Monday, January 15, 2018

The weekend that I stayed snuggled in as much as possible....

So much for 60 degree temps a few days ago....

Winter came & sucker punched us back in the face.

How many days is to spring?  It's 65 days till Spring... always counting.

But we were reminded that it is indeed winter & winter isn't fun.  It may be pretty, but its not fun. At least for me. I get some people like it.  I dont understand those people.

Anyways, Friday, we made it into work without issue, though I could hear freezing rain hitting my car on the drive & it made me anxious about the drive home.

Work was great about it all because they sent out emails all day long giving updates on the roads & finally around noon, they said we could leave early - at 3pm.... which was perfect timing because that's when it really started coming down.

The ride home was starting to get slippery & slushy - but luckily, they had called off school & the traffic was so light.

The dogs were happy for me to be home so they could play in the snow.  At least the Aussies.  Bruno didnt' know what was going on & Zoe was like, "Let me just walk outside with one step & pee on the concrete & come back in" - that's my kinda girl.

I spent my Friday snuggled up on the couch watching some Netflix by some heaters & just glad all this hit on a weekend & we didnt have to worry about getting to work the next day in it.

Saturday, literally, all we did was stay in the house.  The best day ever.  I had plans to do some things & meet up with some people, but everything got canceled.  I ended up just staying in my sweats all day, made some crock pot soup for dinner & made some corn bread & even tried out a new weight watchers 2 ingredient dough - turned out AMAZING by the way - I'll have to share this because everyone needs to know how simple this is.

Some pics from Saturday

It was so crazy how there was ice sticking out of the ground.  It was like little daggers of icicles everywhere. I dont know if it was the ice that stuck to grass or what... but I've never seen it in my life - it was so cool!!!!

All those holes are where ice is jolting out

& of course, the obligatory picture of Ernie growing up

& just being plain cute...

& his big brother who is always cute too

The hubs shoveling snow

Spent time Bible Journaling

I spent the rest of my Saturday once again sitting on the couch & watching the rest of the A Series of Unfortunate Events.  

Exciting Saturday night

I have to stay in the living room on the couch because we take slow doses in letting Ernie have access to the house. We did this with Harvey too. We've found out the closer they are to the door, the more they tend to know to go out of it to go potty.  If they have access to the back of the house, its like they forget where the door is & just potty on the rug. Ernie does great when he's limited to the kitchen & living room.  We'll work our way back to my room where all my knitting & DVR recorded shows are....I hope its REALLY soon.

Sunday, I did venture back out in the cold to go to MSM.  The kids were laughing at me because I was doing "far away hugs" - especially for the people that I had seen on FB or Instagram that they were sick during the week.  I kept reminding everyone I loved them, but germs scare me.  Luckily, everyone understood & those far away hugs were fun. haha  #airhug

I had to run into Target - because Sunday...

Yes, that's a dog in a cart at Target....
I loved it. They had his bed in there & he was so good - didnt bark once & just people watched.

& stopped at Starbucks - because Sunday
& then came home to snuggle back up.

Sunday vibes
& then it was time to watch the sun go down on another day

But on a good note - I am excited - because I'm off work today!!!!!
The first time IN MY LIFE that I am off work for Martin Luther King Jr. Day!! WHAT?!?!?!?.... I am just shocked about it - & kept forgetting I actually got the day off.
So another 4 day work week ahead for me.... I'll take it!!!

Image result for I'm staying in bed today

So how was your weekend?
Did you get snow or frigid cold?
Are you off today or have to work?


  1. snow days are the besssst! i love those days and spending the day baking because it makes the house smell so good.

  2. We stayed in our pjs until around noon when we had to get ready for our basketball game and it was pure bliss!

  3. LOVE IT....cornbread, snuggles, pups and Target.....that’s a GOOD weekend!

  4. I do love how cozy snow days are, and I LOVE those pictures of Ernie. I just can't get over his cuteness. Also, do you like the series of Unfortunate Events on the TV show or the movie better?

  5. I am over this snow. We got slammed with it, too. And more to come today. It's pretty for about a minute. Staying in and snuggling up is definitely the way to go!

  6. I'm sneaking & reading blogs at work - ha! I know we'll get REALLY busy here in a bit, so I'm enjoying the down time as much as possible...

    Love those Ernie pictures. He's just adorable.

  7. When I had a Corporate job in Minneapolis, they were very cool if people needed to go home early because of the weather and stuff, which was nice. Does Kentucky normally get much snow? It is pretty but I'm with you - don't get those who love it. Nope. It's a pain! Glad you were able to stay warm and snug as a bug! And I definitely want that bread recipe - looks so good!

  8. Love all the dog pictures. I don't envy the snowed-in part though. It's snowing here for the first time in weeks upon weeks...or maybe the first time this winter, period.

  9. Those bagels look sooo good... too bad I would totally ruin the weight watchers aspect of it by smothering them in cream cheese. Regardless, I'd still love to try making my own from scratch! Your pups are so cute in the snow, and Ernie looks like a little stuffed animal lol!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  10. I continue to be so happy for you and your new job!! My weekend is explained in my post today! Ernie is SO cute!

  11. I love the doggie in Target :) Our weekends were similar except I was home SICK. Blehhh. No Target run for me, although the husband did bring me some Starbucks ;)

  12. I'm so happy for you that you have off today!

    I really thing this winter so far has been a tough one every where! I actually saw a news report from Louisville about all that ice they had. It was in the 60's here friday but by Saturday morning he had n ice storm. If had to walk outside with Baylee when she goes out cus she keeps slipping on ice. Don't want my old girl breaking a hip!

  13. Puppy pictures! I cant get enough of that cutie! Between flu and the cold weather, I am not leaving my house til spring! haha. Or March when the flu goes away. I was in and out of Target this weekend and didn't walk by the clothes to see there was a lot of clearance. Drat! I was trying to avoid all the germs. Clearly I avoided a wallet hemorrhage too. Hehe.

  14. We were out of school last Monday (the 8th) because of ice, although the roads were never bad and it turned to rain. Oh well, I'll take it! I'm sitting here, waiting for the snow to start (we're out today because of anticipated snow) & if it really does come, I'd say we'll be out for the next couple of days, too. (Can you say 1 day work week???)
    That Ernie is sooooo cute! (Big brother isn't bad, either!) I love his blue eye! Stay warm!!!

  15. This weekend was freezing! We didn't even get a chance to enjoy our warmer day because it poured the whole time. Staying in the house can be such a beautiful thing. Loving all of these pictures and I am obsessed with your dogs <3

  16. We were off yesterday and did not go anywhere. That hardly ever happens. I totally loved it though. Watched some Netflix old shows and did some knitting. Made some soup in the crock pot and I shoveled half the drive. All in all, it was a wonderful day. I totally love a 3 day weekend.

  17. I really liked A Series of Unfortunate Events :)

  18. The ice in the snow is so cool!!! I’ve always loved winter...and then we bought a house. Ha! So many new things to worry about! We had a snowstorm on Friday night and then another yesterday. My neighbor had to basically use a tractor to dig us out this morning.

  19. I saw those bagels you shared on instagram and they looked delicious! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston


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