the bathroom, we can stay out there in a little bit more comfort.  It's also great on the weekend so I can still go out to the room & read.  Still my favorite place to read.

5  / New Coat!!!
Confession - I've never had a REAL winter coat. I buy them for fashion - not function. & now that I have to walk Downtown from the parking garage to the building, its COLD ... FREEZING COLD. It's been zero degrees some mornings.  & I have basically a jacket on.  So Ricky got me a real coat for my birthday. It's wind-proof, rain-proof, so WARM!!! I honestly am amazed at the difference when I wear it.  I am so happy to snuggle up in it.

Related image
This is it... I LOVE IT!  It even has thumb holes to keep the lining down
11 / First Kroger Clicklist
So our grocery FINALLLLLLLY got the Clicklist that I've heard so much about ..... order groceries online & pick up without having to go in. I was leery... & now I'm in love. It worked out so well. I was really happy with what they picked for my produce & I only had 3 things they didnt have in stock (which I kinda question... but anywhoooo)...I'm totally doing it again for today.  I'll pay the 4.95 happily because I would spend WAYYYY more than that walking in the store & impulse buying.  This is the future of grocery shopping!!!

13 / Canvas Commissioned
Funny how things work. So a friend had me do 2 canvased for her for Christmas ... & she posted giving to her father on Facebook... & someone else saw it & thought that would be a good gift for someone they knew... & then saw who did it - ME... & funny thing? We were Facebook friends.  See, we were both under the same Beachbody Coach a few years back & had become friends on FB but had never met.  So she contacted me to making her a canvas ... & then even better, I got to meet her at a coffee shop & hug her sweet little self. She's even more precious in person.  ... & she sent me a picture of the person who received the canvas & it just made my whole day.

18 / MSM Back!
So good seeing my girls again.  Missed them so much on our break.

19 / All the coffee!!!
I missed the last MSM before break (thanks to wonderful perimenopause cramps - GOD HELP ME) ... & so I got two cards - one from my ADORABLE high school PRINCESS that leads with me & one from the amazing staff in MSM... & both had coffee cards in them.  I am so stocked for coffee for 2018.  I am one THRILLED... & caffeinated... girl.

20 / Momma home.
Soooo - my mom was in the hospital last week.  Her blood pressure once again was out of control when she went to the doctor & they immediately sent her to the ER... which with the wonderful flu taking over the world, she ended up staying in the ER ALL DAY LONG to get a room... & took overnight before they even were able to get it down.  But luckily, she got to come home in 2 days.

... well technically, I was freezing, but it was ABOVE freezing in over weekSSSSSS.  & it felt amazing.  Well, not amazing... but so much better than freezing.

So that was my first week in January... already full of blessings...
What are you Thankful for this week?


  1. We just love the Kroger Clicklist. Hope your mama is doing better, glad she didn't have to stay too long in the hospital. Love your coat. One of these days I need to get one, because I usually just wear a hoodie and no way are they warm enough for the weather we've been having. I've loved the last 2 days where it was warm enough to take the dog for a walk in the afternoon. It is today too and I'm really looking forward to it. I've been missing it the last couple of weeks.

    Hope you have a blessed day.

  2. So glad your momma's coming home! And that jacket looks warm AND stylish! Nice!!

  3. I hate coats. I never had a real one until I commuted and had to stand on train platforms. Yours is awesome!

  4. I wish I had a creative bone in my body. LOVE that coat!! Glad your mom is home and doing okay!

  5. Glad your mamma is back home!
    I have a similar coat (except in cream) and no thumb! And it is SO warm! I can't even tell how cold it really is because I'm usually sweating in that coat! It makes winter go by quickly..haha.

    I hate grocery shopping but I Love impulse buys..haha. That's when I usually find stuff on super sale! Heck last week I bought my pap a pair of slippers AT THE GROCERY STORE! I always find unique things. My mom thinks it's funny I buy so many non food items there. I joke and tell her I could probably do all my Christmas shopping at the grocery store if I HAD To! ..haha

  6. I am glad that you mom got to come back home. That is so awesome that you were commissioned to do a canvas by someone you sort of knew and got to meet! Small world or what?

  7. Growing up in MN, aka known as the frozen tundra, real winter coats were a must. I still have the same winter coat (10 years after I moved) because it only gets worn when I visit my family at Christmas. It's horribly dated and not at all cute like yours. But I'm cheap. Also the winter coats in California are not MN winter coats. :D Clicklist sounds interesting, but I also weirdly love grocery shopping and find it stress-relieving. Now I don't like going when it's super busy and crazy but working from home means I can go when it's quiet and I can meander around. I'm so glad your Mom is back home and doing better!

  8. Your new coat is really great! That Ricky is a keeper for sure!! :) So happy to hear your mom got to go home in just a couple of days. Hope she can keep that BP where it is supposed to be now. Scary stuff. Stay warm up there (and you will in that new coat!)!

  9. I love that coat, not only does it seem warm, but it's also cute! Although I love our pretty much non-exisitant winters here in southern Ca, I do wish I could wear cute coats like that! Ha

  10. Oh that coat looks so cute! I finally bought a 'nice' raincoat (instead of one to go play in the snow) but ends up I don't like it. The more I wear it the more I'm "Meh". I am thankful that Seattle has not had freezing temps. With all the wild weather this nation is experiencing, I'm so grateful we're in the 40's and rainy.

  11. Where is the coat from? I want a new one for next year and it's on my to-do list :)

    Glad your momma is home and, hopefully, doing well.

    I did the Wal-Mart grocery pickup a few times and I liked the convenience but they substituted wayyyy too much for my liking. It was free though, for the pickup.


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