Monday, January 08, 2018

The weekend that I'm so grateful for a warm home....

Can I be the first to say that 2 day weekends are for the birds?

This is going to be the longest & hardest week ever.... 5 days in a row at work?  Lord, give us strength.

I'm just thankful for heat this weekend.

It was HORRIBLE.  Below zero temps. & again, when you have to walk a puppy outside to teach him potty training - & have a blind dog you have to carry out & go back outside to get him to carry him back in... its just been an eye opening reminder to be so thankful we have a warm house to run into & shelter from that cold. 

Frosty window in our enclosed porch Saturday morning
Bruno loves his sweater during this cold

Harvey thinks snuggling in a smaller bed will warm him up

Every time I'd run inside, I'd always say, "God be with anyone that doesnt have a home tonight".... I cant even imagine how the homeless deal in these temps.  Breaks my heart.

My Saturday morning

The dogs love Saturday mornings

Saturday, I was on a mission - to get a file cabinet.  I have so many papers in totes & boxes & I couldn't handle it any more... I had to get a file cabinet.  It worked out great because I had a precious lady commission me to do another canvas of lettering scripture & I wanted to deliver to her immediately because she wanted to gift it to a friend who has cancer & she was having dinner with him.  It was so amazing to hear the story of their friendship & I'm just praying it blesses him as he received it & knows how thoughtful his friend is for wanting him to have the reminder of Jesus in front of him.

Ricky & I were going to run out to dinner but let me tell you - with the flu bug going CRAZZYYYYYYYY around here, I just am doing all I can to avoid all contact with people that I can right now.  It's like every hour, I'm hearing of someone new getting the flu - or the stomach bug - NEITHER that I want to have. I'm honestly ready to hole up & not come out till Spring. 
Needless to say, we ordered food for carry out & took it home & ate it - all sanitized up.

Sunday, I did have to get around people - but so glad to - it was time for MSM again.  We have been on a break & I havent seen my girls for nearly 3 weeks - feeling like a lifetime to me.  It was wonderful to see them again.

I had a meeting after church & got to talk with some amazing ladies that I just adore & dont get to see often since they lead during first service.  Any time I get to sit & catch up in small doses, it makes me happy -  & reminds me we need to get together for dinner or coffee & just really catch up & chat away.

I headed home with Starbucks in hand for me & my honey....

& actually felt like it was SPRING TIME.  It FINALLLLLY broke above freezing.  It was like 37 degrees & it felt like amazing to me. Funny how that works.  A few weeks ago, 37 would have me bundled up .... today? I was out without a coat & even had my window cracked for a second.  Shows you what you get used to matters..... a deep lesson there if you really think about it.

& ended my weekend with a typical Sunday evening....

taking pictures of our little baby - growing so fast... & it was actually his 3 month birthday (ahhhh)

... & then got to do my bills. Always fun. #adulthood

& now we're ready to tackle the full week. We got this, right?
Totally! Especially because we have days in the 50's this week!!!! YAHOOOO!!!!!
I'm literally counting down the days to Spring & as many days in the 40's or 50's we can get till then? I'm ALL about!!!!

Happy Monday everyone!!!!


  1. I totally get being Thankful for your warm home. There are days where I say I am even Thankful for a hot shower! We learn to never take anything for granted!

    The Flu bug has hit hard this year. Scott has been sick since Christmas break and is just now over it. I was getting achy on Saturday night and thought I was coming down with something too but luckily it was nothing (just old age I Did you see during the Saints football game last night where one of the Players wife was going into labor and the player decided to stay and play the game. Later they announced that she wasn't in labor but had a stomach bug!

  2. LMAO Harvey's expression in the last pic at his little brooo come on, man! we went from a deep freeze to a snow storm (happening right now). thanks, canada >:(

  3. I'm terrified to see our heat bill this month because it's always on LOL!! This is going to be a long week, but at least next week is a short one! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Look how warm it is in your house with all that puppy love!!

  5. I'm not looking forward to a full five days this week, either! Ugh!! Happy Monday, anyway!!

  6. I woke to rain this morning, which is mixed blessings. We need the rain so I will not complain. It just confuses me because I'm used to seeing sunshine. :D Spoiled, I know. Ugh. I remember days of below zero temps and they are not fun! I'm glad it is supposed to warm up for you though. I love how much Ernie loves his big brother and Bruno in his sweater. Here's to a fast work week!

  7. OMG that last photo, Harvey Dent is like "get that little one off me!!" I'm so glad it's finally starting to warm up for y'all. Looks like we might see the 70s this week, which I CANNOT WAIT FOR!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  8. I love love love that last photo! All these puppy posts have given me puppy-fever. :) This is the first day in awhile that I've only worn one coat to work -- normally I've had to layer a cardigan, running jacket, and then winter coat. Seems like all of a sudden the cold affects me more than it has in the past. I'm ready for warmer weather so I can get outside and run.

  9. I am in complete agreement on this whole five day work week thing. Who ordered that up?? At least I'm going right into another three day weekend due to MLK Day.
    Bruno in his sweater. Squeee! He's so sweet.
    The look on Harvey Dent's face as his little brother is loving on him is priceless!

  10. Ernie is getting SO BIG!! Love your photos and I'm glad it is warming up a bit for you. We finally have low 70s today but it is to get cooler again by the weekend... at least not like last week, thank goodness!! The week really will go fast for you!!

  11. We only have 3 days with kids this week so I'm being tricked into being back at work slowly.

    I always say that I never could've handled the responsibility of a dog in Alaska because the winter temps usually hovered around 0 degrees during the day.

  12. That last picture makes my heart smile! We need at least a three day weekend every week! I agree!!! It has been cold cold cold lately! We are supposed to get up to the 60s tomorrow and I will probably be sweating after the below freezing for several days we had this past week!

  13. Extended weekends need to be a thing! I am over these temps. Although, today we were above freezing and I was hot in my hat, scarf, and gloves, so off they went! I just can't with your dogs, the cutest!!

  14. You take the CUTEST photos of Ernie; he's adorable. And I love Harvey in the tiny bed; that's like one of our huskies. And I am so thankful for a warm home; it really is a gift from God, and I shouldn't take it for granted. Cozy homes are not something that every one has, and I need to be so much more thankful.

  15. Ernie is just so adorable. How do you keep yourself from hugging him all that time? All that fluffy fur...


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